Whee! Look! A sequel!! *points down* I've been tossing around ideas in my mind for a while and I wanted to do some sort of sequel for Victim. And I thought of one! YAY!

So this is gonna be a little different. Victim is written entirely in the present tense and from Bankotsu's POV. This is going to slip in and out of perspectives and I haven't decided on a tense…maybe it'll go back and forth. It also might skip randomly around in time. I just finished reading Fall on Your Knees (my fav book) and it's written in a very jumpy timeline and rather inspiring.

Set in the fall after Jakotsu graduated, this is going to feature some random other IY characters (ie: Inu Yasha is gonna be in it) and I hope I can write it well ^^v


It was strange.

Very strange indeed.

Jakotsu looked around the room from where he stood in the doorway. It was so strange to be standing there, not seeing any of his own things meticulously arranged on the left side of the room. Instead of the neat, orderly set-up of the room, there was a wild mess. Boxes and bags were piled up on the floor and clothing, books and other things littered the desk and the bed.

The young man cringed. How could the occupant of that half of the room stand to live like such a slob?

His dark gaze slid over to the other half of the room. It was also still in a shambles, but he knew that sooner or later there would be some method to the madness. There would be a rhythm, some semblance of order, even he himself would be able to find and borrow things from the somewhat sloppy man living on the right side of room 123 A.

Speaking of whom…A smirk crossed Jakotsu's face as he caught sight of the very person he'd come to see. Halfway under the bed, ass sticking up in the air, Jakotsu assumed his young friend was plugging something in. Oh that ass, that delicious little ass…His fingers twitched slightly as the smirk grew into a full-blown grin.

Under the bed, Bankotsu was indeed fumbling to plug something in. His long braid kept sliding over his shoulder and whacking him in the face and he had to keep pushing it back out of his way. It was dark and dusty under the bed and he wondered why the hell they put the plugs under there, where no one could get to them.

He shifted slightly, stirring up dust, and sneezed, then cracked his head against the bottom of the bed. "Dammit!" He swore, rubbing grimy fingers under his nose to stop the tickle caused by the dust.

Bankotsu hated unpacking. He hated it almost as much as he had hated packing in the first place. He could never remember which box he put anything in, or which bag, or where he put it after he unpacked it. It was such a tedious process - wrap this so it doesn't get broken; cram as many of these in as possible; fold the clothes, son, don't just shove them in…He was too impatient to deal with it. He just wanted to stuff everything into a box and get it over with. It was all going to get unpacked in a little while anyway…

Still grumbling as he finally managed to shove the plug into the socket, he let out a little yelp, jerking back, as he felt a hand groping his ass. The back of his skull collided with the bed for a second time, harder this time, followed by a string of curses.

"Shit; shit; shit!"

Oops. Jakotsu winced at the sound of his friend's head banging against the bed, followed by some not-so-pleasant language. It sounded like it hurt a lot. He instantly regretted his actions -he didn't want a brain-damaged boyfriend, after all- but it was a little late for that now. "Sorry." He apologized sheepishly as Bankotsu hauled himself up from under the bed.

"Dammit Jakotsu!" Brilliant blue eyes flashed angrily as the shorter man turned to face his other half. He glared for a moment, reaching up to push his bangs back into place and rub the back of his head. "What are you doing here? I'm trying to unpack." He grumbled.

Jakotsu sighed, running slender fingers through his hair. "I just wanted to see you…It's been a whole month." He bit his lip, taking in the disgruntled expression on the other boy's face, "I missed you."

"Couldn't you have waited a couple more hours? I'm really busy." Bankotsu's brow furrowed and he stared up at the man in the doorway.

Said man frowned lightly, tilting his head to the side. "All right. I'll come back later then." He muttered dejectedly, "Thought maybe I could give you a hand…" He twined his hair into a loose ponytail, "I know you hate unpacking."

Bankotsu's eyes closed for a moment as he tried to chase away his agitation. It wasn't fair getting angry at Jakotsu; he hadn't done anything and the hurt plainly visible in his eyes was haunting. "Look, don't leave. I'm sorry." He was deflating like a balloon, "I've missed you too." He said softly.

They stared at one another for a moment, blue eyes meeting charcoal gray ones. It had been a long month -from the end of July to the end of August- and Bankotsu had been a bit apprehensive about the reunion. It didn't matter that they had been in a real relationship for a year and a half; the younger of the two was still touchy and jumpy about the whole thing. His parents didn't know. Hardly any one knew and he was scared of what would happen when…

"You look scared."

Jakotsu's voice broke the silence and the younger man started visibly, fiddling with the end of his long braid. His heart was racing and he felt all tingly, but wasn't sure exactly why. This was normal; the two of them alone together. He tried to calm down. It didn't work. Tried harder. A month was a long time. Sure, there had been phone calls and instant messages and e-mails, but a month without physical contact…Jakotsu would be wild and violent.

"Bankotsu, what's wrong?" Dark eyes blinked curiously. Jakotsu peered at the soft, childish face of the man he loved, trying to discern what exactly the problem was. Oh, I could eat you up right now, little boy…"Are you okay?" He took a step forward, one hand tentatively reaching for his friend's face, then drawing back slightly.

"Do you…Do you just want to do it now and get it over with?" Came the hesitant reply, "I mean, he isn't here right now and my bed is sort of made…"

There was silence for a moment.

"…The hell?" Jakotsu's eyebrows knit together and his brow furrowed, "You think I came here just to fuck with you?" He asked incredulously.

"Why else? It's been a month. Why else would you come here?"

"Maybe because I wanted to see you. Because I love you. Because I missed you. I missed you. Physically. The person. Sure I missed the sex and sure I'm aroused, but damn it, I missed you." He crossed the room, standing before the shorter man, "That's why I came."

"…" Bankotsu's gaze dropped to the floor. He felt like a heel after that; felt terrible for even thinking such a thing. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, "I've been kinda stressed and I didn't know what to expect when I came back…I guess I got nervous." He sighed apologetically.

"It's okay." Jakotsu's smile returned, "I thought you were going to tell me you didn't love me any more or something." He placed a hand under Bankotsu's chin, forcing him to look up and meet his gaze, "You scared me, you dork!"

The younger man cracked a smile, wrapping his arms around his companion. "I still love you. I'm glad you're here and I know you're glad to see me, you horn-dog." He laughed, "Goddammit, I missed you so much."

"Give a guy a proper greeting then." The taller man ducked his head, capturing his lover's lips in a passionate kiss.

Bankotsu's fingers dug into his back as he kissed back furiously, all of his own pent up desires spilling forth. He strained to reach upward, leaning forwards; he could feel Jakotsu's arousal pressing against his stomach. He squealed; giggling into the kiss, which caused Jakotsu to laugh as well. "I suppose," He drew back slightly, regarding the pale face of the man he had loved for the past two years, "I can take a break from unpacking."



So there we go. The beginnings of a sequel. And it's mildly racy already. Gee, I'm getting more daring in my writing, ne?

So whatya think? Okay so far? Lemme know…