Here's a poem about the boy wonder


Always striving for the fight of life

That's what he always thinks is right

There is nothing better than a good fight

He never cries and never looses

The new members of the Titans he chooses

His acrobatic skill has many uses

Sadly, he would agree though, that the world is full of nuisances

Boy Wonder can leap from building to building

He's always fearless and has no fear of anything

You could say his skills are really something

Up on the rain wet building top

He's charging toward Slade and it doesn't look like he'll stop

He can't take anymore, he's had enough

So he starts his battle cry saying, "This ends now!"

before landing a kick in Slade's face with a big POW!

It's what he fanaticizes, he only knows how

of his plan to bring Slade down

"I'll work all night and I won't sleep a wink

until a plan to end Slade is what I begin to think."

Watch in the darkness as Robin begins to sink

Working too hard, working to the brink

Will boy wonder put this tyrant to an end

or in doing so, will he loose each one of a friend?

Hope you liked the poem about Robin. Yeah, I noticed how most of these poem are kinda dark but...I dunno, my writing turns out depending on what mood I'm in. Guess I'm in a dark mood right now.