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When darkness falls

This day had been hell! Risa and Riku had been annoying him all day. Risa still hadn't got it that _he_ was Dark and kept asking him to wait with her on Dark so she could confess her eternal undying love, and Riku kept asking him about why he never showed up to their date last night. He had no answer to that question, what should he say? "Riku, the reason I didn't show up yesterday was that I was stealing a priceless painting from the museum. I'm so sorry, can you please forgive me?" Yeah, that would be *really* smart.

Daisuke ignored his mother as he made his way up to his room on the second floor. He just opened the door and threw his bag on the floor before he collapsed onto his bed, curling up as a ball and drift off into the peaceful embrace of Sleep.

When he opened his eyes later Dark was sitting on his bed, watching him. "D . . . Dark-san, what are you doing here? How can you be here?" Daisuke rambled as Dark leaned closer.

"Th . . . this is a dre... dream," Daisuke stuttered. Dark leaned close enough so he could see the small tears in Daisuke's eyes which where trickling down his chin.

Dark leaned even closer and putted a hand on each side of Daisuke's head. Daisuke looked closely at Dark while the older teen started to lick his tears away with his hot, moist tongue.

Daisuke gasped and his face shifted trough twenty shades of red before Dark slowly pulled away.

"Hi, Dai-chan, how was your day? I guess not too good since you where crying." Dark asked, slowly caressing Daisuke's cheek.

"Wh. . . why did you. . .?" Daisuke trailed off, still blushing madly. "Ho. . . How can you..?"

"You where right, this _is_ a dream. But I can assure you, this is *very* real!" Dark smirked and Daisuke could feel his face flush even more.

Daisuke sat up and tried to climb off the bed but was pushed back by Dark. "Oh no, you don't!" Dark said and straddled his hips as he pinned Daisuke down under him.

"Wh. . . what are you doing, Dark-san?" Daisuke said as he could feel Dark holding both of his hands over his head, holding them in place with his left hand while his other hand trailed down Daisuke's body, eliciting small moans from the lithe body.

Dark chuckled as he heard Dai's response to his touches. "It feels good, doesn't it? I know you've been fantasizing about this. . . Shh, don't. . ." Dark said and putted a finger to the smaller boys lips as Daisuke opened his mouth to protest. "I can read your thoughts, remember?"

Daisuke's face became beet-red when he remembered that Dark _could_ read his mind. Just as Daisuke was pondering that question Dark leaned down and kissed Daisuke softly on his lips. When Daisuke opened his mouth to protest Dark slid his tongue into Dai's mouth, starting an erotic dance for dominance that Daisuke soon gave up since this was his first real kiss that was more than just a shy peck on the cheek.

As soon as Dark won the 'fight' he explored Dai's wet velvety cavern, caressing every inch he could reach with his tongue, enjoying Daisuke's sweet taste of vanilla and strawberries. When Dai realized what he was doing he froze and started to push Dark away but Dark just pushed him down again and deepened the kiss further, slightly sucking on the younger boy's tongue, making him succumb to the pleasure Dark was giving him.

His other hand had now reached the growing bulge in Daisuke's pants, slowly caressing it trough the material in his school uniform, making Daisuke moan high into Dark's mouth. After a few minutes Dark got bored and unbuttoned the pants and pulled the zipper down before he slowly pushed the pants and Dai's boxers off him.

When Daisuke's pants where pushed down on the floor Dark slowly broke the kiss. Dark looked at Daisuke's face for a minute before planting a trail of burning kisses down Daisuke's neck, softly nibbling at the sensitive skin at the nape of his neck, making Daisuke gasp.

Dark smiled before he moved a little further down, this time kissing and nibbling at Dai's collar bone. He was rewarded with another gasp as he took one of the erected nipples in his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the little bud of flesh and gently biting the already soar nipple. After he released it he blew cold air on it, making Daisuke shiver of pleasure. Dark smiled before giving his attention to the other, sadly ignored, nipple, giving it the same treatment as the first.

When he was done with the nipples Dark made his way down Dai's abdominal, still planting kisses at every inch of exposed flesh, and pushing his tongue into Daisuke's navel. Daisuke got frustrated, why didn't he touch the part of him that needed that touch more desperately than any other part of him? Daisuke mewled softly, wanting Dark to go deeper down. . .

Dark looked up at Daisuke. "What is it?" he asked softly.

"P. . . pl. . . please. . ." Daisuke panted and squirmed underneath Dark.

"Please, what?" Dark chuckled. "What do you want? Say it." "Can. . . yo. . . u. . . please. . . s. . . su. . ." Daisuke trailed off, blushing again.

"What did you want me to do?" Dark asked as he moved lower, grabbing Dai's member as he licked the top.

"Yes! Ah, yes, please, continue!" Daisuke said, bucking his hips.

Dark stopped, ignoring the protests that came from Daisuke. "Say it, or I won't do it!" Dark pouted as he crawled up onto his knees, still fully dressed in a black tight tank top and black leather pants, still holding Daisuke's painfully erected member in a firm grip.

"D. . . Dark-san, can.. you please su. . . suck. . . my. . ." he whispered the last word so low that Dark didn't even hear it. But that really didn't matter, Dai had said what he wanted him to so Dark lowered his head and took Daisuke's erection in his warm mouth, letting his tongue swirl around the stiff shaft. Dark covered his teeth with his lips and added the slightest hint of pressure on the throbbing member as his hand massaged the sensitive sacks below.

Daisuke moaned high at the new sensation running trough his body. This felt good... reeeally goood! While Dark kept bobbing his head up and down Daisuke's length Daisuke bucked his hips, wanting to make Dark take him in deeper. Suddenly Dark's warm mouth was gone and Daisuke let out a displeased moan, he wanted Dark to come back, to feel his warm mouth against his heated skin and to help him relieve the tension that was building up inside him.

A cold breeze brushed upon his naked body, sending a shiver up the youth's spine and making him whimper of the cold, he missed the warm embrace Dark had swathed him in just seconds ago. "D... Dark?" Daisuke whispered into the complete darkness in the room.

"Yes, Dai-chan?" a low husky voice answered.

"What... what are you doing?" Daisuke asked.

Dark didn't answer but Dai could 'feel' him smirk at him. A few minutes later after Daisuke heard some soft shuffling sounds he could feel darks hand settling at his hip. Daisuke gasped as a slick finger entered him, making him cry out in pain. "Da... Dark, that hu... hurts!"

"Shh, it'll only hurt for a minute, I need to stretch you." Dark hushed and started to move his finger in and out of Daisuke, almost letting the finger almost slip out entirely before he pushed it back, brushing against a spot inside Daisuke that made Dai clench his fists into the sheets, moaning high. A second finger was added, accompanied by a third, slowly stretching the boy.

Daisuke could smell a faint scent of strawberries and wondered where it came from, but his mind was too caught up with the movements the fingers was doing, wanting them to go deeper. When Daisuke was enjoying the fingers they where pulled away and he groaned and wanted them back.

Dark smiled as he poured more of the strawberry sentenced lube on his palm, coating himself. He grabbed Daisuke's hips and pushed himself in all the way to the hilt before he started to move, earning a cry from Daisuke.

It was horrible. The intrusion onto his body. . . it felt as he was ripped apart in the seems. Daisuke screamed as Dark entered him and he was quickly turned so that he was now laying on his stomach, face down in a pillow. "Dark! That hurts!" Daisuke screamed.

Please. . . stop moving, you're too big, please, Dark, please don't move." Daisuke sobbed as Dark continued to thrust into the younger boy. Dark didn't answer or comply to the boys plea, it was as if he didn't even hear it.

The discomfort grew with each thrust and Daisuke's screams grew higher as Dark increased his pace but Dark only pushed Dai's head into the pillow even further, making the screams muffled and weaker.

After what seemed to be forever, Dark released his cum deep inside Daisuke with a moan and a twitch.

Daisuke could feel the liquid burn inside his newly inflicted injuries.

Dark withdrew from Daisuke and laid down besides Daisuke, who moved away from Dark, scooting over to the edge of the bed, almost falling down onto the floor. Dark noticed the tears in the boys eyes and sighed heavily.

"I'm sorry Dai-chan, I . . . I should have gone slower . . ." Daisuke just stared at him and continued to cry, curling up as a ball to shield himself from further assaults.

"Daisuke you don't have to be afraid of me. I promise, I wont ever hurt you again." Daisuke looked away and wiped the tears from his cheeks and closed his eyes. When Dark touched Dai's arm Daisuke's eyes flung up in horror.

"Don't touch me! Not ever again! You said this was a dream, why don't I wake up? I hate you!" Daisuke withdrew further away and cried as he would never stop. Suddenly Daisuke felt Dark arms around him, holding him tight. Daisuke started to fight the tight embrace but he was to weak and Dark wouldn't let go. Daisuke found himself to surrender into the warm, comforting embrace.

"I am sorry," Dark murmured into Daisuke's hair. "I'm so sorry." Dark began to stroke the back of the younger boy, hearing him sob quietly.

"I . . . I told you to stop! B . . . but y . . . you just kept going, that hurt so much. I thought I was either breaking in two or d . . . die from the pain!" Daisuke cried while Dark held him tighter and kissed his hair.

"Shhh, I'm sorry. Just sleep now . . . I love you . . ." Dark whispered and smiled when he noticed that Daisuke was already asleep.


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