Switch by the Lady Arianrod

a/n: Raven and Star friendship fic, set after they switched bodies/minds.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. Cartoon Network does.



They say that to understand someone, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. Raven and Starfire learned this the hard way.

If offered the proposition to switch bodies with a red-haired alien airhead, Raven would have immediately refused. Starfire would also reject a day in the body of the resident living shadow.

However, they had no choice.

The puppet-master had forced the switch as a part of his doomed plan. He desired to pull the Titans apart, to set them against each other.

Instead, he brought them closer together.

Raven wouldn't let on that she really does want to understand the other members of the Titans. She's the standoffish one, the "do not disturb me" woman of darkness.

She is often bothered by the flame-haired alien girl's intrusions while she is trying to meditate. She is generally annoyed at these interruptions, but she's grown to accept them.

And Raven used to wonder how Starfire could be so happy, so open, so genuine. She never bothered to ask because it's just *not* the kind of thing you bring up if you're Raven.

Starfire had some questions of her own. She wondered how Raven could remain so calm and so quiet all of the time. Why didn't she let out her emotions? Why did she always meditate?

She never asked Raven for fear of upsetting her. Starfire knew that she could annoy the dark girl. Even she wasn't that naïve.

This was all before they switched bodies.

Raven learned how Starfire controlled her powers: through the emission of pure, free emotion. She didn't understand it at first, but now she understands and even appreciates that ability.

Starfire learned that Raven's façade of power and silence hid a complex balance of dangerous, unbridled darkness that she must control. She now feels a bit more compassion for the cloaked Titan and she has some idea of what Raven must hide and regulate from day to day in her labyrinthine mind.

The two female Titans still are different. Both are not of this Earth, hailing from very different planets.

One is frank and sincere. The other is quiet and secretive.

Even so, they've grown to understand each other a bit more. Starfire interrupts Raven's meditation less nowadays. She even joins her sometimes.

And there was this one time that Raven went to the mall with Starfire, cloak and all.

All of the Titans are growing closer together. Raven and Starfire still cause each other to wonder what the other's *deal* is, but it doesn't matter any more.

They're friends now, simple as that.



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