A Little Easier, Maybe Not

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: A little Conner and Dawn story.  Conner smiled to himself she could hear him and she was going to be ok.

A/N: Just a little something I thought up in gym.  I'm thinking of continuing but not a big thing, just a little story. Please review and let me know. 

Conner raced out of the cave that the vampires had been holding Dawn hostage in.  She was nearly unconscious and her breathing was becoming labored. 

"Hold on baby, just a little longer," he whispered into her ear.

In some odd, unexplainable way her breathing became a little easier.  Conner smiled to himself she could hear him and she was going to be ok. 

Conner reached where the others were waiting near the bottom of the hill. He gently put Dawn down as Wesley pushed him out of the way to check on her.

"She's ok, a little battered but she seems to be coming around." Wesley called out the group. There was a collective sigh of relief. The few months that Dawn had been staying with them they had all grown attached to her. 

Dawn slowly sat up and looked around.  To her surprise she was still alive and out of the cave. 

"Conner," She called out. Her voice sounded weak.  He rushed to her side and pulled her into his arms.  Dawn's sobs of relief echoed through the night. Conner was ok, and they were together, just like it should be. 

The others had stepped away to let the 2 teenagers share their moment.  No one noticed the stray demon that was standing behind Conner with his sword raised. 


If I do it'll only be a couple of chapters. Please let me know.