Master Jinn walked down the hall and stopped by his apprentice's door. He knocked. "Kenobi, get up now! We have a council meeting in 45 minutes." He yelled and walked back to his own room.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~

"Jinn...Kenobi, you will be sent to Yavin 4 in two weeks. We will talk more later. Dismissed." Master Windu explained. The Jedi walked out.

"Kenobi!" Obi-wan turned around sleepily. It was Bant, Garen and Reeft.

"Hi." The apprentice said and smiled sleepily.

"Well, Kenobi, another mission?" Bant asked.

Obi-wan, only half paying attention, nodded. "Two weeks...Yavin 4."

"Are you tired, Kenobi? You look beat." Garen put a hand on his friend's shoulder.

"Yes, I'm tired! My Master wakes me up at 7:00 in the morning for a two minute Council meeting! My Master is probably going to take me on a long 'saber duel because he can actually STAND to get up at abnormal times in the morning. I think he needs to see a Mind Healer or something." Obi-wan barely raised his voice, but he was irritated.

"Ah, come on, Kenobi, it isn't that bad." Reeft assured the sleepy padawan.

"Uh, I was standing less than ten feet away, Kenobi. I heard what you said." Qui-gon announced.

Obi-wan waved him off in a tired, uncaring manner.

"No, Master Jinn. 'Kenobi' is what ~we~ call him. Not you!" Reeft said, getting defensive.

", I live with's what ~I~ call him, not you!"

"We've known him longer!" Reeft narrowed his eyes.

"But I live with him and go on missions...shut up, Kenobi...go on missions with him so I see him more!" Qui-gon said childishly.

"But whenever he's NOT doing those things, WE are with him, HA!" Bant piped in.

Obi-wan rested against the wall. This would take awhile. "I cannot believe they are fighting over my last name." He grumbled to himself.


Obi-wan closed his eyes. "LALALALALALA" He plugged his ears. "I CAN'T HEAR YOU! Thank the Force for that." He muttered the last part softly.

By now people had been staring at the four fighting Jedi in the hallway.

Embarrassed, Obi-wan began walking down the hall and away from the annoying 'children' behind him. This was put to no good, for they just followed him, bickering the entire way to the lift.

And inside the lift, they bickered while Obi-wan banged his head several times against the walls.

And outside the lift they bickered while Obi-wan rubbed his forehead.

And they bickered as they followed the tired padawan down the hall.

And...then a door opened.

"If you children don't mind, my apprentice is trying to sleep! With all this racket, she can't!" The angry Master said.

Master Jinn frowned. "I am NOT a child!"

The Master at the door stared at him blankly before saying, "Well, you sure are acting like it!"

"Well, no I'm not! They started it!" Jinn pointed at the younger accomplices.

"No, he's just a grumpy adult who won't let us call Kenobi by his last name like we normally do!" Bant said.

The Jedi at the door looked at the miserable padawan leaning against the wall. "Kenobi! Hey, where's your Master?"

Obi-wan looked at the others. "That, the big one with gray hair, yes him...that child IS my Master."

"Oh, Kenobi, I feel your pain and humiliation." The Master at the door said.

Obi-wan gripped his hair tightly and screamed.