Dear Diary, April 15th

Hi, I just got this diary as a gift, so maybe I should tell a little about myself. My full name is Marta Lynne Levingson, I'm in 5th grade and my teacher is Mrs. Dunum, who's the only teacher I've ever had who I really hated.

My birthday is on August 21st. My best friends are: Summer Hathaway, Katie Brown, Michelle Cambridge and Eleni Afflerbach. I've been best friends since Summer and Katie since we started going to school, we're really close. I do have a crush, which I have never told my friends about, It's like almost forbidden to speak his name around them because he is hated by them like so much, but I'll tell you...It's Freddy Jones.

People would wonder why, quiet-flute playing-diary writing-Marta, would have a crush on, loudmouth-badass-Freddy. I don't know, It's probably his charm.

Let's get back to the basics. My favorite colors are red and blue. My favorite singer is Christina Aguilera, I don't even think I spelled her last name right even though I've been a fan of her for years and now I need to get some sleep. It's Friday and well...It's Friday.

Yours Truly, Marta L.