From: "Julia Webster" To: Subject: [ratfic] POEM - A perfect Day Date: Monday, April 10, 2000 12:29 AM

Title - a perfect day Author - Julesmonster Date - 2/6/98 ( I only found it like today!) Authors note - I wrote this like years ago (literally!) and found it today. When I read it I though.. this is SO Frank and Rachel if they were together before he buggered off... see what you think...

The days are clear and blue and light, the nights are clear, with stars so bright, and in your eyes I see a light, a light that shines so clear and bright.

We walk together hand in hand, and watch the children in the sand, who build the castles big and grand, these are the things they build with sand.

As we walk beneath the trees, we hear a rustle, look up and see, a bird building a nest of leaves, this is what we hear and see.

So now the sky is dark and grey, and all the birds have gone away, the children no longer laugh and play, and all because you went away.

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