Meet the Parents - Kat Davies

First of all i dont own stargate which means i dont own any of the characters in this story eccept Jack's parents.

Summery: Jack and Sam are now together and Jack's parents are coming down. Can she impress them?

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Jack O'neill sat at the breifing room table with the rest of sg-1, General Hammond and Dr. Janet Fraiser. Glancing round the table, Sam wasnt sitting in her usual place next to him, but by her best friend Janet Fraiser instead.

"Colonel, do you feel your team are ready for active duty again?"

Jack quickly snapped back to reality as General Hammond spoke.

"Yes sir, you betcha. No blood sucking, nasty, vicious, son of a bitch virus is gonna get the better of Colonel O'neill and his team"

Janet and Sam shared a smile.

"O'neill the virus which you speak of was not infact blood sucking"

"Yes i know that Teal'c. It was a figure of speech"

Tealc bowed his head in understandment.

"Right everyone, dismissed"

General Hammond got up, O'neill, Carter and Fraiser all stood up to dismiss their general.

"Listen Sam will you stop by my office later?"

Sam stopped shuffling her bits of paper and turned to her friends attention.

"Sure Janet. Let me just put a few things away and ill stop by"

Janet smiled and turned to walk out of the room. Daniel approached Sam.

" Are you ok?"

Sam smiled at her friends concern.

"Yeah fine. We just havent had a proper girls chat in a while so you know..."

"Well ill see you later for coffee yeah?"

" Absoloutly. 14.00 ok for you?"

Daniel thought about it.

"Yeah 2pm is fine"

Sam laughed at her friends use of military language or lack of it. She walked over to Jack. He was deep in thought.

"Penny for them"


"Your thoughts"

"Oh right. Yeah ummm Sam ive got something to tell me."

Sam leaned against the table.

"Am i gonna like this news?"

Jack shrugged.

"Well you wont if you dont like parents"


"My parents are coming down for a week and they want to meet you"

Sam smiled

"Well thats fine. When are they coming?"

Jack bit his lip.


Sam's smiled quickly dissapeared

"and you picked now to tell me?"

Jack nodded his head.

"What time?"


Sam closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I dont finish here until 5.30pm"

"Thats fine. It gives me time to get them settled and deal with all the son/ parent conversastions"

Sam smiled. Jack wasnt looking forward to this.

"Ok, well ill see you later alright and dont look so miserable..weve dealt with the gould, we can deal with parents"

Sam kissed Jack on the cheek and walked off.

"Yeah well my mother could easily scare the Gould. Anubis would run away like a baby"

* Daniel's office*

Jack knocked on the door and walked in.

"Hey Tealc. Dont you normally kelnoreem about now?"

"Normally but there has been a spillage of tomato ketchup outside my quarters."

Jack looked at Teal'c

"Im not even going to ask"

Jack sat in Daniels twisty chair and started going around and around on it. Daniel walked in.

"Uh..hello Jack. What do you want?"

"to be sent to a goul'd homeworld"

"excuse me?"

"O'neill that would not be wise"

Jack stopped twirling

"Yeah well compared to my parents, the goul'd are kittens"

Teal'c raised his eyebrow.

"Im introducing them to Sam"

"well that means Sams got more pressure than you"

Jack started fiddling with a rock.

"Uhhh Jack"


"Thats a very old rock"

"Oh right"

Jack chucked it back down onto the desk slightly chipping it. Daniel bit his tongue not to shout.

"Well what time are they meant to arrive?"

"at 5, which is like in 3 hours"

"it cant be 2 already?"

Teal'c looked at the clock.

"It would appear that is the time Daniel Jackson"

Daniel dropped everything on the desk.

"Ive got to go. Good luck Jack"

Daniel speeded off out of his office and headed for the canteen.


Sam sat tapping her fingers on the table. Daniel was 10 minutes late.

"Sam im so sorry"

"Youre late"

Daniel looked at his watch and back at Sam. She was judging him on 10 minutes.

"Blame your fiance. He held me up"

Sam passed Daniel a coffee.


Daniel sipped his coffee

"So are you nervous?"

Sam looked at Daniel puzzled.

"About meeting Jack's parents"

"No, well slightly but how bad can they be?"