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Anyway, I stumbled across this website with a few HP challenges and I was drawn to one of them. It's a Lady Silver (a.k.a. black disc penguin) challenge, titled "A Glass Window"…hence the title of the story. Go figure, eh? So this is just what I came up with in response to her challenge. And of course, its F/A, what else would you guys expect from me, eh? ^_~ And please leave me a review!

The Challenge:

1. Must feature a window.

2. Dead silence. There must be a point of dead silence.

3. A cold kiss must be made.

4. Something blue must be included (maybe a feeling, maybe the sky)

5. Must be under 500 words. (And I am proud to say that the story is EXACTLY 500 words! ^_~)

Disclaimer- All Harry Potter characters, settings, items, etc belong to J.K. Rowling. And the plot ideas basically belong to Lady Silver. Thanks again, LS!

A Glass Window

By Ashliegh

She sat there, in the corner of the Gryffindor common room, staring out the window. Her raven hair whipped her face as the cold air blew in from the opened window. Her lips had started to chap from the mixture of her salty tears and the wind.

She continued looking out the window, watching two boys give something to two younger students. As the two students changed into large yellow birds in a snap, the older boys broke out in laughter while they took observations. She just rolled her eyes bitterly.

She had been watching the pair for the past hour, the past hour that was suppose to belong to her. But it didn't happen . He had forgotten. Again.

She turned away from the window to wipe fresh tears that were falling from already red eyes.

She didn't care that his joke shop was more important to him than her, but she did care that he didn't even take serious notice when she hurt because of it. And she also cared when he missed dates that he had scheduled himself.

But this was one time too much. She couldn't take it anymore. She turned back to the window to see the pair had left. She wiped her eyes once again and waited. Waited for him to walk through the portrait hole.

About ten minutes later he and his brother walked through the hole. They were laughing and looking at a rather long piece of parchment. She stood up firmly and walked over to him.

As she approached them, he noticed and smiled at her. She didn't return the smile. She stopped him by grabbing his wrist. He looked at her, a confused look on his face. She led him out of the room. Out in the corridor, she made sure it was clear of, and pushed him up against the wall.

"Did you forget what we were suppose to do today?" she asked calmly.

"What? Were we-oh. Oh, oh, oh," the plans re-dawned on him, "I am so sorry, Angel. I absolutely forgot, I-"

"That's the point, Fred!" she snapped. He didn't reply. A mist of dead silence fell over the pair. Although there were inches left between them, they did not say a word.

Thinking it could help, Fred pressed his lips to hers. Her lips were still cold from the wind, and he tasted the salt from her tears. She abruptly pulled away. She looked at him, disgusted.

"I've put up with this for too long," Angelina said, taking something off her finger, "I really tried to put up with your rubbish. I really have. The day when you have enough time for a relationship, joke shop put aside, come find me."

And with that she placed a blue diamond ring in his palm. The ring, which he had given her for her birthday, was as blue as her emotions had been lately. She turned around and walked down the corridor, hoping the day would come soon.


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