Summary- Set mid season seven, before evolution.

Disclaimer- I don't own Stargate, or any of its characters.

Spoilers- Slight spoilers for 'The first ones', 'Entity', and 'Fire and Water'. Nothing huge.

Colonel Jack O'Neill of the United States Air Force was bored.

As much as he tired, and he really was trying, he couldn't seem to show the enthusiasm Carter and Daniel had at about…every planet they went to. Take today for instance. Green trees, a whole lot of bugs, and a sun that was far too bright for comfort, and they were STILL acting as though they'd found the Garden of Eden. Daniel had found the ruins of a wall or something and he and Carter were talking excitably as though it was the first pile of rocks they ever saw.

"Hey Jack! Take a look at this!"

'Guess the break's over'. Jack heaved himself off the boulder that had formed his impromptu chair, and beckoning Teal'c, wandered over to where the 'brains' of SG1 were kneeling.

"What's up kids?" Jack said lazily, adjusting his sunglasses to cover his eyes better and slapping a midge away. 'The SGC has got to improve its bug repellent' he thought idly. Daniel looked exasperated.

"Jack LOOK would you? It's writing! And what's more, it's not in any language I've come across before!"

Jack raised his eyebrows. "Soooo…"

Carter sighed; Daniel practically bit his tongue in irritation.

"Jack. These writings contain no traces of goa'uld, or any language I know about! There could be an entirely different alien species on this planet!"

Jack looked around. "Seems pretty quiet to me."

"Sir, just because this area is uninhabited, doesn't necessarily mean the whole planet is deserted." Carter injected, "and if there is an alien species here-"

"Then you want to drop in and say hi right?" Jack interrupted. Carter and Daniel exchanged looks.

"Well, Yeah" Daniel answered, Carter turned towards him,

"If we contacted the SGC, and had them send out a UAV, we could at least see if there are any signs of a civilization still present. If there is, we go take a look, if not, we go home." She shrugged, "It couldn't hurt Sir."

Shielding his eyes, Jack looked at his Jaffa team-mate, "Whatcha think Teal'c?"

"If there is indeed a alien species on this planet, they could be potential allies in fighting the goa'uld O'Neill."

Jack sighed, "Guess we're off to see the wizard then" he agreed.

Two hours later, SG1 stood by the gate awaiting the findings of the UAV. Teal'c smiled slightly at the two younger team members, waiting impatiently for word from the SGC. The wormhole was open; allowing the SGC to transmit their findings as soon as they had any, but that was not fast enough for Daniel Jackson and Major Carter.

Though Teal'c was pleased at the potential for another ally, he could not help but be apprehensive. Their previous encounters with alien races had not always ended in friendship. O'Neill, he noticed, shared his caution, after Daniel Jackson's kidnap, first by the creature Nem, and later the Unas, and Major Carter's possession by the entity, it was no wonder he appeared less than enthusiastic about this endeavor. Nevertheless, Teal'c knew both he and O'Neill would do whatever necessary to help their teammates succeed on this mission.

"SG1, this is General Hammond. Do you read?" The sound from the radio interrupted Teal'c from his reverie.

"Loud and clear General, find anything?" Colonel O'Neill replied jovially.

"There are several structures, about 16 miles due east of the gate, looks like the remains of a city."

"General, permission to-"

"Sir can we-" To Teal'c's amusement both Major Carter and Daniel Jackson attempted to speak at once. He saw O'Neill smile slightly.

"General, I think Carter and Daniel want to check it out. Permission to visit Oz?"

They heard a chuckle over the radio, "Permission granted colonel. We'll open the gate for the next radio contact in 48 hours. Good luck SG1!"

Teal'c's lips curved upwards as his younger colleagues began chattering enthusiastically, and Colonel O'Neill gained a resigned expression.

"Okay kids, lets go to the emerald city."

Nearly six hours later, the team came across a large white building 'if you could call it that', Sam Carter thought wryly. Half a day of trekking in unusually humid atmosphere of the planet had slightly abated her initial enthusiasm for this mission. Looking up at the structure, she wondered how where they where going to start! The construction was cylindrical in design, with about 5 floors, each one about 15 ft high. Windows stretched the length of each floor, and were placed randomly around the building. No glass, or similar substance was present in the frames, but there was no apparent damage to the structure, save that caused by rot and decomposition.

"Ok kids, let's set up." The voice of her CO broke into her mental review. Carter quickly shrugged off her pack and began removing her testing gear. She could hear Daniel already making his case to Colonel O'Neill.

"But Jack we HAVE to go inside! Who knows what could be left in there? Clues to why this place was abandoned, ancient technology-"

"More of those rocks you like to play with?"

Sam grinned in spite of herself; nothing could rile Daniel like an insult to his precious artifacts.

"Jack, they are not-"

Turning round Sam saw her CO smile, "Relax Daniel, Teal'c and I will check out the structure, make sure it looks safe, then you and Carter can go play."

Sam turned back to her pack, smirking slightly at the sound of Daniel's exasperated sigh.

Half an hour later, Sam put the last of her soil samples into her pack; she turned to Daniel who was idly scuffing his boots against the ground. "How long do you think they'll be?" he asked impatiently, glancing towards the building.

Sam smiled, "I'm sure they'll be back soon Daniel." She picked up her radio, "Nearly finished Sir?" She and Daniel waited expectantly for the Colonels confident and inevitably annoyed voice.


Sam and Daniel exchanged looks. "Uh oh".

Daniel followed Sam into the building, pistol in hand, though he knew if it came down a firefight, Sam and her P-90 would do most of the work. He was getting better handling weapons, but still preferred not to use them if possible. He knew he could rely on the rest of SG1 to have his back in a fight anyway. As the pair methodically checked each room of the peculiar building, Daniel reflected on how used he was growing, to searching for missing friends.

But it never got easier.

Just ahead of him, Sam held up a hand, signaling he should stop. Halting, Daniel saw through the next doorway, a strange light emanated. Pale blue, nearly white in color, it shone faintly through the stone entrance. Sam motioned that they should check out the chamber, he nodded silently. On a soundless count of three, the pair turned into the hall, weapons raised, muscles tense.

In the far left-hand corner of a large hall, a bright diamond shaped light hovered over the stone floor. Nearby were the unconscious forms of Teal'c and Colonel O'Neill, at least he hoped they were just unconscious. As he stood with Sam, staring in shock, the light suddenly moved, and began to advance rapidly.

"Maybe we should-"He began.

Then there was a bright glare in his eyes and he knew no more.