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Lust, Love and Vengeance

Seto Kaiba- 25 Takara Maziko-24 Serena, Yugi etc-24 Mokuba & Rebecca-20

Chapter 1: The Wedding

"Yug I never thought that Kaiba would get married," Joey said while rearranging his tie. "Let alone invite us to the wedding!"

"Well Takara changed him a lot, what really strikes me is he fell in love!" Yugi added surprised.

"You think moneybags'll soften up?" Joey asked scratching his head.

"Joey," Yugi said laughing, "something's never change."

Just then in the corner of his violet eye he caught the sight of his raven-haired friend. "Serena!" He called out to her from the other side of the room. Him and Joey slowly made their way over to her through the masses of people.

The cathedral in which the wedding was being held was an old 19th century wooden style building with stone carvings on the outside; it was bordered with white laces and red, white and pink roses along the top. Sweet Spring sunlight seeped in through the large stained glass windows.

"Well hello Yugi and Joey, it's nice to see you guys," Serena greeted. "What a turn out, I never knew that Kaiba would invite so many people that he isn't partial to."

"Yeah, I know, I'm askin' myself why I'm here. But ya know Mai, she dragged me here," Joey replied gawking at what a rich person could afford at a wedding. Boy was Mai going to chatter about how Kaiba's wedding had everything and theirs had nothing.

"Yugi where's Tea?" Serena asked.

"She's out in front of the chapel trying to calm down Aiko before the ceremony begins," Yugi replied. Serena sighed as her eyes fell in despair; she was still alone in this vast world, for she still was without a life partner. Unlike everyone else who had settled down.

But she knew in her heart she had fallen love, but had to give it up for rejection was her fear.

Serena had been chosen by Takara to be the Maid of Honour for she hadn't been well acquainted with everyone else. She wore a pale grey Maid of Honour dress with transparent silk chandelier sleeves; around her neck was a silver chain with a heart locket and matching silver diamond drop earrings. Her black hair was in thin silky curls with a light brush of make-up swept across her face.

"Don't worry Serena' you'll find someone soon," Yugi said noticing her saddened expression as he put a supporting hand over her shoulder.

She smiled back at him softly. "I should get going, the rituals will be starting shortly and I have to go and get the bride," she said removing his hand and leaving the entrance hall.

Serena lightly knocked on the bride's room, "Takara may I come in?" She asked as she opened the door slightly.

"Yes," Takara answered. Serena walked in and smiled at the beautiful bride-to-be before her.

"You're going to take Kaiba's breath away," she complimented.

Takara wore a snow-white dress with straps across her slender lightly tanned shoulders, which had been embellished with white-jewelled flowers. The gown bloomed into a large chiffon laced skirt with a lengthy detailed chapel train, which had slivery white embroidered flowers and beadings. She wore a platinum diamond in crested necklace with matching earrings. She moved strands of her chocolate coloured locks away from her gorgeous deep brown eyes and visage, which had been tinted with light shades of browns.

"Do you really think so?" She asked, her cheeks becoming bright red.

"Of course," Serena replied as she came over and fixed her dress. She then put her veil, her thin pure silk veil, which was just as light and fluently elegant like water. "But one question still remains in my mind, I've tried to get the answer from Kaiba but he becomes silent was smiles to himself, that's how I know how special you are to him. My question is how did you know it was love?"

Takara smiled to herself reminiscing on that beautiful summer's night. "It was dark, I was strolling in the pasture, stars engulfed the sky, and I knew it was a night of romance…"


Takara's beautiful hair flew in the wind as her exquisite brown eyes were filled with such youthful pleasure while she took her midnight stroll. The moon was full and tranquility filled the atmosphere.

Loneliness. His blue eyes reflected all his emotions from the depths of his heart; he couldn't take the pressure so Seto Kaiba came to this lone field to relax from the troubles of life. He would see so many juvenile adolescents with lovers, of course he could have anyone he pleased but love hadn't struck him yet. Seto Kaiba had looks, a prestigious company and wealth but he wasn't that prosperous, jealousy struck him every time he saw Yugi and his friends with their families.

He buried his head in his hands and tired to pacify himself, why was life unfair?

Takara merrily skipped through the meadow, a silhouette lurked within the shadows, he stared at the naïve beauty, hunger aroused in his lips. Her body was tempting. He snuck up behind her and grabbed her roughly she met his cold, distant sapphire eyes. A scream escaped her mouth as the man physically pushed her slender body beneath his.

Seto Kaiba suddenly awoke from his thoughts with the sound of a womanly scream; he quickly rose from his seat and began to lightly jog in search of its source. He then came upon a helpless young woman being forced upon the ground by an aged man; he had similar chestnut brown hair much like himself but only streaked with grey. He pushed the man away and brutally beat him in the upper torso; the man stumbled back into the shadows into the darkness and then disappeared completely.

Seto Kaiba helped up the young woman, he lifted his hand up towards her tear-streaked face and stared into her russet eyes, she stared back into his deep icy blue pools. His touch sent shivers of her spine as she longed to be closer to his body.

End of Flashback

"…that's how I knew it was love, the feeling was just so clear after that moment." Takara said wiping a tear away from her eye.

Serena stood quietly in front of an open window throughout the story; she turned to face the young bride and smiled sweetly. "You two are meant to be together," she said as she slowly walked out of the room with thoughts of her own rushing around in her head.

'This is where the vengeance begins.'

Slowly Maria began to play the melody and Aiko Motou, the young flower girl came out wearing a cute pink-blossomed dress, she threw petals from red roses all over the walkway. Aaron Wheeler, the small ring bearer followed closely behind looking adorable in his petite black suit and his messy mop of blonde hair; he held a small lavender cushion with two rings rested upon it. Then Yugi came out with Tea, next Joey and Mai, after that Duke and Serenity, followed by Bakura with Serena and then lastly Mokuba and Rebecca.

Kaiba wore a black tuxedo with a deep grey satin vest underneath with a white silk dress shirt and black bow tie, he had white silk gloves and a matching white rose pinned to his left breast pocket. All the women present hoped the bride had second thoughts and ran away so they could console the poor, handsome CEO but than again who runs away from Seto Kaiba?

He waited patiently at the alter as Maria started the wedding harmony, everyone shuffled to their feet as the young bride came out accompanied by a man who's face Kaiba could not distinguish. But a feeling suppressed deep within told him something about him something wasn't right, he had a feeling like he knew him, however he just let it pass. Nothing could ruin today.

'There she is, the woman who changed my whole life.' He thought happily as she neared the alter. Abruptly the music stopped and everyone sat back down to watch the ceremonial procedures take place. Through the corner of her eye, Serena saw the man, without anyone else noticing him slip out through the door.

Tea and Mai went over and lifted Takara's veil and took her bouquet from her. Kaiba stared at the beauty that was about to become his life-long companion, she smiled coyly when she saw him gawking at her, her cheeks turned bright cherry as the reverend began to read from the holy book about marriage.

"I, Seto Kaiba take you Takara Maziko to be my lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in death," Seto recited as he slipped a gold ring with a pearl surrounded by tinier diamonds around her finger.

"Now Miss. Maziko," said the reverend as he turned towards her.

"I, Takara Maziko take you Seto Kaiba to be my lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in death," Takara declaimed while she slid the golden band onto his finger.

"Now if anyone has any objections that these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace."

She almost raised her hand but what good would come? She could not force him to fall out of love with her and in love with herself. 'If I love him I must let him be happy.'

"I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." Seto leant forth and pressed his ardent lips lightly upon her soft pink mouth.

A solitary tear fell from Tea's eye, she quickly wiped it away. "You two are so beautiful together."

"Man I ain't good at weddings," Joey said turning around and snivelling a bit.

Kaiba slowly wrapped his hand around her waist and led her down the aisle, people cheered; bells rang as confetti and flower petals began to rain upon the newly married couple. They rushed outside into the warmth of the sun and took a seat in the waiting black limousine.

"The best day of my life," Kaiba said as he looked out the window at the full moon. He turned towards her; she sat reserved away from him as she wrapped the beige silk robe tightly around her body. Moonlight seeped through the windows of Seto Kaiba's room, it made his wife even more desirable than the night he had rescued her.

He walked up to her and took a seat beside her; he stroked her delicately tanned face as he bent over and kissed her gently upon her bare shoulder. "Our nuptial night is upon us," Kaiba whispered as he breathed in her scent of lavender and lilac.

"Seto…" Takara started as she removed his hand and began to move away. "Every woman in my family has kept one tradition alive, to have no sexual intercourse until one month has passed in the marriage. It was my mother's dying wish to keep my family's spirit alive after she had deceased," she said as she wiped away a forming tear. Kaiba stared into her distant brown eyes, his blue eyes exposed compassion.

Kaiba slowly stood apart from her and returned to his spot near the skylight, "I know how important a mother's dying wish it…"

"Seto take care of Mokuba," It was a few of his dying mother's last words. She handed him a small child whose raven hair was developing, he had his eyes closed and was peacefully sucking his thumb while in a deep slumber.

"Mokuba…" the young 5-year-old repeated.

"Show him love and passion, let him grow up to be a fun loving boy Seto, please take care of him…" his mother's eyes became pale as they closed slowly, her hand fell to her side as she gasped for her last breath, she was gone…

Kaiba ran his hand threw is chestnut brown hair; his mother's voice always had a beautiful and melodious tone to it. But till this very day he could never forget the low, weak quality his mother's voice had that day. He had tried to raise Mokuba and protect him with all his heart; he loved him so much he could even sacrifice himself for his brother's safety. Now he wasn't the only person in his life, now Takara understood him as well.

Kaiba turned to face her and smirked, "don't worry I'm not a sex driven monster." He said reassuringly. "Keep your tradition," Kaiba added as he kissed her delicately on the cheek, she shuddered vaguely under his touch as if she were uneasy to get closer to him. He climbed onto the right side of the large king size; she to followed but moved further away nearing the corner of the bed on the left side.

Slowly in the darkness of the night the young beauty rose from her bed and sneaked out of the house to complete the mission she had been appointed to do.