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A Night with My Hero

As I watched him from the treetops, shadows covering my existence, I felt my heart stir with something foreign, yet appealing.

Link sat and meticulously cleaned his sword, while his horse Epona stood close by, whickering occasionally. His blonde hair had a tendency to fall in front of his eyes, and he would push it away absentmindedly. His little fairy Navi sat on top of his head and was surprisingly silent. I watched this man for a time, doing these simple tasks, as I sat in the treetops above him.

I pondered whether or not I should show myself, but I decided against it. What was I to say, that I had only come for some sort of companionship? That would most certainly appear odd, especially since I was supposed to be a man to Link, not my true female self.

And that true female self of mine was stirring underneath this careful disguise and alter-ego called Sheik. I felt enraptured by this man Link, as if he had captured something of myself and would not set it free; and, truthfully, I did not want him to let it go. So brave and heroic. So handsome and caring. That was Link, this man appointed to be the Hero of Time, a title he never wished for in the first place. The greatest never desire to be great, I mused.

I sat back against the hard trunk of the tree, my knees pulled to my chest. Staring at my purposefully bandaged hands, I desperately wished I could discard this disguise and simply be myself. But that would fool-hardy – and deadly. Not only would I be literally giving my enemy my head on a metaphorical platter, I would be endangering Link. And that was something that no one, not even I, could afford.

I sighed inwardly and closed my eyes. As I listened to the soft whispers of the breeze, I also heard Link stir below me. Opening my crimson eyes, I watched as he peered about the area. He readied his sword as if in preparation.

"Watch out, Link!" Navi cried, flitting near his pointed ear. "It's Moblins!"

Suddenly, a pack of pig-like warriors came charging through the once serene forest, their stampede crushing the undergrowth and causing the ground to literally shake. They came straight at Link, all at one time. Moblins were not particularly talented at one-on-one combat, but they possessed great strength in numbers. Most likely because they were too stupid to do something without the aid of another.

I watched this from above, debating whether or not to join in the fray. Link could usually take care of himself, like he was doing now. He slashed at the big warrior lugs with ease that seemed Goddess-given, their cries sounding like hoggish squeals as they fell.

As Link slashed at one Moblin to his left, another came from the right, blocking the blow. The one at the left slashed at Link's ribs; he barely escaped the blow before being slashed on the right shoulder. Crying out in pain, he finally felled both of the offending Moblins, but more were still coming.

That was enough evidence that I should come to his aid. Nimbly climbing down the tree, I aimed one of my deadly poison darts at a Moblin neck; it fell without even a cry. I knew Link had finally seen me, but he was too much involved to give a salutation, which of course was understandable.

I unsheathed a dagger and sliced a few throats in the process. Warm blood spurted onto me, but I ignored the offensive liquid. After what seemed like ages, the Moblins had been defeated, their pathetic carcasses littering the forest floor. I yanked my poison darts out of a few necks before I sank to my knees, panting.

"Thank you for your help," Link said casually. "Although I don't know if it had been needed."

I looked to him and saw him holding his wounded shoulder, his brow creased in pain. Standing up, I replied, "You're welcome, I suppose."

"Link! Link! You're bleeding!" Navi exclaimed, hurriedly fluttering around the circumference of Link's head in worry.

Link shrugged, but then grimaced at the slight movement. "Yes, well, I'll survive," he grumbled. "Don't get yourself into a dither, Navi."

I came forward, also worried as the silly fairy. At the moment I was actually glad for the stifling cowl wrapped around my face, for I was sure my expression was completely un-Sheik-like. "Let me look at it," I said indifferently, as if speaking of the weather.

"There are bandages in the saddle bags." Link sat down while I retrieved the needed supplies from the bags hanging from Epona. I patted the mare absently; it was clear that she was a bit unnerved, but she nickered a little in supposed thanks at my administrations. I smiled beneath my cowl. Going to Link, I sat myself down behind him. He had already stripped himself of his green tunic, his back red with blood.

Link swore when I began cleaning the painful gash in his shoulder, and I softly apologized. His back was littered with old scars and wounds; I felt, to my astonishment, my eyes water slightly. He had received these blows all because of my own stupidity. I sniffed a little, and directed my thoughts to here and now.

The gash was large enough that it needed to be stitched closed. I threaded a needle and began suturing it, while Link tensed at the pain. I closed it as quickly as I could; when I finished, I bit off the thread and placed the bloodied needle onto the ground. Wrapping the tender wound with a clean bandage, I made certain that it would not bleed through before I said, "You're done."

Nodding, Link peered at his shoulder before standing up. "Thank you," he murmured while picking up his bloodied tunic. He replaced it with another and gently pulled it over his golden head. Buckling his belt, he said, "Would you like to stay the night? It'll be dark soon."

And, indeed, Link was correct. The sun was swiftly setting beneath the horizon and in only an hour or so would night come upon us. "Yes, I would," I replied, feeling my cheeks warm at the kind offer. How could I possibly not refuse to stay with this man for a little while longer?

Link nodded. "Let's go a little ways from this place before we settle down. I don't particularly desire to spend the night with pig corpses littered about me. Not to mention that they smell something awful." He waved a hand in front of his nose, causing me to smile and restrain myself from laughing. Sheik was a person who rarely laughed, unlike the once carefree princess I had been. Saddened slightly at that thought, I followed Link silently as he led Epona into deeper reaches of the forest.

By the time we had found a suitable spot, it was twilight. Link tied Epona to a nearby tree and began to rub her down after taking off her saddle. Looking to me, he asked, "Could you go look for some firewood, Sheik?"

I nodded and left without a word. As I discovered some branches and twigs to burn a little ways off, I found myself constantly looking back to Link, as if yearning for him in some unknown way. When I was alone I had a tendency to fantasize the day when I could uncover myself and show him who I truly was, the Princess Zelda of Hyrule. He would be shocked at first, but then with a cry would gather me into his strong arms and tell me that he had been so worried about me.

It was then that this would usually turn into some kind of kiss; I had difficulty with whether or not this should be a sweet peck on the lips or a full frontal assault on the mouth. Usually going with the latter, my cheeks would soon be burning – like right now.

"Sheik!" I jumped at the sound of his voice, causing the wood to fall onto the ground. I swore silently at my girlishness – would I never learn? "Sheik? Have you found any good firewood?"

"Yes! I'm coming!" I called in response, making certain that my voice was unnaturally low. "Just a moment!" I quickly came back into his presence, the wood in hand.

Standing before me, his head cocked to the side, Link peered at me oddly, a question in his eyes. Eventually he took the wood from me, the supposed question flitting into the breeze like dandelion fluff. "Thanks," he said slowly.

"Uh-huh." We soon settled down onto the ground; Link quickly produced a suitable fire and began to boil some water in a little kettle.

"So…how have you been, Sheik?" Link asked, trying to make conversation. "Haven't seen you for a couple of weeks."

I shrugged. "Around," was my cryptic answer.

Link chuckled. "Always informative, aren't you? I suppose that comes with the territory of being a Sheikah. Must be hell for the women, ay?" His eyebrows rose suggestively.

I blinked and found my face flushing. Praise Goddesses for that damn cowl. "Yes, well, I suppose," I muttered. "Wouldn't really know."

As Link began to stir a few leaves into the boiling water, he asked, "You mean to tell me you've never had a woman, Sheik? What, are Sheikah celibate or something?"

"Obviously not since there still seem to be some around," I answered dryly. Silence for a moment; I eventually asked, "Might I ask the Hero of Time his experience with women? Since you seem so adept in the subject…"

To my great amusement, Link turned bright red. "Well, you know…" he coughed. "I donno know…"

I smiled conspiratorially beneath my cowl. Hedging delicately for answers, I asked, "What about the Princess Zelda? I heard from some unknown sources that you had taken a fancy to her…"

Link looked up at me, his eyes wide. "Really? Who told you that?" His eyes quickly darted to the ground. "I don't even know if she's alive."

I felt my heart flutter at his obvious worry over my safety. "You don't know if she's dead, either." When Link glared at me, I added, "It's true. I'm sure she's quite safe, though."

The man before me sighed longingly; for a brief instant I saw him for what he truly was: exhausted behind belief in both spirit and body. That was soon covered, however, with his usual heroic self. "I think about her all the time," he whispered, "as if I'm in love with her or something."

"Are you?" My cheeks burned.

"How could I be in love with a woman I haven't seen for seven years?" Link countered, eyeing me with what seemed to be anger. His face fell slightly soon after. "I dream of her constantly."

I was silent while that sentence went 'round and 'round my head like the windmill in Kakariko. He dreamed of me…

"She's always so beautiful, like a Goddess."

He thought I was beautiful…

"I miss her, Sheik."

He missed me…Looking into his eyes, I said confidently, "You'll see her again, Hero, I'm sure of it."

Link's eyebrows rose. "Really?"

I smiled. Of course I'm coming back to you, I thought silently. How could I not…? "Yes, really," I answered.

He smiled happily. "If you say so."

Don't worry, Link, I will always be here watching over you…as Sheik, until one day I can finally be Zelda again…

But I will never forget this night that I spent with you, my Hero.

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