Chapter 5

Willow, once again, had taken to sitting home alone, she knew she should get out, get a date if that were possible and move on but truth be told she just didn't want to do that. She only wanted to be with Anya. She knew the things Anya did were terrible and she shouldn't forgive her but she also knew now that it was the true feelings Anya had developed for her that made her confess and what did Willow do? She turned her away. A tear escaped her as she then thought what if Buffy was right and Anya never cared, maybe there wasn't a soul in all of the universe that was meant to love her.

She felt something around her and looked up to see Anya standing there. She tried to hide the smile that spread through every fiber in her body inwardly but it spread forth to the outside. "Willow?" Anya spoke softly. "I know you are hurting and I only wish you could know how sorry I am. These damn human emotions have gotten the better of me and I just had to come see if you were okay."

"I'm not okay Anya," Willow said softly. "I'm all mixed up inside because I want to forgive you and have you hold me again, teach me things about magic and so on but I-I-I'm afraid."

"Don't be afraid Willow please," the demon touched her arm gently. "I will never ever hurt you again. I wish I could take it back, find someone to do a wish spell to take it back but I won't do that because I care to much and messing with the memory of a person for your own personal gain is just wrong." A few more tears fell from Willow's face as Anya moved her into a hug. "Please Willow, let me show you how sorry I am. I'll do anything you want."

"All I want is for you to really care for me." Willow said as her lips trembled. "That's all I ever wanted but it never happened from anyone. I only want to be loved for who I am. I would have never even gotten involved in magic if someone just loved me."

She was now in full cry mode as Anya held her closer stroking her face gently. "You can dress in those silly jumpers, you can never do a spell again, you can even get those geeky pop bottle glasses and I'll still love you Willow. I don't love what you can accomplish, I love your heart, your smile, your quirky little babble, and your ability to trust. You made me feel something I never wanted to feel again just by being you, nothing more, just Willow."

The two began kissing feverishly with Anya trying to remember how love comes first then orgasm but it just wasn't clicking. "An, what's wrong?" Willow asked.

"Oh nothing, my mind was just wandering. I still don't see why people must love first. My philosophy is if the orgasms are enough to keep one coming back for more, it can then eventually grow into something more."

"Wait, so you're saying if you don't get good orgasms then you shouldn't keep seeing the person and then who cares about love?" Willow cocked an eyebrow.

"Absolutely, love is boring without good sex." The demon smiled triumphantly.

"I see you still have a way to go with human emotions." Willow said being unable to stop the laughter. "That's one of the reasons I love you Anya. You're just you, different and well I don't think they've created the words to describe you yet."

As they began kissing and fondling once more, Anya stopped momentarily. "Willow I have another confession to make." She looked at the sudden panic in her lovers eyes. "Not that kind, when we slept together the day I met your friends officially as Anyanka," the demon kissed her longingly before continuing. "It wasn't just for orgasms then. I was fighting my emotions and I'm so happy I lost the battle."

"I love you Anya, forever and then some." Willow said as they began kissing again. Once more, the demon stopped and stood up. "Anya?" Willow looked at her with concerned eyes wondering what was going on and if she'd done something or if this was a trick.

Suddenly Buffy, Xander, Cordy and Giles found themselves standing in Willow's room. "What the," Buffy started advancing on the demon remembering how Mona, the other vengeance demon had told her how to get rid of Anyanka.

"Stop!" Cordy yelled withdrawing a small glass vile. "We've got to hurry."

Without hesitation Anya put her hands on Willow's chest sucking the power from within her and she dropped to the floor but everyone stood in shock, frozen, not knowing what was happening as it was moving so fast. "Powers of the night, move my power within this container." Anya said as she felt her demon strength shoot from her body, which was only was now filled with Willow's essence.

"Hence forth move the soul to the power of its owner, reverse it through time and space." Cordy threw the vile to Anya who held it to her chest as a whirling wind began to roar outside. "Move the power connected to the soul back to its original beholder." Cordy finished as lightening boomed and crashed around about the house and D'Hoffryn stood in the room.

"Anyanka you will not win this battle!" He sent a flame at her but she deflected it and threw one back at him which connected. Then she raised the vile with her eyes as black as the night air.

"Powers of the night I beseech of thee, move his essence into me." He laughed knowing this wouldn't work but knew he was in trouble. Anyanka was by far thee most powerful demon he'd ever acquired and her soul had given him great energy, now it was gone but he knew he still had plenty of resources. The only problem was, so did she, the power of the great witch so dark and strong.

On the split second it took him to move, Anyanka dove on him and slammed her hands into his chest. She too knew the vile wouldn't work but this would. He shot her back momentarily with a great energy force. She simply blinked her eyes and raised a hand, the force knocked him against the wall. Before he could react, his essence was leaving his body as Cordy smashed down hard with a gauntlet on his chest.

Shrill screams of terror could be heard across the lands as souls began to be released. Then Anyanka stood in the center of the room being now thee most powerful vengeance demon alive. She broke open the vile and sucked on it, the house shook and trembled and a window broke as she moved her own demon power back into her body. "How dare you!" Buffy yelled but Anya pinned her against the door. She then went over and looked at Willow who was opening her eyes again.

She was weak and tired but managed to see bits and pieces of what had transpired. Her heart ached with emotional pain. "Anya why?"

The demon didn't speak yet but much in the same fashion Cordy had done to her, sent the dark essence back into Willow. She wished there were another way but knew there wasn't. This was part of Willow and she would go literally crazy without her essence. She then turned towards Buffy. "Why am I doing this, all for the love of Willow." Having said that she muttered a few words about restoration then took the pendant from around her neck. She then took the small hammer from Giles and smashed it to pieces.

She dropped to the floor with the world swirling around her then everything was still and quiet. After a few moments, she opened her eyes. "I wish I were filthy rich." Cordy said.

"Done," Anya said but nothing happened.

Tears fell from Willow's eyes as she grabbed onto the disoriented now eighteen-year-old human who looked very confused. "You gave it all up for me, all because you love me." Willow kissed her happily, as Buffy stood motionless thinking of what she'd almost caused by her little failed plan with the other demon and what it would have done to her friend.

"I did it for you Willow, now then, I've got to find some income, getting rich sounds like a plan." She smiled returning the kiss. "But the orgasm adventure sounds like a better plan."

Giles' mouth fell open. "You've got a long way to go with this one Willow."