Hey guys!

It's me, t-e!

Were gonna have some fun with poetry.

So sit down class

Get ready for fun

You'll be reading excitedly till the day is done.

I'm still working on SCHOOL WOES!

so there's no need to stab your toes

I'm gonna start with a poem about me

It will be fun to read you'll see

I was reading Edgar Allan Poe

He made me inspired

I cannot calm down

I'm just so wired

I have to write this to get this out of my head

so I can lay down and go to bed.

Here's the first poem.


Watch soaring wings of eagle

Symbolizes the troubled-ego

Observe at her troubled glare

as she soars up in the air

Watch her as she perch and sings

of her love and hopes and dreams

Listen to her stories galore

"Listen now," I implore

Watch the stare of this eagle,

the bird the symbols troubled-ego

I hope you like that poem. It was short but I'll make longer ones and yeah, I'm definitely going to write Teen Titan poems. I'll start those in the third chapter.