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Someone asked me who Archer was. He's the creepy man working with Armstrong. You know, the pale lieutenant…


Chapter 4: In the hands of the enemy

by Sara-chan

A groan escaped Ed's lips as he slowly woke up.


His head was painfully spinning, and his arms and chest hurt like hell too. Ugh… What the fuck happened to him? Did a truck run over him or what? Once he didn't feel like throwing up, he sat up and looked around him.

He was in a small room so dimly lit he couldn't clearly see around him. He was laying on a bed, and that was the only furniture in the cell. That's right, a cell! What else could he name this room? Dammit! He was even bound to the bed, his hands chained at each end of the headboard. Transmutation was not possible in this condition.

Ed growled because that was the only thing he could do. He thought about screaming with all the curses he knew – and they were very colourful and original, the Colonel could attest that – but the Alchemist finally gave up the idea because his throat was already sore from being denied of water since his capture; screaming would just worsen his painful throat for nothing.

So Ed continued growling, and then his mind set back to his brother's situation.

Where was he? What did they do to him? Was he still in Archer's hands or did Al escape?

Fear began to invade him. If there was one thing that could make Edward Elric afraid, that was when his little brother's safety was threatened. He would do anything for Al. Hell! He lost an arm for his brother! If something happened to Al, he would never forgive himself.

Stop thinking about that, idiot! This is not the time to drown in guilt. Think Ed, think!

What should he do now? He couldn't escape since he couldn't use his arms, and those damn chains wouldn't brake! He gave another violent jerk on his restraints in frustration, then sighed heavily and resumed to thinking.

And what the hell did Archer want with Mustang? It seemed like the man hated the Colonel's guts! Though the fact that he was just a pawn in Archer's plan, waiting for the Colonel so that he could save him, didn't appeal to Ed at all!

He wasn't a damsel in distress dammit!

The teen's eyes widened in horror as a vision of Mustang's smirking face began to form in his head. He could easily see how smug the older man would look once he freed him.

NO--WAY !!!

Gears turning at full force inside his mind, Ed started to elaborate all the plans he could imagine to escape this situation. Hell would freeze before he would let the Colonel save him! He didn't even want to imagine what idea the man would find if Ed had to own him something.

- YYY -

Roy Mustang was a man of action. When he wanted something, he would act in every way possible so that he could have it. The same went for his conquests, female or male.

He knew he wasn't ugly. Without being presumptuous, he simply had to glance at a mirror to see his dark mysterious eyes, his well-muscled body and his smirking face to know that he was handsome. Women fell for this type of man. Men, too, couldn't resist his charm…

So, he only had to make a move and his nights would be filled.

That was why hunting Ed was such a challenge for Roy. No one had ever resisted him. He was pretty sure the boy was inexperienced in the matters of love and seduction. He could even dare to say that Full Metal was a virgin.

So how the hell did Ed succeed in escaping Roy's attempts at seducing him? It had been nearly a month since he had started 'hunting' the boy.

A month!

That was the longest time he had ever spent in 'courting' someone. It was just too… frustrating!

Roy knew from the beginning that Full Metal would be a challenge. Stubborn and aggressive, Ed was like a stallion that needed to be dominated. And Roy was just the man for the situation.

Yeah ri--------ight!

Look now how things had gone. Ed was captured by Archer –damn that bastard! He should have known the man was a traitor with a face as pale. He hadn't made a progress in seducing the teen and now, to add to misery, it was raining!

Roy sneezed.

Shit, he must have caught a cold too.

"Colonel?" asked a hesitant Havoc as the black car suddenly came to a stop. "I think it's there."

Mustang sighed quietly and stepped out of the car. He gazed at the building with calculating eyes and nodded at his lieutenant.

"Let's go."

He had a cute and certainly angry Full Metal to save. He could stand a bit of rain for Ed.

- YYY -

Two hours later, Ed was ready to start screaming and cursing. He hadn't found a plan to escape, he still hurt everywhere and now he was hungry.

When he thought he was going to act upon said screaming and cursing, the door opened with a shriek, making the blonde teen startle. A soldier entered, followed by none other than Archer himself. His military boots made a click-clack noise as the man walked toward the bed. The cell seemed suddenly smaller.

Ed fought back the urge to recoil when the dark-haired man leaned over him. A smirk appeared on the bastard's face as they stared at each other. Ed tried to convey all his hatred and anger toward him through his golden eyes. If he couldn't use his hands, he could at least irritate the man. Full Metal was not going to lay helplessly.

"I must say that all the things that have been said about you are true. The Full Metal Alchemist is a really good opponent," Archer said with an appraising look. "That's why Mustang is so fascinated by you, I suppose," the man added with a smirk.

Archer looked back at the soldier and made a sign with his hand. Ed found himself free from the bed, but still handcuffed. He attempted to kick the soldier when the man wanted to pull him toward the door cell, but a threatening glare from Archer made him recall about his brother's absence and stopped his motion.

Breathing through his gritted teeth, Ed followed them toward a giant room, devoid of all furniture. Ed was wondering if this place had ever been inhabited. In the center of the room stood Al, chained but thanks God, in good shape.

"Nii-san!" Al exclaimed in relief as he saw his brother intact.

"When I have my hands on you Archer, the doctors won't be able to recognise you," Ed threatened as the soldier ordered him to stay at the far end of the room.

"Your threats are meaningless when you helplessly lie in my hands," the older man replied as he looked down at the streets from the barred window.

Red with anger, Ed glared and bit on his lower lip.

"Are you sure he will come?" Archer asked as a smirk appeared on his lips.

Al threw a warning glance at his older brother, telling him to calm down. Ed breathed heavily and shot a dark glare that could have been interpreted as 'Just wait, you'll regret this' or 'Fuck you!'.

Ed had given up finding a way to escape with his brother for now. He knew that the only person to save them was the Colonel. Even if he didn't like it, the man was probably his last chance. That didn't mean that he would worship Mustang's feet. He would find a way to repay him.

"If I don't get at you first, Mustang's gonna kick your ass," Ed finally said with as much venom as he could.

"I thought the day 'd never come when Full Metal starts complimenting me," a familiar smug voice suddenly said.

Ed sighed, relieved, but annoyed. Even if he was tired, he easily managed to lift his head and glared at the smirking Colonel. Damn, how he hated that smirk! For once though, he was glad to see it.

"What took you so long?"


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