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I left before Link awoke, not desiring to say good-bye aloud and to see his caring eyes upon me. I knew if I had stayed I would not have been able to leave.

Link was my anchor in a world that possessed no security – a tide that would pull me under if I did not have his existence to cling to. Everything in my country was chaos: people were been mercilessly slaughtered, losing sons and fathers, daughters and mothers. And there was nothing I could do but wait. Wait until Link accomplished his quest and defeated Ganondorf. Until that time, I could only aid him so much.

Grief and shame were ever-present within my heart, weighing it down with the strength of gigantic boulders. Sometimes I wondered if I would lose my sanity one day, finally feel a release of not knowing, not having to care anymore. Not having to struggle between two existences: my true form and that of my male alias.

The day advanced as I quickly and silently made my way through this forest, slinking like that of a wild cat, my footsteps undetectable. I listened and heard nothing but faint rustlings of leaves and branches. This left me uneasy – it was too quiet.

Something was coming.

It was upon me swiftly, before I could even unsheathe a dagger. With a cry I was slammed onto the ground; the breath rushed out of me and I struggled to fill my lungs with even an ounce of air. The creature crushing me snarled and dug its claws into my shoulder. To distract the scream that was quickly forcing itself through my throat, I stabbed the creature in its eye. It fell away, whimpering and snarling simultaneously.

I readied my bloodied dagger against what I knew now was a Wolfos; unfortunately it was too dark to utilize my poison darts. I had only to wait a moment until it charged me again, even fiercer than before. I slashed at it with all my might, drawing a spurt of hot blood. With a howl it sunk its fangs into my left forearm in retaliation, and then collapsed onto the ground. The Wolfos lay there, breathing shallowly and bleeding to death.

I held my own bleeding arm and panted, desperately trying not to scream at the pain. Slowly I approached the creature and with the last ounce of mercy within in me I sliced its throat, despite wanting to let it suffer. I could not be so cold, however; I would be no better than my enemy.

I staggered away from the bloody carcass and walked blindly for a time before collapsing against a tree trunk. Burning tears fell down my face, to my complete shame, as I searched through my pack for water and a piece of linen to wrap my wound. With a cry I ripped away the fabric clinging to the injury and began washing it delicately. It was a difficult task considering that I could barely see through my own tears and that the pain was more intense than I'd have anticipated. With a sudden horror I felt that my arm was going numb and that I could not even flex my fingers.

I'd forgotten about Wolfos poisoning, I thought groggily. Their fangs literally dripped with a venom that would slowly and painfully kill a man by disintegrating his insides and bleeding to death internally. I began panting and trembling in absolute horror and fear for I possessed none of the anti-venom.

Then I did the only thing I could think of: I ran.

I ran toward the direction of Link, the only way to my salvation. In all reality I staggered and jogged blindly despite wanting to sprint with all my might. That was quite hard to do when my arm was going numb and other parts were burning with an unseen fire. I was sobbing now, sobbing to the Goddesses' to spare my life.

As I fell into oblivion, I prayed that Link would save me.


I woke to a soft voice, but it wasn't calling my name. It was calling another's for some odd reason. Blearily I swatted at the offending sound, mumbling that it should shut up and stop saying some strange man's name into my ear. Then I heard it laugh, but it was strained.

I slowly opened my eyes and saw through a blurry haze a man sitting over me. I could barely make out his features, except for his eyes, which were as blue as the sky at twilight. I reached a hand up to touch his cheek for a moment before clarity came to my mind.

Hastily taking back my hand, I groaned as the memories returned. Wolfos, poisoning, running…pain… Oh Dear Goddesses Above the pain came back and was like an inferno within my arm and even throughout my entire body. I could barely breathe, it felt, and my left forearm felt as if thousands of knives were stabbing into it. As a result, I began to cry.

A small voice in my mind was screaming rather loudly that what I was doing was certainly not manly behavior, but I retorted that I was not blubbering helplessly, just…crying. The man above me, who I knew now was Link, looked concerned and tried to remove my cowl, but I pushed his hand away. "No…no…" I muttered, my vision blurring again.

"You'll be alright," he soothed quietly, touching my burning forehead. I shivered as chills ran through my body; Link covered me in a rough saddle blanket and tucked it under me. As I crawled beneath its minimal warmth Link added, "I gave you the Wolfos anti-venom, Sheik. It was a miracle that I found you so soon, or you would have died. But you'll recover now."

The name Sheik resonated within my mind and its memory forced me to end my tears. I bit my lip, hidden underneath my cowl, until it bled slightly. I could not let Link see me so, I thought. What would he think of a supposed man who cried at the littlest pain?

Link left my side, then, but came back quickly. In his hand was a small vial filled with a purple liquid. "To let you sleep," he murmured as an explanation. Obediently I allowed him to administer the medication into my dry mouth; I grimaced as the bitter liquid slid sluggishly down my throat.

As sleep was quickly enclosing me I felt as I was floating in the air. The pain was there, but not so close as before. When the blackness was upon me, I heard a soft voice say, "You'll be alright. I promise."

Then I knew nothing.

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