The Chosen One by Gina

Rating: R.

Copyright: 2004

Disclaimer: I own nor make any money off of any of this, the great Mr. Wheden owns all these wonderful characters that I enjoy playing with.


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Dedication: For all my used to be girlfriends, especially the ones who'd get mad at me and accuse me of paying more attention to the buffyverse than them.

Summary: Season six timeline, things are going downward fast and Cordy seeks help from the imprisoned slayer.

A/N: It's a femslash world I write in and though this one is set in season 6, I may use spoilers up to the end of the series.

Chapter 1.

Faith lay in her prison bunk of the last couple of years getting ready for her nightly routine of memories, few good, many bad and some regret filled. The pain she'd caused others to still her own pain was brutal indeed and senseless. The high she got from inflicting pain on others was alluring but scared her more than her own personal pain. She was losing ground and fast, losing grip on what she had left of a conscience as well as reality. That is, till Angel pulled her up from the depths of darkness and gave her something better to focus on.

All her life she'd only wanted to be accepted but never was, not even when she was supposed to be the chosen one. Anger swelled in her at the thought of those two words, chosen one. She'd never been chosen by anyone but the mayor and even he had an ulterior motive. She supposed it would always be that way, the bad luck hood from Boston's bad side would never be chosen to do anything now but pay penance for her dastardly deeds and even that would never be enough.

She'd killed in cold blood, that's something you can never be forgiven of by anyone not to mention the task of forgiving yourself. That was a daily chore and she'd come to learn self forgiveness was never going to happen just as freeing herself of the darkness within was never going to happen so she was now learning how to deal with these things on a daily basis, just to get by, just to survive without going insane, just to exist long enough to pay penance that she prayed was good enough for the powers that be not to send her to a dark dreary place when this hell called life was over.

"You have a visitor," the guard yelled rousing her from the bunk. "Back in self pity mode I see tough girl."

"Fuck you Dickson," Faith snapped. She hated this one more than all the prison guards, he'd take sex for smokes and other privileges the women wanted. She supposed he hated her too seeing as she never bought into his line of bull and fake promises.

She stepped around behind the glass trying to see who had came to see her. Angel had visited a couple of times in the first couple of months but not in quite some time. She didn't blame him but it sure would have been nice to have not dealt with Buffy's death alone.

She'd felt it the moment the slayer had died, something flitted in her stomach before wrenching at her soul then jerking around her slayer energy only to be followed by a great emptiness. No one had to call nor write and certainly not visit to tell her, she knew B was gone and it devastated her. Then strangely enough, a couple of months later, she could feel Buffy's presence again. After some time she figured somehow she was back but didn't know how.

She shook her head out of thought looking through the glass to see Cordelia Chase standing there. She picked up the phone on her end. "Queen C what the hell are you doing here?"

"I wondered the same thing and believe me you I do not want to be here. So to the point, Sunnydale has gone to hell in a handbag and I'm afraid you are the only one left to save it and possibly everyone else." Cordy stated then drew out a long breath.

Faith decided to play a bit. Sure there was nothing she'd like better than to be on the outside again but no way in hell was she going back to Sunnydale and dealing with those insane scoobies again without a good reason. Penance be damned if that's what it took to get her pink slip for forgiveness. "Well C, there is nothin' I'd like more than to bust out or be set free but ya know, paying for crimes and all? So no can do." Faith blinked her beautiful deep brown orbs at the former prom queen.

"Listen to me Faith, Buffy died, Willow got in some bad shit to get her back and now everything's all funky and big monsters from the past are back." Cordy snapped wondering why she bothered to come here to begin with. She cursed the visions the powers that be gave her knowing that was full well why she came to prison to try and reason with the psychotic slayer.

"Why the hell should I care. I'm all safe in here," then her eyes softened. "Red got her all back safe and sound huh? If B is back why do you need me, she's thee chosen one, I'm just a second rate slayer."

"Listen Faith I haven't the time nor desire for small talk, one of the big bad's is your former boss and the other is angelus and I speculate on a third though can't prove it." Cordy snapped angrily.

"Fang, what happened?" Cordy had succeeded in gaining the full attention of Faith now. Angel, after all, was the only one to ever see her so vulnerable the night she begged him to kill her and the only one to help her get some semblance of a second chance and yes the only one to forgive her.

"I'm not sure, we're not sure of anything Faith. Just that we need your help desperately I'm afraid and it's up to you as to whether or not you want to give it."

"C, leave, you know the drill." Cordy slammed down her end of the conversation and raced from the prison.

Faith stood silently with vivid memories of the pain and sorrow she'd caused in Sunnydale. "I'm Comin' home gang as if anyone cares." With that she busted the glass and downed the guard sitting in the chair, grabbed his gun then headed out of the prison.


Willow sat in front of her computer trying to figure out where it all went wrong. Since she brought Buffy back things seemed to spiral downhill and fast. Nose bleeds became more frequent, the desire to get large boosts of magic then release it for fun and headaches were all on the rise. Not to mention the fact that Buffy was withdrawn and distant from everyone but Tara.

Willow was glad Tara seemed to be able to get through to the slayer and all but slight jealousy sometimes creped up because she herself was shut out from Tara of late. She knew it was due to her delving into the dark magics to much but thought Tara was taking to drastic of steps to prove a point by breaking up with her.

She was trying hard to beat the magic by not using it now and had been doing so for two weeks yet that seemed to count for nothing. "Willow?" Dawn called.

"Oh sorry Dawnie, I didn't hear you come in." She lifted her emerald eyes to meet Dawn's who was quickly coming into the room.

"Giles wants a meeting tomorrow, Cordy called and said she'd be on the way with help though I don't know who seeing as she's the only survivor of the AI gang." Dawn said opening a Pepsi.

"So do they know where Angelus is or the mayor and are we sure it's the mayor?" Willow asked trying to focus her thoughts on the impending doom at hand.

"No to Angelus, yes to the mayor, Spike said he saw him outside of town." Dawn confirmed. "Say has Tara been around to talk to you? I saw her on patrol with Buffy earlier."

"No, I had a real bad night last night, I called, she declined to come so I got a little pushy. It's over Dawnie, I've done to much this time. Messing with her memory, almost getting you killed, it's a wonder Buffy even lets me stay here." She finishes speaking feeling the sadness creep up. She knew that always turned into anger then the darks winning out sending her into another magic high.


Buffy and Tara are making one last sweep through a couple side streets before heading home. Tara had taken it upon herself to look after Buffy growing very concerned over the strange behavior.

She'd known things might not be exactly the same but still to see Buffy acting like a shell of her former self saddened Tara deeply. Buffy seemed to respond to her gentle nature and even opened up a bit last night over a couple of cups of late night coffee. They'd discussed Tara's hurt over what Willow had done to her, how she didn't know if she could forget it though she did desire to at least work on some sort of civil relationship with the redhead.

They'd also discussed Buffy, she'd told her how she was pulled out of heaven and every waking moment here on earth felt like hell. How her mind seemed to work more like a robot, slay, eat, sleep then slay again was her routine. Slaying was the only thing that stirred up any emotion in her she had confided in Tara and this scared her and made her sad. She so wanted to feel again, to live life happily and to love but it just wouldn't come out. Even when she'd been told Angelus was back, it seemed to register no emotion to Buffy but that of slay the bad guys. This hurt her more because she feared that if her love for Angel couldn't bring her back nothing would. It did form a few tears in her eyes when she came to this realization and a comforting hug by the shy blond.

It was the hug that moved something deep within the slayer, something warm and nice and that too terrified her. Of all people Tara just by a gentle touch, a smile, a glance at those pretty blue eyes could make her emotions move and it was wrong but nothing could be done about it.

"Tara," she began as they walked towards the dormitory. "Sometimes I feel out of place even slaying like my time has gone on and I'm not supposed to be here."

"I'm sure it's hard Buffy," she stopped at her door looking at the lost almost frightened look in Buffy's eyes. "I wish I could do more to help you."

"You've done enough just by being my friend Tara. That means a lot to me and I'm the one who should be sorry. Laying all my problems on you when you have more than enough of your own."

"It's ok Buffy," Tara hugged the slayer again as she turned to leave finding herself staring into the faces of Cordy and Faith.