Essence of a Bella Donna

Disclaimer: Ok so I own nothing, except Nicole, and any future made up characters I'll add. But I'd really like to own a few of the people mentioned in this story namely Randy Orton, Triple H, Edge, Chris Jericho, and John Cena. Yeah, that's quite a few I know but I can t help it, they're just so hottttt.

This whole story is fiction, some storylines might be the same but there is only 1 brand, that is everyone is on RAW, and SmackDown! No one is out due to injuries, and the General Managers are Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman with Steve Austin as a "sheriff".

Chapter 1: Long Awaited Return
As I walk through the quiet halls of the arena, I finally realize how much I've missed this place. I miss the spotlight. I miss my friends. I long to feel free, to have no regrets, to not have to worry. The technical crew and the set up team are running around trying to get everything set up in time for the show. There is a distinct smell lingering in the air above. I faintly remember it being from catering, I miss sitting around and eating with my friends. Four years away from this business can do a lot to you.
I keep walking not really knowing where I'm going. It's not because I'm unfamiliar with the arena, I'm just unsure of where to go first. Every once in a while someone looks at me strangely. I wonder if it's because they're not sure if I should be here, or if they know who I am. Still they say nothing. Hopefully, it's the first reason. Hopefully no one remembers me, and goes off to tell my father.
I'm still walking. It's awfully quiet around here. Shouldn't everyone be here by now? I haven't seen one wrestler, one familiar face, since I got here, and maybe it's for the better so they don't see me either. It's almost scary how quiet it is. The only sound I can hear is the clicking of my heels as I walk.
I stop at a nearby mirror. I adjust my pink blazer and long blonde hair. I look good, and damn it I know it. Ever since I could remember my father told me I was gorgeous and that one-day men would be falling at my feet. Little did he know how true his words would be. My long blonde straight hair reached my mid back, and I had blue- grey eyes to match. I was fairly tan, thanks to the sun. I was wearing light blue low- rise jeans, a fitted white tank top, a pink tweed blaze, and pink Jimmy Choo shoes. I reapply some lip-gloss, and throw it back into my Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom purse and continue walking. It's finally time to face daddy. Maybe he'll actually be glad I'm here. I reach his office and slowly raise my hand and knock. "Come in."

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