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Chapter two of So Called Chaos

"Dad, are we there yet?" Liz asked half asleep in the passengers seat

"Yup. Get up baby." He said turning the engine off

"Ok." Then she slowly stood up and tripped

"Whoops." She said and then got her jacket stuck in the door when she closed it.

"Baby, this is new car."

"pick, your baby or the car."

"the car."

"I thought so." She replied getting her backpack in the trunk



"Yes baby?"

"Don't call me baby."



"Liz, I have an idea."

"Nothing to do with Edge please, last time you got an idea, it involved Edge and some serious damage."

"Don't worry nothing to do with Edge."

"Ok good."

Then Shawn had that evil gleam in his eye.

"Oh no. No. No. no. no. no!!!!!!!!!"

"Come on."

"This happened before and I don't want I to happen again."

"Just this once."


and then shawn pouted.

"Well...just this once."

And then Shawn carried Liz around happily.

"If I get hurt, it's your responsibility."

[idea: that Liz would accompany Shawn in the show.]

Liz got ready and got dressed in something comfortable.

She got in a pair of black jazz pants, a pair of white rubber shoes [gum] and a big white shirt with the sleeves messily pulled to her shoulders and tied up to show her tight waist.

Her dad allowed her to get a belly piercing and a tattoo when she was fourteen.

She put on a new belly needle with a snake slithering around the pin itself.

Then the small of her back had a tattoo of a snake.

She liked snakes, she just doesn't know why it amuses her so much.

And she had a moon and star at the back of her neck.

And some extra pierces in her ears.

She tied up her hair in a pony tail and then said that she looked like an innocent hooker, there wasn't a such thing.

So she let her hair down.

She put on lip gloss and got ready.

"Dad, I'm ready. You ready?" she asked

"yup." He said jingling the giant sequins on his outfit.

"The heartbreak king and the heartbreaker." She said laughing

"you did break many guys' hearts by turning them down."

"What can I say? I am your daughter." Then they laughed and it soon faded when Shawn heard his music

Liz followed him smiling and walking gracefully.

Then she came out first [ahead of Shawn] and then turned around gracefully and motioned for Shawn to come out.

Then Liz went over to King and J.R. and sat down in between them.

J.R. = Hi there Liz, long time no see.

Liz = same here.

King = so what's your dad been up to lately?

Liz = his usual gym appointments and playing pranks on me.

J.R. = your dad plays pranks?

Liz = listen, don't go in the locker room straight away, kick the door open okay? He placed a bucket full of oatmeal on the door. Such an old trick really.

King = [chuckles]

Liz = anyway, you guys didn't change.

J.R. = and you did.

Liz = Thanks

King = lost a little weight there didn't you?

Liz = a little?

King = ok, just don't do a move

Liz = don't worry. I won't

J.R. = Oh my, Liz, Ric Flair just came out of no where and beat Shawn behind the referee's back!

Liz = what! That's cheating!

King = Who says everyone gets equal treatment?

Liz = I do!

Then Liz ran out and down the ramp to the ring.

J.R. = Liz! Wait!

King = The girl's only, what, eighteen.

J.R. = no sixteen.

King = Oh no.

Then Liz pulled a steel chair and ran to Ric Flair and hit him with the chair at the back.

Then Ric started chasing her.

She ran and ran and then stopped

Ric stopped three feet away from her threatening to hit her

Then Liz lifted one leg and pulled something out of her shoe.

She shook it and sprayed Ric's eyes with Garlic Spray.

Then she kicked him borders between the audience and the space the ring and the stars occupy.

Then Randy Orton came down the ramp holding his intercontinental championship.

Liz went to the middle of the bottom of the ramp and stood in his way and smirked.

Randy smiled and dropped his belt.

He pulled Liz into a deep and intense kiss.

Liz's eyes were open and shocked.

She was trying to push him away.

Then Shawn looked at what was happening and saw Liz waving her hands frantically.

Then Batista hit Shawn from behind and pinned him.




Batista won.

And then Evolution's music came.

Randy broke the kiss and licked his lips and then bit the bottom lip and smiled at Liz and gave her a wink.

Batista got Ric from the ground and all three went up the ramp smiling for Batista's victory.

Randy was smiling for another reason.

And then Liz went up the ring without the aid of the stairs and then saw her dad on the ground and started saying sorry.

She glanced at the three members of evolution once in a while.

She stayed in the ring and the commercial break was on.

She helped her dad out of the ring and went to the locker room to leave him there and waited for the trainers.

She told him that she'd go back to the hotel.

Shawn was going back together with Chris Benoit so Liz decided to drive to the hotel.