Teal'c was glad when the debriefing was finished. Upon Doctor Fraiser's insistence, it was conducted in the infirmary so she could 'keep an eye' upon Major Carter and Daniel Jackson. Teal'c suspected by her frequent glances that he and O'Neill were also under her observation. Judging by the increasingly irritated expression on his face, O'Neill also believed this. Recounting the events was difficult for all of SG1, indeed, when Teal'c attempted to relate his own trial, his throat tightened to the point where he was simply unable to speak. To his surprise, and gratitude, O'Neill briskly narrated the events of his test, aided by Daniel Jackson and Major Carter where necessary. Similarly, when O'Neill hesitated to again describe the final trial, Daniel Jackson, Major Carter, and Teal'c himself calmly intervened to explain the incident. Having the support of his friends was comforting, but when General Hammond finally concluded the meeting, Teal'c could not help but be relieved. He suspected his team-mates shared his feelings.

After the General left, Doctor Fraiser insisted upon a final check-up for the whole of SG1, O'Neill and himself included, before she would consent to releasing Daniel Jackson and Major Carter from the infirmary. Teal'c listened in amusement to O'Neill's protests that he "would feel a heckova lot better if it wasn't for being here."

Teal'c never understood O'Neill's attitude towards the infirmary staff. Though he disliked being there, Teal'c acknowledged they were only trying to hasten his return to health. As such, he (usually) obeyed them. O'Neill on the other hand seemed to delight in trying the patience of Doctor Fraiser and her staff. Teal'c reminded himself to inquire as to the cause of O'Neill's resistance at some point.

Half an hour later, the four were discharged. Daniel Jackson with a heavily bandaged arm in a sling, and Major Carter on crutches, which she appeared to be most proficient with. Both of the younger SG1 members were prohibited from driving for the next week, so O'Neill had offered to transport them to their places of residence. "Teal'c, want to come along?" his leader inquired casually as they made their way towards the parking lot. Teal'c considered,

"Indeed." He noticed Major Carter and Daniel Jackson exchange worried looks, as they continued on their way.

Fitting SG1 into O'Neill's car was an entertaining experience. Daniel Jackson managed to inadvertently elbow O'Neill in the nose with his casted arm, as O'Neill attempted to aid him. Teal'c found it difficult to hide his amusement and suspected Major Carter was similarly afflicted. Then, as Major Carter made her way around the rear of the vehicle, she accidentally hit O'Neill's right foot with her crutch causing him to fall backwards. Thankfully Teal'c caught the unfortunate Colonel in time, preventing a rather undignified fall. Despite that, O'Neill's face was a rather deep purple, and Major Carter looked mortified as O'Neill righted himself.

"Got yourself a knight in shining armour there Jack?" Daniel Jackson called from the backseat where he was evidently trying to hide his laughter.

"Haha Daniel, I'll remind you of this next time you decide to re-establish yourself as the SGC's biggest klutz." O'Neill replied crossly. His expression was amusement though. "Now if my team have finished trying to…finish me, shall we be going?"

Teal'c smiled as he climbed into the front seat. His friends were indeed well again.

Daniel looked out the window suspiciously. This was not the way to his house. Nor, did he suspect, was it the way to Sam's home.

"Jack where are we going?" he inquired warily, next to him, Sam frowned and suddenly paid a lot more attention to the window.

"Don't worry about it Daniel, we're nearly there."

"Yes, but where is there?" Jack started humming.

"Colonel?" Sam tried, but he just hummed louder.

Exchanging exasperated looks with Sam, Daniel sat back sighing. It was going to be a long day.

Grinning at his sleeping team, Jack watched the end credits of another Simpsons episode roll past. Even Teal'c seemed to have dozed off. He was never going to get used to a Jaffa sleeping. They even snored with dignity. Carter and Daniel looked pretty funny too. Danny apparently thought Carter's shoulder made a good headrest. He'd never forget the relief on the pair's faces when they arrived at his place. Ever since Danny-boy caught on, they'd probably been imagining various mortifying scenarios that their CO was planning for them. Such faith was truly inspiring.

Well, it would of course be his team that got themselves released from the infirmary at the start of a Simpsons marathon! And surely, they didn't expect him to miss it? Besides, they knew going through the stargate would entail making sacrifices. Spending an afternoon watching an American classic was pretty tame in comparison.

Besides, he thought they'd gotten pretty into it. Carter and Daniel had had a lengthy and rather serious debate about the biological implications of yellow skin, four fingers etc. Then Teal'c had wanted to know the 'meaning behind' a prank call. Only a lot of pleading had prevented Jack from being landed with a rather expensive phone bill and some angry publicans.

Of course the crème de la crème of the day had been his little surprise. If the jaws of Carter and Daniel had dropped any further they'd have hit the floor. Even Teal'c looked mildly astonished when he carried into the living room a truly huge cake bearing the words, 'We did it again!' Then of course came the question, 'What' had they done again, and the list, met a new alien, been captured by alien, been injured, killed, brought back, stuck in the infirmary etc. Though he had to admit, the last on the list had been his suggestion.

Still, it had been a great afternoon, he decided, as another episode began, Simpsons, beer (for himself at least), cake, and good company. All a guy really needs.

He wasn't kidding himself, they'd been lucky, extremely lucky, and someday, hopefully far in the future, that luck would probably run out. But for now at least, like the Simpsons, SG1 would go on.

And now, the Colonel decided looking at his safely returned team, was all he really needed to worry about.

Jack grinned as his favourite episode began, "Excellent!"

The end

Wow! My first truly long fic completed! Sorry about the delay in the last chapter. I have a new idea I'll start on tomorrow . Huge thanks to all my reviewers, and I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know if you want a sequel.