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By: Xplicit

Chapter One:
Kicked Out!


"Miss Takenouchi! Have you even heard what I have been saying to you?" A sharp voice sliced through my thoughts, it felt like extremely cold water had been splashed against my face, and I immediately snapped upright in an alert sitting position.

"Yes Sir." Came my automatic reply, my head was spinning and it felt like my brain was rocking around beneath my skull, and that the cold water seeped through causing it to freeze. What was the term for it again? Oh yeah, a headache; no wait, a migraine.

I looked up to see the always-red face of my school principal, Mr. Okisawa, who was glaring at me with a disapproving look through those tiny slits people call eyelids. He leaned back while standing and crossed his arms over his chest. I never liked being in his presence. With every word he said, he sounded more like my grade eight P.E. teacher, or even worse, those boot camp drill sergeants. "Then, would you care to repeat what I last said?"

I blinked several times in surprised silence. Shit.

(Conversation between Sora and herself)

- Well, what did he say? -

- How am I supposed to know? -

- Well what good are you then if you won't listen in for me when I'm not listening! -

- Who do you think was with you when you were not listening? So don't try to blame this on me pal. -

"Oh shut up."

"Excuse me?"

My heart jumped. Oh crap, how thoughtless of me. "Erm, nothing!"

"Well?" I looked into Mr. Okisawa's impatient face whose eyes were wide now, it looked like they were going to pop out of its sockets, but most of all, he looked like a cat, because it appeared to me that he was ready to bare his claws, and disfigure my face any moment now.

I straightened up and lingered on 'umms', whilst trying to figure out something smart to say, but my pathetic mind under pressure was only able to scribble out and draw were '''' I was on my own. One wrong word and you're a goner. Atleast, from what I've heard. And you'll never hear from them again...

"Um...I believe sir, the last thing you said was "Miss Takenouchi, have you even heard what I have been saying to you?""

- Damn. -

- You are SO smart Sora. -

- Shut up. -

God, someone slap me! How pitiable I must look!

Mr. Okisawa wasn't considerate though, and I didn't expect him to be. That man had no heart at all, and if he showed any compassion towards anything, he probably was a subject of some experiments by aliens. If possible his face became even redder to the point he looked as if he was about to explode. I inwardly gulped and tensed up. I can see it now, claws springing out of his fingernails.

He took a moment to compose himself; then he started to speak in a low clenching-teeth voice. "Do you, like your sister, Miss Takenouchi, see this school as some sort of joke?"

"No sir." I squeaked.

Apparently he didn't hear me because he kept on ranting and wildly flailing his hands in the air, not even looking at me. I glanced at the door and saw several faculty members and his secretary peering around the door with quizzical expressions.

"Poor girl." I heard one whisper to another.

My heart fell to the pit of my stomach and I slumped in my seat. I eyed a pen on his desk and wanted to stab my eye with it. I'm just not going to pay attention anymore, not that I have been really from the beginning.

He turned to face me, bits of his saliva rained on my face. "Do you think you can come and go as you please! Do you think you can do as you like and think you won't be punished for it?"

- I wonder what he was talking about. Why am I here again...? -

- It's probably your trouble-making half sister again. -

- Don't talk about my sister like that. -

- You know I'm right. You're just too soft hearted. You should discipline her since you are older! -

- Shut up. -

- Always defending her like some sort of guardian angel... -

- Shut up. -

- You know I'm right... -

"I said shut up!"


"What did you say Miss Takenouchi!" Snapped Mr. Okisawa, he looked at me as if I was a kindergartener sharing the 'F' word for 'Show And Tell'.

"Nothing! I said nothing! Mr.Okisawa!-" But he didn't believe me of course, in fact, he wasn't even listening to me, he was trapped in his 'Oh, I am High and Mighty because I'm your Principal bwahaha' phase.

"I've had enough of you and your sister's exploits." He picked up a folder that sat on the side of his desk and threw it against my lap. "You two are expelled!" He shouted, slamming one of his hands on his desk and pointing the other to the door.

I gasped, what a shock... not. I knew that was coming because what did you expect from having a half sister like mine? But it's not fair! She should I get expelled! Not me! Why must I suffer along with her! Why must my ship sink along with hers!

"What?" I heard myself say, my voice was hoarse and ugly sounding, "Expelled? I don't understand..."

He walked around his desk and picked me up by my wrist and started to pull me towards his door. "Expelled, kicked out, you are not longer a student of this school. Am I making it clear enough?"

No, I can't go down without a fight. No, this can't be... "But..."

He opened the door. "Go. Out of my office."

No, no, no! "...Mr. Okisawa!-"

"Now!" And before I knew it, I was staring at his firmly shut office door, speechless, and with the sounds of teachers scuffling back to their classes and their duties.

- So much for a fight... -

- Expelled! -

- You know whose fault this is don't you? -

- Mind your own business. -

-At Sora's house-

When I arrived home I was confronted with an anxious brunette who flashed me her pearly white grin in which I wanted to painfully, one by one, pluck them all out and make her swallow them as her gums bled uncontrollably.

Mimi threw her arms around me. "Sora, you're home!" She drew back and beamed. "How was the meeting? I swear to you that whatever he tried to blame on me is all lies."

"We're expelled." I muttered and walked past her and towards the kitchen.

"What?" She said, as if those words were alien to her ears, and plodded gently after me into the kitchen with her fluffy pink slippers.

I flailed my arms in the air angrily. "We're expelled. Ex-pelled!" I repeated again and slowly so she can finally comprehend the consequence of HER wrong doing.

"How can that be? Maybe there was a mistake." She said sympathetically, faking concern.

"There was no mistake." I said bitterly reaching into a drawer and fishing out sharp scissors. Heheh.

I was about to rile at Mimi, jump her and make an abstract Picasso art out of her silky brown tresses when suddenly she smiled and hugged me again. Seems like she sensed my scheming from the moment she entered the kitchen. Something about her, it's like as if she can read a person's thoughts or their body language.

"Well, we never liked that school anyway, did we Sora? You're such a smart student you can get into any other school. Don't think of this as a step back, think of it as a step to a newer, better start." She smiled with confidence in her eyes.

What is she babbling on about? We just got expelled! Has the poor thing not get it through her system yet? Does she want to live on the streets her whole life! Does she not know this is the end of the world!

I glared at her, but before I could say anything, Mimi had rushed on. "I know what you're worried about, how dad will react?" Actually, I never gave him a thought... but now... "Don't worry, leave him to me." She released me from her bind and turned to head upstairs. But before she left, she gave me a wink.

"After a mean game of polka and a few shots of alcohol, we can get away with anything." Mimi tossed her hair back and laughed all the way upstairs.

Her scary laughter was so infectious I found myself smiling also, like it was some way of reassurance.

- Everything will be fine. -

- You know you're such a hypocrite? -

- Oh, shut up. -


"This place is huge...!" I heard my half sister say in the passenger seat with her hands propped against the window. I turned to smile triumphantly at her wide eyed face.

"I guess you approve of my choice then?" I asked smugly.

"It's beautiful, look at the impeccable state of the lawn, the architecture and design of the buildings, the layout of the entire area." She breathed, fogging up my windows.

I rolled my eyes and returned my gaze and concentration back to parking the car. Sora could be such a nerd sometimes. Sometimes I even wonder if we were even related. I opened my door and stepped out of the car, but noticed Sora had not even made a movement at all. I had now realized that Sora had gone all quiet, very silent. I peaked into the car and looked over to see the blank look on her face.

Uh Oh.

That only meant one thing. She was having a deep conversation with herself again. I sighed inwardly; sometimes I do wonder if Sora is controlled by the little voice in her head. I smiled though, she resembled dad so much even to the bit of talking to herself! I find it cute, one day my older sis will grow up to be as powerful as him to, business wise of course.

I peeked at Sora again only to see that she was frowning slightly. Probably arguing with that little voice of hers over what design the buildings were.

I chuckled. No doubt the voice would win, apparently it was a bit of a bitch according to Sora.

"What are you laughing at?" She queried, unaware that she was the source of my giggling.

"Nothing. What's wrong with you?" I smirked at her, shutting the car door.

"I was just thinking how we got into a prestigious place like this." I heard Sora say as she herself got out of the car.

"What do you mean? It's not like we can't afford it. People like us were meant to be here!"

It's true, but an incident in the past made Sora and I move out and away from dad, I guess it was just Sora's ambition to live without Dad's support and money that drove her to actually move out to the condo we now live in. Of course, I followed her; someone needs to look over my reckless sister right?

"I know, but, we are starting mid term, I didn't think a place like this would have any spots available."

'They didn't', I thought to myself, and snickered. Mimi, you're such a gorgeous genius blessed with an angelic face. Hohoho…

"Well, I guess they had a couple available, coz they managed to squeeze us in!" I said cheerfully, hoping to end the discussion and avoid the uncertainty in Sora's voice, which was filled with doubt and suspicion. Why does she have to be like that? So calculating… like dad…

Sora frowned and gave me that half lidded glare when she knows I'm lying to her. Her red eyes are burning through me and putting me on that unbearable spotlight. I frantically look elsewhere around the student parking lot to divert her attention from me and onto something else, and… ahah!


"Look! Students! Let's wave." I waved energetically; I had to admit I looked like a fool but breathed out a sigh of relief nonetheless. That seemed to have distracted her for a bit. If my sister knew that I had conned a nerd that liked me into hacking into the school system to enroll us, she would have a fit. And then god knows what she'll do to me. And then god knows what she'll tell the old man.

"Mimi, those students are coming towards us, and they don't look happy."

About a group of 4 boys were approaching us, and indeed they didn't look all that chirpy at all. They looked like they just left a funeral or something, grim and grumpy, or maybe their favourite sports team lost in the playoffs.

They stopped a few feet away from us. "So, you are the new girls." The mean looking one growled.

Hmm... trying to cause me trouble the first time I bring Sora here? I don't think so! I smiled brightly. "Yes, we are. My name is Mimi Takenouchi, and this is my sister. And you are?"

"None of your business." He half barked, half growled.

Oh, a jackass of a smart aleck eh? Well, two can play that game. "None of your business? What a bizarre name!"

He took a step forward until he was standing right in front and towering over me, his face inches away from mine. "Don't think we don't know what you did, you hacked into our school's system's database didn't you?"

I heard Sora gasp and turn to face me with a puzzled and angry face. "What?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." I turned my head to the side and gave Sora a huge smile but she replied with a thin-lipped frown so I turned to look at the jerk again. I'll get you back, you prissy little mama's boy...

"Our two friends have been kicked out of school because of you and your sister." The mean one stared down hard at me. I glared right back. I, for one, Mimi, will never be intimidated.

"I repeat, I don't know what you're talking about." I coolly said and took a step back. "And please, respect a lady's personal space."

"You think you're clever, don't you, with your innocent act. Well, we know you did it." His voice had lowered from jerk, to a half stalker, half bastard one.

"Prove it." I jeered back.

He smirked and drew back away from me with a furtive smile. "Oh, that we will, and once we find proof, your asses will be kicked out of here like I heard happened in your last school." He paused then said distastefully, "A public school." And turned, leaving without a backwards glance making his three friends rush after him.

Stupid asshole, just be glad I don't tell my dad about you…

"Well, he was nice." I said; only to find myself staring into Sora's furious gaze.

"Mimi, you have three seconds to explain what just went on there."

I stared at her innocently. "Well you were there. Four boys came up and started yelling and ranting and raving... Gosh, I wonder what they ate for breakfast that made them so."


Oh god, Alright, I give.

"Ok, ok, so I hacked into the school system to transfer us here. Is there something wrong with that?"

"It's illegal." She growled through her clenched teeth.

"So it'll be our little secret!"

"It's morally wrong too." I stared at her. God, this girl is just so impossible.

"Sora, you aren't going to turn me in are you?"

"It's wrong." She said, persistent on that one word that irked me, like I committed a sin!

Okay, plan B, 'Not Making Sora Angry'. I began to cry.

"Sora, I can't believe it! You'd turn your own flesh and blood in to rot in prison. What happened to blood is thicker than water?"

"A lot of things are thicker than water." Damn you Sora, how come you have to be so smart?

"You know what I mean, and after I did this for you. Found you the best school in the state, risk getting caught myself..."

"Ok, ok. But you know I don't like lying."

"So don't lie, just don't tell the truth." I sniffed knowing I had her and inwardly celebrated. After a while, I could see her in her trance like state again, trying to escape the world; talking to herself again.

"Sometimes I wonder if we're even related" I heard her mutter to herself. I sighed and leaned back against the car.

Exactly what I was thinking. I dabbed fake tears with a handkerchief. It can be such a dilemma to have such a morally straight sister.