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Author's Note: Latisha C: This chapter jumps around a bit, as it's covering about three days, with four weeks worth of information thrown into the mix. Can anyone tell me the importance of the mystery men's names?

Chapter 24: Wanted

Earlier this morning

Chicago, Illinois: 3:00 AM

It was now four weeks later and the man was still no closer to solving the mystery surrounding Orton, Stratus, and Jericho. That is until he received a message that someone constructed using letters cut out from a magazine.


He stepped out of the steamy bathroom and went over to his travel bag looking for a fresh pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Slinging the generic hotel towel on to the bed, he quickly changed into his work out gear for the day. As it was his one day off this week, he intended to put his free time to good use and train.

He was just slipping on his running sneakers when someone slipped a piece of paper under his hotel door. Tilting his head to the side, he stood up and retrieved the note and began to read it.

I know who you are and I know what you're trying to do. I'm also curious as to the real reason for the golden couple's break-up. Meet me tonight at 3:00 AM across the street from MacArthur Square. Do not attempt to stand me up or I'll blow your whole cover.

Celtic John

Well I guess I have no choice but to do what he says and meet him. Luckily I know my way around Downtown Chicago, the man thought.

End Flashback

And that's how he found himself standing across the street from a deserted park waiting for some guy in the dead of night. To say he was pissed was an understatement.

The man just couldn't understand how this Celtic John character found out what he was doing. He was sure he was extra careful and used every cunning bone in his body to do what was needed to be done and yet here he was standing on the corner of Bourdon Street and Auburn Place.

Where is this guy, the man thought, I don't have all night.

A glass bottle being thrown from somewhere across the street distracted the man from his thoughts. Spotting an envelope among the broken glass, he bent down and picked it up.

It was a creamy white envelop that from the looks of it was hastily rolled and stuffed into a bottle like the person might have been in a rush or something. Breaking the seal, he pulled out the single sheet of loose leaf paper and began to read the message on it. The only problem was it was written in code unlike the last letter.

Otkdqf Egfkqr,

O iqct ofygkdqzogd ziqz egfetkfl ngc. Dttz de wqea itlt zgddgkkgv fouiz, lqdt zodt ql wtyjkt. O afgv vig ngx qke.

Etszoe Pgif

"Oh this is just perfect. How the hell am I supposed to decipher this? I don't even know what the system code is," the man angrily spat.

Biting his lip to keep his anger at bay, he looked at the crumbled up note one last time. This time spotting something he missed. While he couldn't read the rest of the letter due to it being in code, there was one part written in English for him to read.

PS: Let's see if you can put that Greek brain of yours to work and decipher the code. You must decipher the letter, as it contains your next set of instructions. Happy working.

Sighing, the man put the crumbled up note into his pants pocket and walked away back to his rental car.

"Already, I can see there's no chance of my ever liking this guy…whoever he is."

As far as the man was concerned it had shaped up to be a pretty crappy night.

Later that day

Somewhere in the sky: 2:00 PM

The St. Louis native sat in first class on an American Airlines plane en route to Lambert- St Louis International Airport. Randy after working almost nonstop for the past six months was granted a two weeks paid vacation by Stephanie and Vince. They claimed he needed it so he could rest up and recharge his batteries.

Aside from finally being able to catch up with his family, it also didn't hurt that he could also use this opportunity to finally remove the image of Nicole and John from his mind. Yes, these past four weeks have been nothing but hellacious. It seemed that ever since Nicole came back, she and John had steadily growing closer and closer.

And unlike everyone else, he had a front row seat to the entire thing.

The first week of watching them act like love sick teenagers was by far the worst week of his life. Mainly because he had to sit there and stomach Nicole and John sharing long looks and small, barely there smiles with each other. It reminded him so much of that first meeting when Nicole missed Vince asking her to speak a few words about herself. Only she couldn't because she was too busy talking to him.

The second week was even worse for him because it seemed they had lost some of the initial shyness when you first start dating, because they were now sharing small kisses whenever they thought no one was watching.

It was well into the third week whenever they all but announced to the entire locker room that they were now dating each other. Paul, Dave, and Ric got a kick out of watching Randy pound into a punching bag after kindly "informing" him of Nicole and John's new relationship status. Randy's response was to call them some not so nice names and stalk off to their locker room.

It was now week four. This week was by far the most nauseating to date, due to the fact that he couldn't go anywhere in the arenas without running into John and Nicole somewhere making out. Over the course of the week, Randy learned to steer clear of catering and the hallways that held WWE equipment.

He also made a point of not walking past anywhere John was occupying, because there was a good chance that if he was there so was she. All in all it was a very stressful if not eventful four weeks. And now, Randy was glad that he had two weeks off, so as to not run into the terrible two, as he now referred to them.

"We'll be descending downward onto runway three at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is fifteen minutes. Please kindly place your seatbelts back," a voice announced over the loudspeaker.

Randy refastened his seatbelt and looked back out the window. Down below he could just make out that they were roughly two miles away from the airport.

I hope that this was all worth it, Randy thought, I really do.

Next morning…

Outside of Washington, DC: 9:38 AM

Dave pulled his rental car off to the side of the rode, so as to give his tired eyes a break. He had been traveling nonstop for almost nine hours and he still had about two more hours to go as it was an 11 hour and 35 minute trip. He couldn't wait to get home so he could see his wife and kids, Plus it gave him some time to come up with a new way to get the woman he had come to think of as a younger sister and Randy back together.

For some reason Dave knew that Randy hadn't disclosed all the details of their break-up to Paul, Ric and himself. It also didn't hurt that Randy kept proving his theory by acting differently when he thought no one was around.

Just the other day, he along with his other stable mates, caught Randy hiding around a corner watching Nicole. At the time she was sitting in the hallway listening to Pantera on this small radio of hers. See they all started noticing that Randy would be MIA from the hours of 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. At first they didn't give it a second thought, until one night Ric asked him where it was he goes during these hours everyday.

Ric was just asking because he was trying to make conversation, but when he saw Randy clam up and become defensive, he immediately thought it had to be something of importance to Randy. It was Ric being curious and relentless that Dave and Paul followed him, so as to make sure he didn't do something incredibly stupid.

And that was how they all came to stumble upon Randy and Nicole in the hallway. Their first instinct was to drag Randy away, in case he decided to start a big argument with Nicole. Though as soon as they caught a glimpse of Randy's expression, they immediately abandoned the idea choosing to observe the scene before them.

They had each expected to find maybe disgust, anger or jealousy, but never did they expect to find a look of pure longing on his face. From the way Randy had been acting since they broke up, they thought he was just simply jealous that Nicole had moved on so quickly. But all speculation was now gone, because they had finally discovered the true meaning of Randy's behavior.

He was acting like a jealous ex-boyfriend. He was acting like a man who was in love with the woman of dreams only he couldn't do anything about it. The only problem was they just didn't understand why he doesn't just make up with her already, as he clearly wants to do so.

No, Dave thought, he was holding himself an arms length from her for a reason. All Dave knew was that it had better be a good one. Otherwise Randy was a walking dead man.

Some hours earlier…

MacArthur Square: 2:59 AM

After spending five tedious hours deciphering what he now dubbed "the Brown Eyes code" he found himself again across the street was a deserted park named MacArthur Square.

The man had a headache the size of Texas thanks to Brown Eyes letter. After spending all five hours going through all these websites on the theory of codes, he finally came across a website that had the answer to his question. It turned out while the code looked to be undecipherable to his eyes, it was actually quite easy. Brown Eyes had simply taken the letters of the alphabet and replaced them using the orders of letters on a keyboard.

And now that he actually had time to think about it, the code made sense. That means the letter A equals Q and the letter Z equaled M. So through the website and he now knew what the letter said.

German Conrad,

I have information that concerns you. Meet me back here tomorrow night, same time as before. I know who you are.

Celtic John

PS: Let's see if you can put that Greek brain of yours to work and decipher the code. You must decipher the letter, as it contains your next set of instructions. Happy working.

Light footsteps tore the man from his thoughts and he instantly knew that Brown Eyes had arrived.

"You're five minutes late, Brown Eyes." The man waited a beat or two for an answer, but got none in response. 'Okay, so what is this so called information you have for me?"

Another foreign object landed at his feet. Only this time instead of a glass bottle it was a small box, with a creamy white envelop wrapped around it (a rubber band was holding it all in place).

German Conrad as Celtic John called him, reached down and unwrapped the envelop from the box. He lifted the lid up and found a small tape recorder and a tape, labeled from a week ago. German Conrad was just about to open up the letter when he heard the light footfalls of Celtic John running away.

German Conrad stood up and yelled up to Celtic John. "HEY…Wait, you never told me what was on the tape."

Pocketing the package and the letter, the man stood up and walked to the spot that Celtic John was occupying, thinking that maybe he might have left something behind that would I identify him. But there was nothing there but an old paper tore out of a phone book. Thinking it might be something useful he picked up and found some more writing on it.

The Red Cap Motel. Room 208. 12:00 AM. It's time you met me in person. See you in Los Angeles in about a week.

Celtic John

Nodding the man pocketed the paper and walked off. All the while thinking in his mind, Finally, I get to meet the mysterious man who is Celtic John.