(Author notes)

This story is a remix of my old one: Sonic Adventure: The Reign of Chaos. That story added the Chaotix, AoSth and the SatAM characters. But that was a long time ago, and that story sucked. So in this remix, not only that it has updated skilled writing; it also includes Stc, and Sonic X characters; meaning this story is taken in almost the same direction as my story: Digimon Tribute. Characters from SU will probably not be in this fic.

A warning to you Anti-SatAM or Archie people- Yes, this will have SatAM characters, including Sally. I appreciate if none of you will flame me in the reviews just because you think that SatAM or Archie characters sucks…unless you have a detailed reason why you hate them, and NO, putting down: 'Because I hate them' or 'They just suck' or 'Because Sally is a bitch, and Amy is Sonic's true love.' or anything short and immature like that will do.

It is because of SatAM that gotten be into the Sonic genre, and out of that 'Sega is evil' crap back in the day.

So for those of you Anti-SatAM or Archie people, please turn away.

And as for the rest of you, sit back and enjoy. Reminder, some of the characters, like the SatAM have alternate backgrounds.

A hero stood out strong, and alone, fighting against a force that can create an army with his hands. Since his birth, this hero's only weapon is his great speed, and he successfully uses it to battle this evil. Throughout time, even against his loner ways, he has gained many allies to help fight the dark forces, but lately, he parted ways from them, hoping to chase after his long foe. After facing him off for the Six Rings of Order, the speed demon cornered him in a remote island where the Chaos Emeralds appeared since the last time he used them.

This hero is none other than Sonic the Hedgehog.

Prologue music (Sonic Heroes, Disquieting Shadow)

(Sonic 3D Blast)

Sonic stood there as Dr. Robotnik (a.k.a. Eggman) in his egg-exo-suit, charged at Sonic with his claws ready to slash the hedgehog in half. As it got close, Sonic leaped in the air and did a Sonic-Spin on the exo-robot's head. Thus Eggman's machine was destroyed.

Sonic made it out of the zone before it closed on him. He was back on FlickyIsland, and all the Flickies flew around him to say thank you. Sonic held the seven Chaos Emeralds he collected from his quest in FlickyIsland. But then they glowed bright, blinding the hedgehog's eyes. When he could see, the Emeralds were gone. He looked left and right and couldn't find them, but a Flicky pointed up in the sky. Sonic looked in its directions, and saw seven colored streaks flew to the sky, probably to outer space. Sonic smiled thinking that was a good thing. Now the emeralds can't get into evil hands anymore. Or can they...?

Sonic AU: The Reign of Chaos

Land of Darkness/Robotropolis- 11:34 AM…

The Land of Darkness; an alternate zone across South Island, where no sane person would dare enter through without having their bones ripped apart by the robots that roam the land. Deep in the heart of Robotropolis, a futuristic city covered in polluted cloud and that is behind a large city ruins that looks like New York, or it might as well be, that dastardly being of technology: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, or Eggman as people call him due to his shape, sat in his chair with humiliation in his chest over his last defeat against his foe.

THAT HEDGEHOG…!! He's always ruining my plans, ever since day one, he's been a pain in my egg! I couldn't forget the day I met him. My first attempt to concur Mobius; I was capturing wretched organisms to be robotiziced and Badnik-processed in Green Hill Zone. All feared me expect HIM!! He had the nerve to get in my way, and he succeeded in foiling my plan and giving me a headache. It wouldn't stop there; He and his two tailed freak destroyed my Death Egg. I even got a stupid echidna to try destroying Sonic while I was repairing the Death Egg. Again he completely destroyed my Death Egg, and later my plans for acquiring the six Rings of Order. Then I searched for the Chaos Emeralds in FlickyIsland, where he thought they would be safe, but he got in the way, AGAIN!! Now those emeralds are deep in space. Without them, I'll never be able to continue my plans...


One of his robots, Crabmeat, a crab badnik, ran in like in panic with news. "Sir…! SIR! I have good news! I pin point the location of the emeralds."

"WHAT…?! Are you sure? WHERE…?"

"They're down south near a city called Station Square."

Rubbing his chin, Robotnik thought of the possibilities. "Hmm…. It appears the emeralds didn't fly into space after all." he adjusted his goggles and stood up straight. "Where is the floating island?"

"Near the area of Station Square,"

Hope has finally arisen inside the egg shaped doctor. He has yet another chance to take over the world…and it's a good thing the Chaos Emeralds have come, because his next brilliant plan can begin. "Prepare my new ship. We are heading west!"

Station Square- 8:37 PM…

Background music (SA, Welcome to Station Square)

Station Square…just another district of the New York counterpart called Sapphire City. This marvelous metropolis is almost identical to the largest city that we know, populated by busy humans and mostly hybrid animals as people call them Mobians.

In the shores of Station Square, a small sub stops near the docks. A figure jumped out of the sub and landed on the bridge. He leaned down at the sub and pressed a button that made it small enough to fit in a pocket.

"Travel size sub. Don't leave home without it, says Sonic the Hedgehog." Sonic looked at himself from the reflection on the water and he noticed something different. ...Huh...? How did I get green eyes...And how did my spines grow longer? That's weird...maybe it came from being around the Chaos Emeralds so much...! All well...

He stared at the city that was coated under the night skies. It was very lively; Populated with humans, and a few Mobian animals.

"Man this city looks great. Better than the water, that's for sure...shudder... I hate water…wish the Tornado didn't break down before I left."

The hog scanned the sight…so far, all he could see is a building that looks like a city hall, but reading the sign on the front, it is actually a train transit…hmm…over at his right he could see a futuristic building which it says to be called: Twinkle Park…sounds kinda fun…and on the far left looks like a hotel on the edge of the beach…maybe he should park there…provided that he has the money. And in between the train place and the park is a road in between a bunch of buildings, where the call of action, that Sonic cannot ignore, calls him.

"…Might as well scope out this city. Who knows; maybe this place has something exciting to do."

Making that his cue, Sonic made a skip and another…then ZOOM…Sonic zipped over the circle traffic, causing some cars to stop in surprise. The hedgehog then landed on the side of the train building before he jetted on the buildings with more speed on the walls than Spider-Man.


(Music fades)

Somewhere in the city, live activity happens; activity called life, where people just stroll around the side of the busy streets that cars roam. Despite the noises the cars made and the commotion of the citizens, all was peaceful…

…that is until an explosion erupted from a building that caused the folks nearby to scream in panic.

"…Five minutes and counting! Hurry it up!"

Smoke escaped a damaged bank's glass wall, but so did a couple of weasel creatures, dressed in hoodlum outfits. The two weasels had bags of money and they tied them up on their hover-bikes that waited out at the front. Before them, another weasel waited on a hover bike, but this one had less clothes; only a Indiana Jones hat, brown gloves with metal plates on the top, a brown belt and brown steel-toe boots.

"One minute…?! Damn, you mugs are getting slow!" the purple weasel said.

The weasel with a green winter hat glared at the leader. "Shut it, Nack! I like to see you try!"

"That's Fang to you, now move it before the coppers show!"

After the weasels mounted on their bikes, they cranked the gas and rocketed away from the crime scene.

"All units, Sapphire Bank have been robbed by three weasels in hover vehicles, as witnesses reported. Subjects spotted heading north towards Speed Highway. All units in pursuit..."

And the radio was turned off by a brown gloved hand over a purple arm, thicker than Fang's.

"You all heard that? Sounds like another chance for a paycheck."

"You know, I am zhinking…maybe ze police have it, ow you zay…under wraps, zhis time."

"Yea', nice try, ya yellow-belly roaster…!"

"I thought it was ze chicken?"

"Ah tryin ta be original heah."

The scene of these mysterious strangers appeared to be soaring over the city in some kind of vehicle. Another figure, which we can only see the back of her shaded red hair looked down at the city and spotted an obvious police chase on a street under a highway area.

"Hate to be the party pooper, guys, but the movie will have to wait."

"Aw man…" her friends muttered.

Down at the city, a blue pinball bounced off building after building, traveling over the crowded streets. The ball stopped at a shorted building, unrolling back into Sonic the Hedgehog. With an arrogant grin, the hedgehog took a high look at the city.

"Boy, it's been a real long time since I been to a city like this." From his back, he drew out a paper and looked at it. "Let's see…Tails said that this is where he hangs out at."

Sonic has been gone for quite a while after the fighting tournament (Sonic Fighters.). Tails was injured at that tournament, and when Sonic heard that Eggman was up to something at another land, he decided to part ways from Tails and go after his arch enemy, alone. It wasn't easy, being apart from his old friend that was like a little brother to him, but it had to be done. He couldn't bring his broken body with him. But Sonic promised that he'll return.

And what an adventure he had. At one point, he traveled to this land where he had to rescue the six Rings of Order, keepers by Prof Gazebo Boobowski, and his daughter, Tiara. Of course Eggman was involved with the trouble, but it was nothing that this hedgehog couldn't handle.

After that, Sonic followed Eggman to Flicky Island, where he captured the fabled birds in his Badniks, while searching for the Chaos Emeralds, again. As usual, Sonic laid the smack down on the doc, but after that, the emeralds rocketed in space, hopefully to never be seen again.

So here he is in a city called Station Square, hoping to reunite with his old buddy. But there's always a problem.

"It wouldn't hurt Pixel-brain to tell me where to find him! Sheesh,"

But what's this…down at street, far below the hedgehog; he can see some police bots chasing after three hover cycles.

"A police chase huh…? Eh, not my problem…but let me take a closer look."

Sonic launched like being shot out a cannonball, bouncing after one building to another again as he passed the chase scene. The blue rodent then zipped across a building wall, zooming closer to the sidewalk. After making a perfect landing, startling the people around him by his sudden appearance, he spotted the hover cycles rushing past him through the streets.

But thanks to his quick green eyes, Sonic identified one of the escapees. "Whoa, was that Fang?"

He didn't want to believe it, but it was Fang the Sniper, also known as Nack the Weasel. Sonic met that creep back when he entered the the so-called fighting tournament. Fang also was helping Eggman find the six rings…before he double-crossed him. It looks like the two-bit idiot was already making some trouble in this place.

(A/N: Yeah, I know, the Game Gear games, but let's say that they never happened.)

"Guess that means I'm making this my business." he shrugged. "Oh well. Time ta jam it up...I gotta come up with a better catch phrase."

Background music (Sonic X, Sonic's Fight)

With that, Sonic jetted after them, rushing between some cars that stopped in panic by his movement. When he caught the chase scene on his sight, he observed the three cycles spitting up at an intersection to shake off the cops, which the two followed only Fang, who headed for the right, and one of his lackeys who went straight.

"How nice…they saved some for me!" with a grin and a chuckle, the hedgehog increased his speed, and jetted after the two weasel thieves through the left road.

Meanwhile, Fang maneuvered around the cars as he trailed in top speed at a road heading for Speed Highway. With a sinister grin, he looked over his shoulder at the lone cop-drone chasing him.

"Didn't ya hear that no one likes a tailgater?" Fang shouted.

Pulling out a hand blaster, he fired rounds of shots, giving the robot holes in its armor. Fang halt his fire when the police bot sparked, released some smoke and was left in the dust.

"Heh…showed you, bum!" and the weasel kicked it into second gear as he entered the ramp to Speed Highway.

"Unit drone…Bzz#...086032…bz…down…unit…"

And right as the robot died down, a strange hover ship rocketed over it, zooming towards Fang's direction.

"All units, we've captured the two weasel crooks, but with help by some unknown figure. Leader still at large, sited at Speed Highway. Over,"

Over the highway where Fang trailed, a police helicopter followed him from outside the highway. "Do not let him reach the border! This is unit 3436 to HQ. We request the S-Team to…wait…hold that order! Over,"

A triangular shaped flying pod soared over the highway, suddenly in pursuit of the weasel. This craft looked like one of those racers from Star Wars episode 1, and on it rode four hybrid creatures.

"Second that hold, HQ. Looks like our police volunteers have arrived. Over,"

"You mean Acorn's group? Over,"

"Roger. Over,"

Over at the command center, the officers leaned back on his chair, glancing at another screen where it showed a red haired man dressed in a red racer jumpsuit, which seems to be driving a race car.

"Sorry for the disappointment, but it looks like our furry team has this one, Sam."

The man perhaps in his early thirties snorted as he turned away, arrogantly. "You make it sound like that it's all over. They are just rookies after all, and Ms. Acorn can't catch up to me when I'm just in my morning cruise."

"But you know that Ms. Acorn and the Freedom Fighters had been most reliable for the police force, just as much as you and the S-Team."

"Peh…we'll see."

"Can't yuh jus fly the zoot closer to tha purple varmint?"

"Forget it! You know the Freedom Zoot has lousy defenses when it comes to laser blasts."

Brown legs wearing long blue boots hung out of the hover craft, over the speeding street. "Then I'll handle it, Rotor."

The purple walrus who wore a yellow cap, light green shoulder belt, and brown gloves looked with worry at his female friend. "You sure you can catch up?"

"I'm fast enough to. I only need to get close enough to slow him down; plus I have Bunnie to back me up."

The walrus named Rotor nodded. "Good luck, Sally."

Then a light brown coyote with a stylized blonde hair, and a nervous look motioned in front of Rotor. "And ow you zay, god speed, Sally,"

"Thanks, guys! Bunnie…?"

"Ah'm ready, Sally-girl!"

Soon, the girl named Sally leapt off and held on to the ledge of the craft to avoid tumbling from the speed. Soon as she matched the speed, she released her gloved hand from the craft and jogged after Fang with great speed like an Olympic runner just took some kind of superhuman pills.

This girl had dark red hair that reached nearly over her eyes and near her neck on the back, but pointed back all spiky like she used hair gel. She has brown fur, except light ones on her muzzle and eyebrows and her chest. She also has white gloves with blue ends, and blue boots with white tops. In addition, she also has a short fluffy tail.

"What the…?" Fang did a double take when he saw that girl charging far behind his cycle. "…aw nuts, it's that squirrel girl! Well she's not gonna stay on my tail!" Proving that, Fang shot his blasters at her.

Sally zipped left and right, avoiding the shots with ease and grace as they pierced the road. But it did keep her away from Fang. "I'm not…in range…Bunnie!"

From out of nowhere, laser blasts thicker than Fang's blasted by his cycle and nearly knocking it off the road. "WHOA!!"

Flying over the speedy squirrel, like with rockets on her feet, flew a cybernetic bunny. She had a tan furry body with green eyes within purple eye frames. She had long hair, matching her fur and long bangs over her right eye, and they were beneath a cowboy hat with her rabbit ears popping out. She also wore a pink shoulder-less top, and a brown finger less glove on her right hand. Only one glove because her left arm was robotic, and her wrist had some wristband part almost identical to the part of her glove. Even her legs and lower waist were robotic, and her feet parts looked like they had boots. (A/N: Yes its Bunnie's new look, minus the jacket and the useless guns.)

Right now, this cyber bunny aimed her arm blaster at the purple weasel. "Yuh hold up there, weasel, or ah might forget mah kind southern belle ways!" and back she was with the blasting, making the weasel too busy to shoot Bunnie's partner.

"GAH…! STOP IT!! EASY, I LIKE MY HEAD WHERE IT IS!!" he cried, desperately steering his hover bike away from the shots.

A sinister grin played over Bunnie's chin as she kept firing. "He's all yers, Sally-girl!"

"Thanks, Bunnie." In her jog, Sally pulled out a very small laptop from her glove and activated it open. "Nicole…"

"Ready, Sally," It said in a woman's voice.

"Access to scan-program, DMV files,"

"Searching…" green windows emitted over Nicole's screen, right up to Sally's point of view at the cycle. "Air-bike model: Marvelous Queen. Computer program: Win DX exe."

"Heh...You know what to do, Nicole."

Fang turned the gear to third, kicking in the thrusters to overdrive and nearly left into overdrive when… "WHAT THE…?!" …the cycle suddenly gave in and slowed down. "YA STUPID BIKE…! DON'T FAIL ON ME NOW, KAPEESH?!" no matter how hard he turned the accelerator, the bike won't speed up. "WHY WON'T YOU GO…?!"

Suddenly, his computer blinked with a juggle of scrambled data. "You have just been hacked and sabotaged by Nicole. Have a nice day."


"Nice internet shooting, Sally-girl!" cheered Bunnie as she soared over her friend.

"Thanks…now grab that weasel, Bunnie, before-!!"

To their surprise, and their skipped hearts, group of four racing cars just came up from an entrance ramp on their right side, and blockade the girls from the weasel.

"We'll take it from here, Ms. Acorn. S-Team, surround the culprit!" a voice from some intercom said.

"Wait! You don't know-!" but a loud burn of rubber interrupted the squirrel as the white cars surrounded the weasel, with the red car up in front.

Fang scanned in all direction, seeing that he had nowhere to go. He was in panic because of this, and the fact that the girl froze his computer…wait, now his computer back to normal. He was back in control of his bike. Something in these cars must be interrupting the girl's computer.

"HA!! Asta la vista, suckas!" leaning his bike back in a wheely, the rocket pipes blew intense heat… "YAHOOOO!!" and launched over the red car.

"What the…?"

Sally slapped her forehead, cursing under her breath at the fools' mistake. She tried to warn them that Fang's Marvelous Queen is capable of pulling rocket boosts to reach to high air altitude. But do they listen…? Nooooooo…!

Fang's Marvelous Queen landed, smoothly in front of the red racer. Facing it, he sneered at it. "Thanks for the help, oil-junkies! Be seeing ya!" With excitement, he pushed a red button. "WHOOOOHOOOOO!!" and jetted away with extreme speed.

"Sally-girl…! That there weasel jus took off!"

Hearing that made Sally's blood boiling at the S-Team. "SAM…YOU IGNORANT JACK-ASS!!"

Although inside the red car, thanks to the sweet sounds of the engines, Sam couldn't hear the furry's shout. "All S-Team, engage thrusters and-"

"Sir…we're picking up something coming up from behind." His radio said.

ZOOM!! Like lightening, something dark just jetted past the running squirrel and leaped high over the S-Team, like it was flying.

"What the…?" Sam's voice spoke from the intercom as the shadowed creature landed in front of his roaming car and ran with great speed. "…S-Team…what is that!"

"I don't know, sir! It's too dark to get a clear look!"

From the sounds of it, those jokers can't see that it's really Sonic the Hedgehog thanks to the night skies, and staying away from the night lights. But that's not what Sonic was laughing at.

Heh…the S-Team…? The S must stand for Slow-Moes! Like a jet, Sonic took off after Fang, leaving the S-Team by the dust.

Like she was still caught in the breeze of that force, Sally's wide eyes gazed at the mystery speed demon's direction in awe. What was that thing?

A few kilometers away, Fang was still kicking up the maximum overdrive to avoid the S-Team, but he was laughing his head off at their pathetic mistake for letting him go.

But then he felt someone poking his right shoulder. He looked over and found nothing. "Hmm…must have been the buggies…"

"ahem…" he heard, feeling his left shoulder getting poked.

"WHAT…?!" But nothing was there. "Get a grip…it's just freaking nothing."

"Please. I'm anything but nothing."

gasp…No it can't be; that voice was all and well TOO familiar. Fang was afraid to look at his left, but there he was, Sonic the Hedgehog just running next to him, backwards as if this was a morning jog to him. "NO, NOT YOU…!!"

"Aw, you do miss me. That's so sweet, Nackie. Well let me show you my gratitude." With that, Sonic launched a distance further in front of Fang and curled in a Sonic Spin, just waiting for Fang's bike to come.


Further away from the racers, they saw a geyser of fire erupting down the highway. While the S-Team just stood there, racing, with wide eyes, Bunnie flew over the cars with Sally on tow and gently placed her in front of Sam's car, just enough for her to keep up with the high speed.

"Bunnie…did you…see what caused that?" asked Sally, bewildered by whatever just sped past them and caused that explosion.

As the southern cyber rabbit lowered her altitude close to the road, she shook her head. "Ah have no idea, Sally-girl, but ah…"

"Excuse me, cowgirl." someone spoke near her.

What she saw at her right just took her breath away. Running with her was the blue speedster himself, carrying Nack all tied up in the money bag.

"You mind carrying this? Tooth-boy's pretty heavy."

Nobody was home in the bunny belle. Her eyes bewildered wide open at Sonic's sight, but her arms acted automatic and just hesitantly grabbed Fang.

"Thanks… See ya!" and Sonic dashed away like a light, into the further road, leaving Bunnie to hang her jaw.

At this point, Sally's mouth could drool from the time she kept it hung. It was as if what she saw was a dream. Never before would she expect the legendary hero of Mobius to appear before her eyes. I…don't believe it…

"All S-Team, deliver the culprit downtown…" Inside, Sam cranked some of the levers with a stern and intense face. …I've waited a long time for you, hedgehog.

And Sam's racer kicked in at high speed after the hedgehog's trail.

But while that happened, something within Sally just kept a lock view at Sonic's direction. There was something about this Sonic that drawn her to his sight…maybe a familiar feeling. But with all this, and without even thinking, Sally jumped onto Sam's car and rode along the way after Sonic.

"Sally!" Bunnie shouted, but now she was all alone with the S-Team, and the weasel in the bag.

(Music ends)

Sam's car passed by a lot of cars and trucks, searching for the legend he heard so much about. Sam and his S-Team are special units that help track down criminals in speed pursuits. They never failed a job in their career, and Sam was the top of them all. A sucker for speed he is, he's considered the fastest of them all. But there was one person who tried to match up in his game and that there was Sally Acorn. He knew that some Mobian furries can run pretty fast, and Sally was one of them who were light on her feet. Too bad she can never reach up to his game. Although she and her band done so much of his jobs, catching bad guys that he was losing his rep as a crime-fighter. At least he still has his pursuit job and his reputation as the speed demon.

But Sonic; Sonic the Hedgehog, oh there was a challenge he was dying to face. He heard of this hot-head, who's supposed to be the fastest thing alive, and famous for defeating Dr. Eggman's schemes. Well let's see how he handles the true fastest thing…

"Huh…?" from his rear view mirror, he found the Mobian squirrel gripping on his car. Growling, he pressed his intercom button. "Hey, get off my car! You better not scratch the paint job!"

Sally obeyed and ran ahead to Sam's right window. "SAM YOU JERK!" she shouted to get past the noise of the wind and engines. "I WAS ABOUT TO OPERAND THAT WEASEL UNTIL YOU CAME AND LET HIM ESCAPE!!"

"Heh, ain't my fault, and he would've been easily captured anywise. Besides, you should stay home, little girl, and let real police officers handle their business."


"Is that so, Ms. Acorn…? Well let's see you can keep up with me."


But Sam then jiggled his car to his right, frightening the girl off her feet. "What, did I hear you were scared? Come on, let's see you do it." With that, Sam sped his car a little away from the running squirrel.

Sally knew this was foolish, but Sam Speed was one of the few who's able to get on her nerves and kick in her ego. With all her might, Sally jogged harder to keep up. She felt so embarrassed; this was as fast she can go, and she was getting tired and sweating bullets down on her brown fur, whilst Sam, at this speed, he barely was keeping the pedal halfway.

"I admire your determination, Ms. Acorn, but you're only making a fool out of yourself. Based on my observation, you can only go as fast as 70 miles. Come on, even my nephew can run faster than that."

The pressure in Sally's head was building up so much, it could burst. Who does this guy think he is? If only someone would just shut him up and put him in his place. Well she can't right now, for she's incredibly angry and tired at the same time.

"Well it's been fun messing with ya, but I-" suddenly, he felt the front of his car shake a little.


Background music (Sonic X, Sonic)

Out of nowhere, there was Sonic just standing on his car with his hands on his hips, grinning at the surprised driver. "…Anyone ever tell ya that's not how you get the babes?"


Before he could finish, Sonic leaped off of his car and ran by the exhausted Sally. "Hey there, little lady…you better take five; you look like you could use it."

Sally didn't know what to say. She was too flustered and tired to even speak. So she gently nodded.

As the girl slowed down, Sonic leapt in front of the roaming car and gave the driver a raspberry (sticking his tongue) before speeding away in another road that had wooden yellow gates blocking it.

"Oh you think you're so cute, huh? Let's finally see who the true king of speed is." Pressing some buttons and pulling a lever, Sam's racer kicked in with the thrusters and jetted through the gate.

And Sally was all alone, dropping to her knees as she breathed heavenly, and the cars just passed her by. She just couldn't believe it, but she actually saw Sonic the Hedgehog. It wasn't that she was a big fan of him; she could care less. But every time she sees his face on an advertisement poster or whatever, it just…


Keeping her breath pumped, she turned around to find her friends on the hovering Freedom Zooter outside the highway.

"We gotta motor!" called Rotor. (Hey that rhymed.) "Word from the police says that something is terrorizing downtown!"

Without a minute to spare, Sally leaped off the highway and landed on the zoot before it rocketed away.

Blurs of red and blue zipped across the quite highway. Sam's Formula-1 racecar followed in pursuit of his new rival of speed. Sam always welcomed new challenges, and this Sonic the Hedgehog is no different. In fact, he's been welcomed with open arms, so he can crush his title.

Grinning, devilishly, Sonic turned behind towards his opponent and cupped his mouth. "YO! WHAT'S YOUR NAME, HOT-SHOT?"

Hearing that, Sam decided to introduce his proud name. "Glad you asked, my friend. The name's Sam Speed, aka: The Highway Star, and the leader of the S-Team, the highway pursuit unit. I heard about you, Sonic the Hedgehog, and I'm glad you showed up; this town just is too peaceful to have fun."

Sonic smirked at that.

"...Unless you count on that purple furry and all the others. But other than that, cause of those kiddie rookies, the Freedom Fighters, this town became pretty boring for us. Heh...although they, along with that girl you met don't stand a chance against me."

Commence rolling with the eyes, the hedgehog did.

"There isn't much of a challenge for me, even that furry kid back there barely moves up to the novice level of speed, and twelve months ago some joker thought he can give me a run for the money with his own Formula 1 race car...but I proved him wrong; it was all over in one minute; Took longer than that just to suit up."

Note to self: Never ask anyone like him of a name again.

"Sonic the Hedgehog, fastest thing alive, huh...? Think you're the fastest of the land, huh?" Inside his car, inside his helmet, Sam grinned wickedly. "Think again..."

With that, after the rear wings angled down a bit, Sam's Formula 1 car jetted with rocketing speed past Sonic.

"No way…!"

With the speed of a drag racer, which this car seems to be, the Formula-1 jetted across the empty highway, practically scratching the road in its path. His lips spread as he checked the meter that says the car was going to about 300 mps.

"Heh, heh...'Fastest thing alive' my butt… Just another wannabe on this dirt..."


Background music (Sonic X, Sonic Drive)

His eyes grew cold in shock. He didn't know how, but...there in front of him was Sonic, just running backwards with no effort. He was just playing with him, acting like he was waiting for Sam to do something.

"Come on, 'Highway-Tar'...I'm waiting!"

"That's Highway Star!" Grrr...Alright, if he wants to play like that, fine. I didn't wanna have to do this, but I will not let anyone be faster than me on my highway!

Under all his controls was a lever, which he pulled back and twisted it. Inside his engine, a container lit green with all its intensity, which it's labeled: Super Nitro Thrusters. This caused the racer to rush with burning speed, pushing Sam back in his seat and launch like a shuttle rocket past Sonic.

"Jeez, how many more crazy tricks he got in that toy?"

The car trailed the highway, scratching the roads deeper. Sam kept the steering wheel steady since there's no way he would be able to control his baby now. His speed indicator showed the car to be traveling around 500 mps now.

"Heh, heh, heh...the only way he would be able to catch up, if he were to go super sonic! Ha ha!"

(Pause music)

Out like a bullet, Sonic dashed. Zooming with swift movement, the hedgehog went. Zipping past the rocketing Formula 1 race car, the blue rodent did. With thundering power, Sonic jetted away from Sam in sonic speed too fast for the naked eye.

(Play song at Taikutsuku... lyric)

This was highly impossible. Nothing can catch up to Sam when he's in nitro overdrive. Nothing can travel that fast, passing the speed of sound. This creature cannot be a normal Mobian. He's...he's a demon or something else.

"Chief, you're running out of road!" his crew through the radio warned.

Taking whatever nerves he had left to regain control, Sam pulled the emergency brakes, which also released parachutes from the back, like a drag racer.

Everything was a blur to Sonic as he traveled at his highest speed, but he just smirked behind him at his challenger. Just as I thought: Just another wannabe on wheels.

Turning back around, he witnessed what appeared to be his end, for there are no more roads on the highway. Opps...

(End music)

BOOM!! And Sonic blasted away like a cannon, soaring fast towards downtown. As he did, his new so-called rival stood from the ledge of the highway, watching Sonic disappear into the city.

"-whistle-...nice view."

Sonic let himself fly high over the lighted city. He marveled at the beautiful town that lit up like Christmas lights, and savored his temporary flight. Now he knew how Tails feels just flying...but of course he flew before as Super Sonic...and Hyper Sonic which he'll never go back to since that power nearly killed him.

"Maybe this place isn't so bad. At least now I have someone to mess with…but now it's time to find Tails." Soon Sonic sensed his flight about end right on rooftop. "Guess this is my stop."

Sonic curled into a ball before the rooftop and bounced like a basketball on rooftop to rooftop. Although it would seem for him that he can't control it.

"How do you stoooop this thing?!"

CRASH! He finally ended his ride by smashing into a wooden shaft that was filled with some find of motor oil. Sonic growled at himself as he then dug out his oil-coated body out of the rubble.

"I did not ask for an oil bath…! Grrr, I'll get you for this, Pixel-brain!"

Station Square: 9:41 PM

Somewhere else in the city, the Freedom Zoot hovered between the towering buildings with a search light from the bottom as the gang called the Freedom Fighters search for their next targets.

"Sally-girl… ah wuz thinking…" Bunnie spoke to Sally, relaxing on her seat.


"…Maybe we should all change the name. Ah mean Freedom Fighters sounds like a rebel thang, not a crime-fighting thang."

The squirrel shrugged her arms. "Well we are protecting freedom, aren't we?"

"Not really, jus protecting them there city-folks from the bad guys."

"Well what do you suppose, because I for one like our name?"

Before the rabbit could speak, the coyote who, along with the blonde hair, wore blue solider uniform and white gloves cut across her. "Pardon me, mon-cher, but if it iz wize to be eitting for zhiz unknown monstrosity?"

Bunnie shoved the coyote's face away thanks to her robotic hand. "Oh put a cork in it, Antoine! We're goin after tha there whatever it is, and yur're gonna like it!"

And the Mobian named Antoine sunk low as he turned blue.

"Why do you ask, Antoine?" asked Sally.

"Um…because…I believe I zee zem water creature zipping window to window AND ITZ HEADING ZIZ WAY!!"

Just like he said, some streak of water ricocheted across the building walls and crashed right on the Freedom Zoot.

"NUTS!! We've taken heavy damage!" Rotor shouted as the ship violently shook. "Brace yourself!"

Cars violently stopped hard as a smoking hover pod skid across the street. After scaring a grass layered island on the street, the Freedom Zoot thankfully stopped right in the middle of the City Hall front yard.

"kaff…Sacre Blu…what in ze name of all zat is holy happened?"

"That there…kaff…whatever smashed our ride, Ant!"

"Everyone get out!"

The four Mobians leapt off the damaged pod before the mobile burst into flames. It wasn't before long that the sound of police sirens could be heard across the city, but by the sound of it, it'll be for a few minutes till they get here, and by then, the crew will have to come up with an excuse for crashing into governmental property.

"Oh no…my Freedom Zoot," Rotor cried, seeing his beloved burning in inferno.

"We better put out this fire before it causes damage to-WHOA!!" something that smashed into the bon fire blew Sally out of the way. She felt her fur feeling drops of rain, but from where? "Huh…?"

The fire was put out, but something far dangerous stood within the smoke. It was some kind of a blue creature made out of water. It had pairs of gemmed green eyes, its head had three spines going down like some imp, and it had long twin claws. There was something else floating in its head, but neither of the Freedom Fighters could comprehend what it was.

"What in tarnations is that there watery catfish?"

Sally's eyes grimed at the daunting creature. "What we were looking for, Bunnie."

Police cars suddenly slid near the gate of the yard and blocked up the courtyard in front of the city hall. The cops SWAT team marched out of the cars and barricaded the gate.

The SWAT team surrounded the building with their guns loaded. "We have you completely surrounded. Surrender yourself." the captain yelled through a megaphone.

"GAH!! I SURRENDER!! I GROVEL AT YOU YOUR HIGH ORDER, OFFICERS!!" Antoine screamed, raising his hands up.

"Antonie, they meant the monster!" Sally shouted. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw all those guns pointing their way. "Everyone get out of the way!"

The furries did as the bossy girl ordered and dived at the corner of the courtyard. After this, the cops clicked their guns at the ready and aimed for the monster that leaped off the burnt ship.

"Lock on target, men…ready…FIRE!!"

Loud gun fire blasted, repeatedly, with the sparks shooting out of the gun barrels that directed towards the calm beast. The Freedom Fighters inched back at a wall, keeping their safety away from the crossfire.

The guns were finally silent, and all was silent…even the creature who just stood there like nothing happened at all, even when the bullets in its body just dropped to the floor.

"Sir, the weapons had no affect!"

"Retreat! All personals fall back!"

The cops ran back behind their cars as the captain kept his gun firing at the beast to keep it at bay. All it done now was made the water demon angry.

"This is one of those times when you wish you just stayed in bed, huh?" asked Rotor as the Freedom Fighters stood up.

"Wouldn't do much to prevent this…but we'll have to before it hurts the authorities! Come on!" and Bunnie followed the daring squirrel after the raging demon, with a sweating Antoine, gripping a sword, hesitantly in pursuit.

"I agree, Rotor…we should've, ow you zay…reste dans le lit."

"Antoine…once again I had not idea what you just said."

"My god…that creature…I never felt such anger before in my life."

"Hey…!" The humanoid black cat, who wore a shoulder-less purple dress with a cut-up skirt noticed behind her a humanoid pig with a plain white t-shirt, a tool belt, blue jeans and white hi-tops approaching her like he just ran from a bullet train.

"Porker Lewis…you're just in time for the party." she said, nearly smiling at Porker's exhausted state.

The pink pig, who stood on his knees, pointed his eyes ahead at the police area in front of city hall. "Heh...s-s-some party...I almost got killed by some water demon! If it's in there, I'm not looking,"

A soft chuckle played from the cat. "Well it's a show you must see. Acorn's Freedom Fighters are fighting it...god, she should really change the name."

Porker blinked his eyes up. "They're fighting that thing? It's as agile as if it was a fish in water and it can probably easily chew steel and they're fighting it?! Do you think they can win, Ebony?"

Looking at the pig, Ebony smiled. "Why don't we see for ourselves?"

Before he knew it, Antoine crashed right into a police officer thanks to the might of the water creature. Despite his cowardly nature, the coyote raised his head from the human and said these brave words.

"Oui, oui, oui…I am, ow you zay…down on ze rocks. Bonne nuit," And there on the KO'd officer, Antoine passed out.

Bunnie took the time to look back at her goofy friend and shake her head in pity. "Yur such a goof-wad, Antoine,"

And the furry cyborg charged back to battle, firing more pulse blasts from her cyber arm, which of course the water beast darted away like a watery snake in the sea. Bunnie grinded her teeth as she increased the rapidness of her blaster and tried to fire all around for the monster that flew everywhere.

"Hold still yuh wet-faced bum! Ah dare yuh!"

BLAM! The creature stuck the floor like a lightening bolt, breaking a hole through it and blasting the rabbit hard till she too crashed into a couple of coppers.

"This is not really good, Ebony!"

From a rooftop close to the battle, Ebony and Porker watched thanks to the cat creature's powers to elevate them to this height.

"Yes I know…" she said calmly. "…that creature's speed is just too much for them."

"Well…" the pig who stood on his knees closer to the sight clocked his eyes for an idea. "…uh…can any of your magic stop that thing?"

"It might…" suddenly Ebony's eyes shined purple and she looked as if she seen god or something.

"Uh what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong…" Her eyes diverted away to the city landscape, watching a blue streak zip across the streets. "…but I sense we have the answer to our water problems."

And there Sally Acorn stood alone against a very agile water creature with the capability to break stone with ease and snap skulls in two. On the break of being killed, Sally quickly drew out her hand-held computer.

"Nicole, any data on this creature…?"

"No files recorded, Sally. Details unknown."

"Oh just great,"

The creature seemed to have his attention over at the police and the bright lights that they shined upon the beast, which was good for Sally because now she has time to come up with a strategy. But she had to think of one fast; it would be devastating if that monster either decides to attack the authorities or go after her.

"Man, check out bright eyes over there…but why did it have to be water? Brrrr!!"

A new voice entered Sally's triangular ears. Behind her, she spotted a figure in the shadow, but she could only get a shape of his leg and shoes.

"What are you doing here? Get out of here! That monster is too dangerous to be hanging here!" she warned the blind fool.

"Dangerous you say…? Oh yeah…!!" The figure leapt over her. Her breath escaped her mouth when she found that speedy demon she met on Speed Highway. "…this could be fun!"

Her breath still swayed away from her mouth. "You again…?!"

The spiky Mobian looked over his should and devilishly grinned at Sally. "So we meet again. Though I love to stay and chat but I think I hear that wet-lobe calling me! Later!" With that, Sonic dashed for monster.

Without thinking, Sally chased after the fast hedgehog. "No…wait…!" just before a blinding light engulfed the scene.

Boss target: Chaos 0

Boss Level: City Hall

Primary character: Sonic the Hedgehog

Ally: Sally Acorn

Music theme: SA1, Chaos 0, 2, 4

The squirrel shed the blurriness from her eyes. Where did it come from…was one of the police-spotlights off the fritz? Awaking to reality, everything seems the same, expect for that hedgehog standing face to face with the water demon that stretched taller over him. But there was something new added in the environment…

…Power Rings have appeared all around.

Wha…? Where did these rings come from…I thought they only exist in zones?

"Hey there, bright eyes…!" Sonic's voice cut out her thoughts, making her eye at Sonic who simply just stared into the water demon's green eyes. There was no fear in this hog's eyes, as rumor states. It was as if this was all a game for him. "…doing a little redecorating to the city, I see. Too bad your taste doesn't clash mine, so…"

He began by charging a Sonic Spin, but the creature seemed to see this as an opportunity to strike and taking that call, it formed its arm as a shape of an axe and hammered the hedgehog hard enough to crack another hole on the floor.

"Aw, you missed me, H2-Bozo, but nice arm!"

Turning around, the green eyed demon noticed a blue ball U-turning around while collecting golden rings that just rotated above the earth. It shot ahead like a cannonball, shooting through its torso.

Sonic only succeeded in launching though the monster like he was made out of water, which he is, and no damage was made. The blue blur skidded through the surface closer back to Sally.

"What is this thing, a walking swimming pool?" Like a dog, Sonic shook off the water. "Man, I hate getting wet!"

"That's what I've been trying to tell you," Sally spoke, getting the hero's attention. "He's purely made out of water. Physical attacks won't harm him!"

Commence rolling the green eyes, Sonic did. "Gee, thanks for warning me about the obvious, lady!"

Frowning, Sally did. "Well if you would've been patient and let me explain...!"

"'Patients' is not in my vocab...WHOA!" Within a second, Sonic scooped up the girl and zipped out of the creature's razor arms. "Where did this watery freak come from?"

Sonic stopped long enough to place Sally on her feet. "I really don't know, but we have to find a weakness on that thing!"

Sonic grinned at the monster that then soared as a stream of water. "Weakness, huh...? Then how about a BLUE TORNADO?!" He jetted to the air, circling around the water beast. "TAKE THIS!!" and trapped it inside a blue twister.

Sally just froze there, awed by the fabulous display as the beast suddenly became one with the tornado. However the whirlpool collapsed apart and the monster quickly regained back to its shape, diving straight for Sally. Sonic cringed at the possibility of a gutted squirrel, but she surprised him by back-flipping away from the creature's crash. The creature kept diving and diving, like the concrete was water, but Sally gracefully performed Olympic stylized back-flips, and cartwheels till she reached Sonic.

The hedgehog applauded. "Nice moves! I give them a 4.1."

The red head frowned back at him. "Oh, wonderful time for jokes, Sonic,"

Sonic response was cut off when he heard some kind of a hydraulic hum coming from the water demon. Once again, the demon lashed its arms like a rubber band, harmlessly slamming at the ground as Sonic and Sally zipped and leaped away.

"Don't talk like you know me! You don't know me!" he shouted as he zipped around the monster's stretch attacks like it was doing some weird aerobic workout.

"Oh I know who you are; everyone does!" Sally said as she leaped over the creature's arms like she was jump roping. "…Sonic the Hedgehog, world renowned hero for fighting Dr. Robotnik!" Her brain didn't respond to it, but as the creature slivered towards the girl, his head was glowing pink. "They say that you're very arrogant." and the monster dived at her like a shark. "...and I now see that it's TRUE!!" with that shout, she mindlessly roundhouse kicked the creature right in the face...

...and it collapsed in a big splash.

"Huh...?" Sally blinked her wide eyes as her leg was still held high from the floor. "...that...never happened before."

The tiny puddles slivered like snakes, reforming back into one before retreating back to a safe distance to regenerate back to its monstrous form. Attracting the girl's blue eyes, a pink glow emitted from the creature's brain.

Oh it was so obvious... "Sonic, the head...aim for its head!"

Again, Sonic rolled his eyes. "Gee, I could've figured that out myself, Squirrel-lady." with that, he Spin Dashed after the water monster.

The demon made haste away from the hazardous blue ball. The two bounced around the City Hall yard, with the creature diving away from Sonic who ricocheted around like a pinball. Whilst this, Sally barely avoided their crossfire, nearly surprised that she hadn't got hit yet. But then the monster finally slowed down and spread its arms while performed a spinning attack like a razor top. The Mobian squirrel rolled under the attack when it advanced for her. But the creature nearly stopped on a dime and motioned to drill for the furry, until a blue blur dashed through Sally and made her vanish from her pervious spot.

"Man, you're seriously cramping my style, squirrel." said Sonic, skidding to a stop and letting Sally off. "Do me a BIG favor and get your fluffy tail outta here!"

The girl then scowled at him. "In case you didn't know, I was here fighting this thing first, and I never leave until I finish my job!"

"Heh, well it was some job you made with Bright-Eyes here. You're lucky I was in the neighborhood to help out your furry butt."

"Who said I needed your help, hedgehog? I've been...!"

A dark shadow loomed over the arguing duo, putting heavy panic in their hearts when they stared at the towering water demon.

Sonic and Sally: "Aw nuts,"

POW!! The monster swung a mighty back hand, swatting the two Mobians like paper. Either that the monster was curious, or it didn't care but he noticed that rings just flew out from them when it attacked them…but what did it care?

The furries lifted their upper backs up, shaking the wooziness from their eyes. Without a second to spare, Sonic hopped back on his feet and zoomed back to the monster, leaving Sally to blink at her condition. That attack the monster gave them would've destroyed her bones and such, but she's unharmed...sort of; that fall smart…wait, now she remembers; even one ring can save you from certain harm.

"Alright, wet-lobe; big blue's coming back at ya!"

Sonic charged at the monster with a rocketing Sonic Spin which was drilling through the mighty force of the creature's tornado. Sonic proved that the spines are sharper than the wet twister, and he slammed hard on the creature's head, splashing him to sprinkles.

Sonic landed like on a dime, shaking the water off of him like a dog. "Jeez, why couldn't I tangle with a robotic fire breathing sucker? I'm sure Eggman would give me a robotic fire-breathing sucker."

The monster put itself back together and rose from the floor like on an elevator. Without a moment to spare, the creature sprung up to the light posts like a spring.

"Oh so you're hiding on the high roads, huh? Well what goes up, must come down!"

With that, Sonic zipped to another pole and performed a Blue Tornado around it. Within the tornado, Sonic grabbed the pole and allowed the winds to make him spin around the pole until he reached to the top. Launching away, Sonic performed a Sonic Spin, missing the monster that leaped to the other end of the yard, perching on another pole.

"NUTS!!" he cursed, catching himself by twirling down another pole. "You can't hide up there forever!" Sonic zipped across the field, avoiding the monster's stretching arms that plowed holes on the floor. It then coward away to another pole at the other end. "Hold still!"

Sally lost her patients by just watching. With a swift jump, she planted on the side of a pole like a spider, then leaped to a high point of another pole, and kept pole jumping until her feet gracefully perched on a light post. Sonic gazed in incredulity at the girl leaping with ease on the poles, chasing after the monster that kept stretching to one pole to another. But Sally never let a large breathing room for the beast as she was closely on his tail, leaping on the light posts.

"Hurmph…show off." Sonic snorted.

The monster sprung over to the other end again when Sally almost caught it. This time, Sally let her fall and weight pushes the post back a bit, and let it catapult her across the yard. After the creature re shaped itself on the post, its green eyes caught the sight of a flying squirrel hammering a heel towards its head. The monster barely dived out the way before Sally's boot smashed open the light post it stood on. The monster splashed on the floor, like in a pool, and rose itself back to its shape.

"Yo, Bright eyes!"

BLAM! Like bullet, the hedgehog Sonic Spin the beast's head. Half of its body was split in half, vertically, but it tilted back, as of dying, indicating that the monster gave it all it had.

Sonic touched the floor from his dash, stood up, humbly, and gave a V-sign to the cops as the monster splashed to the floor.

(SA-Sonic Heroes, Victory theme)

Sonic turned towards the puddle and rubbed the bottom of his nose. "Now for the victory phrase… 'Heh, nice try wet-lobe!'"

(End theme)

Another job done and done he did well as Sonic wiped his hands. "Well...that was easy."

"I didn't think it was easy." his emerald eyes focused on the girl who had a grim look aiming straight at him.

"Well maybe this was out of your league, grim-face, but thanks for the help. Next time, however, leave the monster slaying to the hedgehog." And he flashed a devilish grin.

"Help...? You're the one who butted in. Though I'm a bit grateful, but your attitude, I'm not grateful for."

Shrugging, Sonic smirked. "Sheesh, what are ya; 46 going on 16 or something?"

"scoff...you think you're so slick, huh? Well...what the...?"

Sonic wondered what she was fretting about. But after he followed her eyes, he found the puddle of that creature slivering towards a storm drain. If water is one thing, it's water that goes like worm. "Yo, where you think you're going, Drippy?"

Sonic and Sally quickly chased after the living puddle, but even Sonic's superb speed wasn't enough to stop it from entering the drain.

"Dang...you better run...hey, lady; was that a buddy of yours?"

Narrowing her eyes, she shook her head. "I have no idea what that was and I do have a name; Sally Acorn."

Sonic snickered. "Sally...? You look like a Nicole."

"Nicole's my computer." she retorted, pulling out her mini laptop.

"Then maybe you should trade names."

"scoff...you know, Mr., I have one piece of a mind to-"

"Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Before he knew it, Sonic was surrounded by the Station Square cops, shaking his hands and all and saying many forms of gratitude. Sonic grinned, uneasily, abhorring be crowded around like this. The indigo hedgehog convinced the cops that he had places to go, and he dug out of the crowd and used his sonic speed to leap over the packs of police cars and land out of the City Hall area.

Sheesh…I like being phrased and all, but not all crunched up like that. Well, no time to hang around; gotta find Tails and-

"Hold on!"

Sonic rolled his eyes, asking the gods if he had enough punishment. With skill and grace, Sally hopped on the cars like a frog, landing near the hedgehog that was a yard away from the scene.

"Oh what now, lady…? I thought you want me ta be off your dust-sweeper tail."

Sally scrunched her face. "As much as I like that idea, I just wanna know something."


"Uh...do you know someone by the name of...?"


What…more grateful hounds? Well he can't be rude to some people who only wanted to thank him, but if he had a nickel for every thanks he got…well you get the idea. Anywise, Sonic turned around, surprised out of his wits that some cat woman lowered down on the street like magic.

"The heck…?"

The black cat smiled. "Hello, Sally…nicely done on that water freak."

Sally smiled, gently. "Thanks, Ebony…uh, I'm sure that you know who THIS is." She asked, scowling at Sonic. The hedgehog answered back with an annoyed grin.

"Sonic…!" Sonic then noticed another figure next to the magic lady. It was a Mobian pig with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and a tool belt. "Hey…uh…I'm not sure if you remember me, but we used to hang out back at South Island."

How could he remember any one? Unless they make a memorable moment with him, like Knuckles, the Chaotix, Tiara, and Amy, he can't remember everybody. But…this pig does seem a bit familiar.

"Uh…Porker Lewis…Remember that name?" the pig asked.

Porker…? Yeah that name does sound quite familiar…hold on…now he remembers! He knew a Porker Lewis back in his early days when he started his career in South Island. He along with some other critters was just prisoners for Eggman's Egg Prisons and Badniks. Not only that…THIS guy was the one who built the bi-plane called the Tornado for Sonic as a thank you.

"No way…! Porker?!" feeling joyful adrenaline pumping in his veins, Sonic walked up to him and gave him an unexpected hand shake, followed by one of those bump hugs. "Aw man, it's been a freakin long time! What're you doing here? I thought you hang back at the island?"

The pig was relieved that he wasn't forgotten. "Well, I'm sure you remember that I'm an engineer…well, things weren't going well in South Island; so I decided to make my making here. Oh, Johnny Lightfoot is here as well, since we're roommates."

"Oh, ya mean ol big-foot? Heh, tell ya, dude, it's a small world…"

…As if he forgotten about Sally and the Freedom Fighters, Sonic walked off with his old friend to catch up on old times. Sally opened her mouth, as if she was about to say something, but the words faded from her mind, allowing her to let Sonic walk off.

"Not as if I care." She motioned towards her team. "Come on…let's go home."

"Aw, but whut about the movie, Sally-girl…? Ah did not wait for months to see that cute bum in the tight spider outfit just ta be ruined by a watery catfish!"

"Sorry, Bunnie, but with our Freedom Zoot on City Hall property, we'll have to post pone it."


And the gang walked off towards the police scene. But neither any of their senses were able to pick up a sight, wiff, or sound of a sinister figure lurking high above on a hover pod.

"You know nothing, fools…but it won't matter either way. Soon, all will be crushed by the mighty power of Chaos- The God of Destruction! Hahahahahahah!!" And the Eggman flew off into the moon; flying off to prepare his latest scheme.

End of part 1…….

Well, that's the first chapter of the remake of this SA adaptation fic. Again, this is a total remix of my old story because it sucks. This time, as you seen, it's added with Sonic X and Stc characters, which I hope I can successfully fit them in this story.