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For the Love of Willow by Gina

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Willow/Anya

Copyright: 2004

Disclaimer: I own nor make any money off any of this, the great Mr. Wheden owns all these wonderful characters that I enjoy playing with.

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Dedication: For my friend Troy who said since Doppelgangland Willow should be with Anya.

Summary: Season 3 timeline, Anyanka seeks Willow out for her powers but finds something more.

A/N: Though we're in season 3, things will be vastly different from how that season progressed though bits will be the same.

Chapter 1

Willow Rosenberg stood outside the high school alone one bright fall lunch period. She was being depresso-girl again today, which was more frequent then not. It had been the story of her life to not have many friends and those she did have sort of forgot about her at times. She was the classic geek who'd never had a real boyfriend; only Xander Harris but that was when they were six so she knew it didn't count. She'd continued to have a crush on Xander who truly was a dear friend when he wasn't basking in his new found popularity with Cordelia Chase, Willow's victorious nemesis since she could remember.

Then there was Oz, the guitarist who'd started talking to her last year and she grew hopeful of maybe getting a boyfriend. Then he got bit, became a werewolf then teamed up with Buffy to fight the good fight. Since then, he acknowledged her at times but not when the gorgeous blond was around. Buffy Summers was the slayer who was chosen to fight evil and Willow's friend since tenth grade. Buffy too seemed not to acknowledge her when Oz and Xander were around, which made Willow feel that she needed to go running when the guys needed help researching something.

Okay maybe Willow was going overboard a bit with this. After all she did get to go to the Bronze and hang with them, they did sit with her at lunch but she knew she didn't quite fit in and worked hard to find something special that would make her fit in. That is why she began dabbling in magic, it gave her something none of them were good at and made her feel important, needed and the like. Only they began scolding her when she started practicing more and doing little harmless spells for fun with the watcher, Rupert Giles, being at the head of it.

She sat sulking once again, feeling that nothing would ever be good enough for them. She finally glanced upwards to see a pretty brunette in a long skirt looking at her. "I-I-I'm sorry is this your seat?" She sputtered out.

"How can it be mine if you were here first?" The girl extended her hand. "My name is Anya and you are?"

"W-W-Willow Rosenberg and you probably don't want to sit here, this isn't where the pretty people sit." She continued to stammer as she lowered her head.

"Pretty stuck up people and I don't get on to well." Anya said smiling brightly as she sat next to Willow. "I'm told they don't want friends who say what they think always whether it's rude or even tactless. I sometimes get called a dumb blond even just because I'm not all in with many of the human concepts. So you see, if you don't mind I'd much rather sit here."

Cordy came strolling up rather indignantly. "I believe you're in the wrong section of the yard, this is the nerds are us class." She smacked her hands together triumphantly.

""Terrific then because nerds are us is a step higher than bitches are us! Now get down on all four's and do the little doggie dance." Anya said with a smile directed at Willow, as Cordy stood with her mouth gaped open.

"You'd rather defend geek of the year here than hang with everyone else in school? You must be more dense than she is, neither of you know how to dress so have at it." Cordy said smiling that famous Cordy grin.

"Really, mine came from one of the finer Paris shops and yours looks as if it came from right here in small town Sunnydale. That's where all the rejected French designer clothes are sent you know. So I'd rather have inexpensive wall mart clothing than hand me downs from where fashion really counts." Willow smiled at her new friend who seemed to be enjoying herself doing battle with Cordy.

Buffy smiled over at Willow, she was truly happy to see someone defend her friend and made a note to self to spend more time with her.

Fortunately for Cordy, the bell rang which received disapproval from all the onlookers. She strutted into the restroom like she'd won a prize fight, with Willow and Anya behind her. "I wish she'd really do the doggie dance all the way through school." Willow laughed as her friend tripped.

No longer facing Willow, who'd dropped her books trying to keep Anya from falling, her face changed into a vile looking demon. "Done," she said as softly as possible; changed back to her human self and stood up.

She held out her hand to help Willow up as a roaring laughter was heard. Willow took the hand offered her and looked around to see a dog with the face of Cordelia Chase race out and down the hall screaming someone will pay for this in between barks.

"She'll never live that one down but Xander could have been her doggie boy," Buffy stated unable to contain the smart remark.

"Will did you do this?" Xander shouted knowing his girlfriend had fallen from grace probably for the rest of the school year.

"If she did, yea for her!" Buffy said harshly.

Willow's face dropped immediately and Anya was glad she thought enough to make this a temporary spell, something vengeance demons rarely did but it was necessary in this case. Willow's trust is what she needed and a permanent doggie spell even on queen bitch wouldn't get that trust she was certain.

- - - -

Later that night, everyone including the angered Cordelia Chase sat in the library trying to figure out what had happened to cause such a scene. All fingers seemed to be pointing at Willow, though Buffy was more pleased than upset over it. Giles however was not. "Listen Willow, these magical forces are nothing to play around with especially for an amateur who doesn't know what she's doing." That stung Willow hard, she knew she was new at all this but he didn't have to say it so rudely and hurt her over it.

Giles, on the other hand, felt he needed to be forceful over this issue because he knew all to well what falling down the wrong magical path could do to a person. "I want you to tell me exactly what you did." He demanded sharply getting a watch it look from the slayer.

"I didn't do anything, why don't you all believe me? I've never been a liar before. Xander Harris you of all people should know this." Willow was hurt and angry now as the tears began to fall from her eyes.

"All right, stop already." Cordy said and stood up. "There is no way on this side of the hellmouth poor little Willow would have the guts to do that to me. Come on, think about it, get real."

Willow was glad to have someone defend her but how she did it wasn't so pleasant. She couldn't handle it anymore and ran from the room, hurt more than all of Cordy's beratings could do. She felt that she had no true friends but Buffy seeing as they had no trust in her and that kind of hurt was worse than anything she could imagine.

Worse than anything but maybe the big vampire that grabbed hold of her as she rounded the corner. She kicked at him but with no luck. He had her down and was about to bite her, when suddenly he was grabbed up by the neck and flung over top of a fence. The vampire got up quickly but was met with a hard right hook, another and yet another, which sent him back down to the ground.

Willow figured that Buffy had gotten there in time but the voice verbally sparring with the vampire surely wasn't hers. It sounded like another demon of which she saw as she looked up in time to see the vampire staked.

Anya had to think fast, did she tell Willow who she was or keep it hid? Calculating this wrong could mess up her entire plan and she was certainly not going to do that. The question was, would she have an easier time gaining Willow's trust as what Willow thought was a human or her true demon self?

She thought quickly how hurt Willow was in thinking that her friends found her to be a liar and thanked herself for having intuition enough to spy on them to find out. "Willow don't run, I'm not here to hurt you." She said still speaking in her demonic voice.

"What the heck are you?" Willow said frantically backing away from the demon hoping to the Goddess Buffy would hurry after her.

"I am Anyanka, the patron saint vengeance demon of scorned women." She held out her hand and surprisingly enough Willow shook it. "Is there somewhere we can talk, that is if you trust me enough."

Willow knew better than to have conversations with demon's and the like but Buffy did so why couldn't she? As a matter of fact, Buffy had even slept with a couple, granted she ended up sending the one she had feelings for straight to hell but it didn't seem to stop her as she was getting along all to well with Oz. "O-Okay," she stammered turning towards the only place she knew they'd have full privacy, her house.

- - - - -

Anya, who looked much prettier back in human form, sat on the couch along side Willow. They'd ordered a pizza and had enjoyable meaningless conversation during their late meal. Willow enjoyed her company demon or not, they actually had a bit in common. Mainly they both could babble like none other. Anya was a cross between Cordelia and herself is what Willow concluded. She was blunt, a bit on the fashion side but funny and seemed to not be accepted just like Willow. The only difference was apparently Anya was well revered in the demon community and Willow was excited to here exactly why and what she did. She prayed Anya wasn't totally evil because it would end in another let down which wouldn't surprise Willow in the least considering the happenings with those in her life.

"Well," Anya began taking a sip of her Pepsi. "First of all this is one human trait I don't seem to connect well with, I mean why go to all the trouble of ordering and paying for food, wish it and get it is my philosophy. Anyway as I said I'm Anyanka," she held up the pendant around her neck. "I'm going to show you how much I trust you here. This is my power center, which I can quickly hide during battle. Without it, I'm nothing. I've been in existence for over a thousand years and have gained quite the reputation in the demon community." She smiled at Willow who was listening very tentatively. "Granting wishes for scorned women is my game, not interested in the end-world games most are because quite frankly I don't want it to end because that means I cease to exist with everyone else."

Willow smiled at the animation Anya used while talking, hand movements and facial expressions. "That's good to know." She said without a stammer.

"Sometimes my spells to help scorned women get a little ugly I will admit but sometimes not. For instance, a man was caught cheating on his wife. It depressed her bad and that's where I came in. I made him only love her and only desire to be with her but going a step further she then was only attracted to women. So he spent his life pining for the woman he once scorned, no happiness, plus he couldn't release his male urges with just any other woman either, he was impotent."

Willow couldn't help but laugh at the sweet revenge for a jerk. She knew it wasn't good to do things like that though and felt torn. "So you weren't into the killing then?" She asked cautiously.

"No but I will admit that some of my spells were quite torturous." The demon couldn't help but smile. When it came to bragging rights, she had reason to be at the top of the boasting field. Some of her great accomplishments were causing the Russian Revolution years ago, causing men to be flayed in public and so on. She didn't technically lie to Willow though, she herself had never done the killings and saw it as not being her fault that nasty little uprising started because of a vengeance spell in Russia.

"So why are you being so nice to me, um, are you waiting around waiting for me to make a wish?" Willow asked, hoping that wasn't the answer but sure it was.

"No Willow," Anya looked into her eyes and took her hand. "With my status in our little organization I can truly help people if I wish to do so without inflicting pain on others. I could feel your pain Willow and for some reason, I felt drawn to you. Sure, I did do that funny little spell to Cordelia but it was harmless. I want to really help you Willow and hurting people you know wouldn't be the way to go about it." Anya finished satisfied that Willow was responding positively to her reply, as it garnered a smile.

"Why do you want to help me?" Willow asked genuinely. She wondered if she was making a mistake trusting a demon but for some reason she trusted this one.

"Your pain is much like mine used to be at times. Before I was a demon, no one accepted me nor my powers. True witches are shunned for the most part and that's exactly what you are. Therefore, I understand how it feels to be ostracized for something that is part of you and shouldn't have to be hid away in some dark corner of your mind. Giles is right though, one must be careful when using their powers. When I got near here and felt your raw pain over all this, I was compelled to try to help you." She continued looking into Willow's eyes searching for a signal that Willow believed her and got just that via a teary hug of gratitude. "If it helps you, I will tell your friends who I am and that I did the doggie bit to Cordy."

"No then Buffy and Giles will kill you. I-I-I don't want that because you're nice to me." Anya kept her laughter on the inside at the "kill you" remark. Willow had no idea how hard it was to kill a vengeance demon and certainly wouldn't find it in a book. "Were you a powerful witch?"

"Sure, I was married to a man named Olaf over a thousand years ago. He continuously cheated on me with those bar maids. I was angry and hurt, so I used my pets to help me create the spell. I turned him into a troll. It was really a terrific spell and that's when D'Hoffryn found me and I've been seeking vengeance for scorned women ever since. I told you Willow, not all of my spells are real nice but killing isn't my thing and I'd never perform a spell on someone to just be doing it. That's against our code." Anya finished speaking then looked at Willow.

"Well I don't agree with doing things like that but I can understand what a person could do out of anger and at least you don't kill or eat them or anything like that." What Willow wasn't letting connect is that sometimes a bad spell could certainly cause a death either because she just didn't think of it or simply didn't let herself know it because of how well Anya treated her.

"Well then," she pulled off the necklace and handed it to Willow. "Anytime you need me or just want someone to hang with or when you're ready to learn the finer points of magic strictly taught from a witches point of view, you can summon me with this. It's getting late so I should get moving." With a smile and wave of her hand, Anya was gone. Willow couldn't help but smile as she looked at the talisman that Anya had left.