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When darkness falls – Chapter Six "Dark's return"

The room was bare, the white walls looked almost clinical. All that was in the room was a bed, a desk and a chair. Everything was clean, spotless. Daisuke stood in front of the bed, looking around in the room.

"Hiwatari-kun, your bedroom is really... sparse..." he said in lack of better wording.

"I know. I am not home that much, so I have no need for a 'homey feel." He said, closing the wardrobe door. He looked over towards Daisuke who was looking at his desk. A few of his sketches was laying on the table.

He quickly walked over to the read headed boy and brought a hand up to cup the boy's chin. The boy's eyes went wide as he felt a pair of warm lips firmly pressed upon his own. Satoshi slowly laid the boy down on the soft bed, gently urging the boy to open his mouth.

Daisuke leaned into the kiss, his head was spinning due to lack of air and the fact that Satoshi was currently running his hands through his hair. He didn't protest as Satoshi gently eased him onto his back on the bed, while he settled himself on top of him.

Satoshi's weight felt strangely comfortable on top of him, he noticed. The blue haired boy's skillful fingers quickly unbuttoned Dai's shirt, revealing the cream colored skin underneath. "You're beautiful, Dai-chan." Satoshi said as he leaned down to lap at a hardening bud of flesh.

The read head moaned gently when Satoshi sucked at his nipples. "H...Hiwatari-kun... can you please... h-hurry up..." Daisuke gasped, trying to make his head stop spinning.

The blue haired boy smiled and gently bit down on the nipple, telling Daisuke that he was going to take his time. Satoshi's hands roamed over Daisuke's slightly toned body, raking his nails over the sensitive skin of the red-eyed boy.

"Aah..." Daisuke moaned, arching his back into the touch. He closed his eyes and focused on the wonderful attention Satoshi was paying his chest. He giggled slightly as the blue haired boy ran his hands down his ribs.

Once he felt that he was done playing with the hardened buds of Daisuke's nipples, his hands moved down to unbutton the boy's pants. While his hands were occupied he kissed and nibbled his way down Daisuke's chest and abdomen, stopping to dip his tongue into his navel, swirling it around.

He almost screamed out aloud when he felt the strong, but gentle hand grip his erection. He bucked his hips, seeking blissful release when Satoshi slowly started to stroke him.

The hand started slowly, but increased the speed as the red head began to pant and moan higher, feeling the oncoming orgasm. Just when Daisuke felt that he could handle no more, Satoshi stopped. He removed his hand and sat back onto the bed.

Daisuke slowly opened his eyes when the wonderful feeling disappeared, leaving him hot and flustered, aching for release. "W... what is wrong? Why did you stop?" he questioned.

Satoshi smiled fondly at the boy laying in his bed before answering. "I have to get something, and I don't want you to come, yet, Daisuke." He said, standing up he quickly left the bedroom.

Daisuke took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, hoping that his heart would stop beating so forcefully, almost painfully so.

After a few minutes Satoshi came back, a small, blue tube clutched in his hand. He laid the tube down on the bed before removing his shirt. He quickly helped the boy before him undress, removing the shirt that hung open on his slim shoulders and the boy's jeans and boxers before stepping out of his own pants.

He positioned himself between Daisuke's legs, standing on his hands and knees he hovered above the boy. "Dai-chan... is this okay? We can stop if you want to..." he said, looking down at the boy.

Daisuke smiled and looked at the boy on top of him. "Don't worry, I'm fine... Just... just go easy on me, okay?" he said, trying to sound brave.

Satoshi nodded and reached for the tube of lube. "I will try to be as careful as I can, Dai-chan." He said, coating his hands in the clear liquid. He once again took a hold of Daisuke's erection, slowly pumping him.

When Daisuke closed his eyes and moaned as the slick fist moved up and down on his cock Satoshi rubbed a lubed finger against his abused orifice before gently pushing a finger inside.

Daisuke bit his lip, stifling a moan. It felt good, even though the thought of being touched there so soon after Dark had... well, he thought that he would hate it, feeling repulsion, not wanting more. Daisuke looked up into blue orbs as the finger was slowly pushed inside. It moved slowly, carefully. It was torture. The pressure rose once again, his blood on fire.

Satoshi smiled when he saw the chock in Daisuke's eyes before it melted into pleasure. Carefully, he let another finger join the first, gently moving them apart, curling and uncurling them.

When the third finger was added, Satoshi pushed in further, rubbing repeatedly against Daisuke's prostate. The boy arched his back violently, screaming loudly.

After a few minutes of mercilessly rubbing against Daisuke's pleasure spot, the boy had been transformed into a whimpering, pleading pile of mush. When he thought that the boy was stretched enough, he withdrew his fingers, earning a disapproving mewl from Daisuke.

Satoshi placed a gentle kiss upon Daisuke's slightly bruised lips and continued to kiss the rest of the boy's face. He continued to keep the boy preoccupied as he coated his own length liberally before positioning himself. When he nibbled at the boy's earlobe, Daisuke gasped in pleasure. Satoshi slowly pushed the head of his cock inside the read headed boy.

When he was halfway inside, the boy tensed up slightly. Satoshi leaned back down and placed a kiss on the boy's sweaty forehead, tasting a trace of salt upon his lips. He waited until the boy relaxed before he continued to sheath himself within the boy, not stopping before he was fully encased. He kept still, leaving Daisuke a chance to get accustomed to the feel.

Daisuke slowly relaxed when he understood that Satoshi wasn't going to move. He smiled slightly when he felt a head rest on his shoulder, the soft hair tickling his neck. He experimentally moved his hips, earning a gasp from the other teen.

Deciding that he liked the sound, he moved again, this time rolling his hips slightly. This time both he and Satoshi gasped. Daisuke arched his back and wrapped his arms around Satoshi's neck. "y... you can move now..." he said, looking into a pair of bright blue eyes.

Satoshi nodded, pulling out a few inches before pushing back in, slowly. Daisuke's moans were silenced as Satoshi's lips were pressed upon his, gently pushing his tongue inside. The kiss was heated and sloppy, but neither of them cared as their bodies moved together, picking up pace in their search for completion.

Satoshi's hands wandered over Daisuke's body, tracing the curves before he reached in between their bodies, wrapping his long fingers around Daisuke's cock, pumping him in time with every thrust.

"Faster... ha-harder!" came a harsh pant, urging him on.

Soon he was pounding into the boy, Daisuke meeting his every thrust. They could both feel their orgasms closing as the pressure rose within them, soon threatening to burst.

Daisuke screamed and bucked his hips, shooting his load up his and Satoshi's chests. As Daisuke's inner walls clamped down on the blue haired boy he thrusted a few more times before coming violently inside the boy.

He gently slid out of the boy and laying down besides him, pulling the covers over them. He smiled fondly as the boy snuggled up besides him, laying his head on his chest. Soon the both of them dozed off, Satoshi protectively holding the boy close.


Dark rubbed the back of his head and sat up. He looked around, seeing that he was in an alley, surrounded by reeking garbage bins and black plastic bags piled up in a corner. He was actually back. he was back, and he had a body, a body of his own.

He would have jumped of joy at any other time, but right now he had to find Daisuke. When he recalled where he had seen the boy the last time, he growled. Hiwatari!

He quickly got up and brushed a rotting banana peel off of his shoulder. 'I have to find Daisuke. I have to get him back!' he thought desperately as he began to run towards the building where Hiwatari lived. He would make Daisuke see that he loved him, even if he had to go down on his knees and beg for his forgiveness.


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