Lazy Days, Buggy Days

"Dammit, this thing won't die!"

Lance looked up from his motorcycle magazine and gave Pietro a withering look. "It's a cockroach, 'Tro," he groused. "If Nuclear Winter happened, they'd still be alive and kicking. You're not going to kill it by halfheartedly batting at it with a rolled-up newspaper."

"Well I'm not about to touch it," Pietro said, aghast. "I saw it crawl out of Freddie's gym bag."

Not quite managing to hide his shudder, Lance said, "Well, then I don't know what to tell you."

From her position on the couch, Wanda rolled her eyes and then went back to reading Stephen King's newest thriller.

At that moment Todd came hopping down the stairs and, spying the cockroach, got that look in his eyes that meant 'Lunch!'

Wanda, realizing what her boyfriend was about to do, quickly zapped it with a hexbolt. "Boys," she grumbled.

"Hey, babe, what was that for?" Todd asked in a hurt voice. "I thought you didn't mind my occasional between-meal snacks as long as I brushed my teeth."

Shrugging in an affected nonchalant manner, Wanda said casually, "I don't. But that insect came out of Freddie's gym bag, so…"

Eyes going as wide as saucers, Todd managed to stutter out, "Th-thanks, babe," before keeling over in a dead faint.

Pietro exchanged a quick look with Lance before asking his sister, "Uh…Wan? Remind me again why you go out with him? He's spineless."

Narrowing her eyes at her brother, Wanda drawled, "Well, he's courteous, kind, eager to please, appreciative of my efforts, treats me like a princess, and, unlike some people in this house who are my twin brother and shall remain nameless, he is a one-woman man."

Sensing that any words he managed to squeak out past his suddenly dry throat would be met with anger if not hexbolts, Pietro nodded weakly and then zipped out of the house.

"Speaking of spineless," Lance murmured, before sighing and going back to his magazine.

Wanda just smirked and, using her hex powers, levitated Todd over to the other couch. She went back to reading her novel, content to wait for her boyfriend to wake up. After all, barring the occasional roach invasion and episode of Pietro-stupidity, summertime was pretty much lazy days.