It has been a while…LONG while. Well, as usual, things got in the way…plus I was addicted with a RP site. Sadly, again, I cut down on a chapter due to impatience and laziness. But I'm glad to post up another chapter.

My name is Miles Prower, but everyone calls me Tails. Seriously, call me Tails. With me and Sonic back together, we out searching for the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman and Chaos can get their hands on them. And following us was Sally Acorn and her friends; which Sonic didn't like. When he and Sally fought for a Chaos Emerald in Casinopolis, Coconuts showed up trashing the place with an Egg-Walker, and he took Antoine while he chased after the emerald. Well Sonic took care of him, no problem, and got the emerald. But a second later, Eggman swipes it and gassed Sonic to sleep. Man, why can't things go right today?




The Reign of Chaos



Mystic Ruins' Chao Garden- 9:56 PM

When Knuckles escaped the police using Charmy's warp flower ability, they arrived in the Mystic Ruins, reuniting with Vector and Espio. With them being on the wanted list in Station Square, they couldn't go to the Chaotix's apartment to rest, so they made camp in the nearest Chao Garden. Yes, a nesting ground for Chao to live; a place that looked like a clean and peaceful fairy tale, filled with tropical flowers, pure green grass, and clean clear beautiful water, with a waterfall to top.

So here was Knuckles, lying on his back while mindlessly staring at the stars. Not like he cared for the astronomy, but Knuckles mind was in deep though while his friends was snoozing in the bright Chao field. Why? Many things. One, what Eggman said about Sonic, he couldn't decide whether to trust his words. But they did seem true; Sonic wanting to use the Master Emerald to battle that Chaos creature incase he gathers all the emeralds. Well, even if he needs it to transform into his super form, it was still without Knuckles' permission.

Two, thanks to him, his friends are on the run from the law, all because Knuckles caused some damage in the streets when those cop bots tried to make off with one of the emerald pieces. Though Knuckles didn't care what the outside world thinks of him, he still tries to obey the law as much as possible so no one will bother him. But thanks to his foolishness, his friends are dragged in the same rap.

Sitting up, Knuckles looked at his sleeping friends with guilt.

It was his fault this happened. This was why he likes to work alone; people could get in trouble like this. Well, they shouldn't bother anymore; he sensed no more emeralds in the city, so he doesn't need their guide anymore. Plus, Knuckles won't get them in any more trouble.

Standing up, Knuckles took one last look of his friends and walked off.



Canary Auto Shop- 9:34 PM

On the single couch, Bunnie crunched on the popcorn in anger while watching a movie. "Well this certainly bites, y'all. Ol' Eggman has two of them jewels. Probably laughing at ah sorry behinds right now."

"Well at least he hasn't got the other-" Rotor kept his mouth shut in fear when he saw Bunnie intimately flex her robot-fingers with rage, not at him, mind you. He's keeps forgetting how much Bunnie hates Eggman. After all, he was the one who gave her the robot arm and legs.

"True, but it won't be long until Robotnik finds the other four." Sally looked outside of one of the windows. "Even if we try to split up to search for them, Robotnik will find them quickly with the resources he has."

Rubbing her chin, Sally then turned to the older mechanic. "Rotor, what about that energy reader in the Freedom Zoot?"

The walrus shrugged, "I guess…but the system is pretty well…burnt out. The energy of the emeralds went way over the charts for the system to take. I have to order the parts, and you know how long that'll take."

"Great…" she muttered. Nicole could detect Chaos energy readings also, but it's at a CLOSE range distance. "Guess we'll just have to do it the traditional way."


Sally paced around the couches, where Sonic and Tails slept. "A week ago, reports all over news media showed seven shooting stars crashing across different areas around Sapphire City, which we now know are the Chaos Emeralds. Two of them were found by the Casinopolis crew and Tails, which are now in Robotnik's grasps and I still have the one we discovered in Windy Valley. So I'm betting that clues to their locations should appear in the media, even if it's deep in the internet."

"But Sally, that'll take all day...all night."

Crossing her arms, Sally gave the boy a 'You should know me by now' look.

Bunnie marched up to her, jabbing her index gloved finger at her shoulder. "Just promise meh that yuh'll get a good night sleep this tahme, honey-pie."

Sally gave Bunnie a 'No promises' look.

The rabbit whispered close to Rotor, "Shugah, ah worry bout her when she'll turn 25."

The walrus chuckled, "Even I know sleep is a big must."

"Says the guy who spends the last hours in them dumb computer games."

Rotor gave a frown-ish grin, "Hey, that's MMORPG!"

A groan was heard.

"He's coming around, guys." Rotor warned, looking over at Sonic.

"Uhhh…I gotta stop eating my own cooking." Sonic groaned, resting on the couch as he nursed his poor forehead. "Hey Tails…? Tails, you around…?"

The sound of his snoring told Sonic he was close by…sleeping on another couch.

"What just happened?" the blue rodent scanned his new surroundings, which looks like a plain-looking living room with the smell of motor oil. "And where are we?"

"Well you sure gave us a scare."

Quickly, Sonic snapped up, startled by that voice. He noticed Sally looking down at him, with a blanket over her shoulder. Her face just screamed 'That was stupid of you, Sonic', which really annoyed him. Frowning, Sonic looked away. Well you're giving me a scare right now, Acorn-Breath, so we're even.

Shuffling a bit, Tails muttered in his sleep, "…-yawn-…gonna go for a…nappy-nap …." As Tails continued to slumber, Sally gently covered him with brown blankets.

"Since when does Tails say nappy…?" Frowning, Sonic snapped towards Sally. "What in the heck did you do to him when I was away, lady?"

Sally frowned back as she folded her arms. "Oh, found him in South Island, helped him defeat the Winged Armada, gave him a new home, fed him-"

Sonic glared at her, "You're talking to me like I left him? I had friends looking after him, and no way was he flying with a broken leg."

"I know, but it was his decision to live with us."


(A/N: Winged Armada was the bird army from the Game Gear game, Tails' Adventure. Normally that game takes place before Sonic 2, but what the heck?)


Tails wanted to live with her?!? The thought made Sonic a bit suspicious…and a little worried. After a quick scouting after he shook those thoughts, Sonic turned back to Sally. "Okay, for the millionth time: Where are we?"

The young teen rolled her eyes, "You only said that once, like right now."

"I didn't ask ya about that and when it comes to stuff like this, 'once' to me equals a million."

"Whatever," Sally turned her attention on to Nicole, calculating readings of the emerald she's holding.

Rotor sheepishly rubbed his head. "Um…you're in…um, my uh…workshop. Well, actually it's more of an auto shop, and I don't, um, own it. A friend of mine owns it, which I…uh, work for her. Heh, heh."

Sonic smirked, seeing how shy this walrus is. "Hmm, no wonder I smell oil." Planting his feet on the floor, Sonic stood up and stretched his body. "Thanks for the couch, guys, but if you excuse me, I gotta-"

"-Stay here and relax." Sally sternly added, gently pressing Sonic back on the couch. "I'm gonna use the internet to track down the emeralds."

Quickly, Sonic stood up, glaring at the leader. "Stay?! Whoa, that word is a sin in the Sonic Church, lady. I'm still gonna…" Suddenly, Sonic lost balance and dropped back on the couch. "Yeesh. I didn't know oil can give my brain the rocker."

"You're still a little weak from Robotnik's gas, Sonic. Just show a little patience until you fully recover."

Sonic snapped to his feet and faced Sally. "Hey, patience is for hospitals, Acorn-Breath. Eggman just gassed me one big egg-bomb of the month, and that makes me itc---uh---chieee---" Once again, dizziness conquered him, pulling him back down on the couch.

"If you try to go out there like that, you may be in a hospital. Just stay!"

"But I don't wanna!" he whined. "Waiting around is boring!"

Sally sighed, irritability, restraining the need to strangle the hedgehog.Oh brotheeer… "Rotor, entertain him, please?" She walked off to a door next to the TV, rubbing her forehead. "Play video games, or something. Just shut him up!"

After she entered the next room and shut the door, Sonic slapped his hands on the couch and sat back. "This blows! It's a crime to keep this hedgehog cooped up!"

Rotor rubbed his head, which seems to Sonic that this walrus does that when he gets all shy. "Yeah well, um, Eggman gassed you with a substance that uh…knocks you out…well, you know that. But later on, it keeps you in a paralyzing state if you try to make any extreme moves, like standing. But um, uh, don't worry. It'll wear off for uh…couple of hours."

"Hours?!? That's like years!!!" Groaning, Sonic dropped his head on the arm rest. He then lifted his head up. "Whoa, I just realized, but…my bad, I know Bunnie, French Fry, and Aco-er---Sally," He tried not to say that nickname, for he didn't want to offend this walrus. "But I didn't catch your name. Er…Rotor, is it?"

Sheepishly, he nodded. "Um, yeah... t-that's me."

"Well then…" Sonic picked up a game controller. "Up for a round, Rote?"



Twinkle Park- 9:55 PM

"12...16...25...30 dollars! HUH-SHAW!!! We have made VICTORY!!!"

A green Mobian duck with a red bandana danced on the top of a giant yellow polar bear with a red hat and a bored look. These two were casually walking down the dark streets that only could be lit by the street lights, the roaming cars, and the lights from the building windows.

"After hours of treading through the dangerous, bone crushing zones to collect the golden rings, we have enough money to go wild in the greatest parks - not as great as Disney World though - of all times!"

His finger snapped at a giant futuristic facility.

"TWINKLE PARK!!!" As fast as a blink of an eye, the green duck latched onto the polar bear's head. "Gaze upon its vast, futuristic beauty, my friend…GAZE IT!!!"

The polar bear shrugged with a lazy look; walking over to the glass elevator. The slick designed machine carried the two over to the glass pipe bridge, meeting a ticket vendor person.

The duck snapped some cash with his shaky hand as if he'll blow at any moment…which wouldn't be impossible. "Here's your pork rinds, woman! Now give us the freakin cream-cheese!!!"

The girl trembled, inching her hand down at the 911 button.

The bear held the duck by his head, who was screaming and wiggling like crazy. "Just two please, ma'am." He said with a low and lazy voice.



Despite the late night, it was never late for the people who came to enjoy the night in the park. This indoor park was surrounded by walls to look like they were in outer space. Plus, it was designed more like a futuristic/medieval land.

"I've been dying to go to this park for a while and at last…WE ARE HERE!!!" As fast as a snap, the duck latched onto his friend's large shoulder. "Now we can ride the most devastating ride of DOOM since the Superman ride in Six Flags! BEHOLD!!!"

And the duck introduced a roller coaster so insane looking, the brain wouldn't be able to comprehend. "The Rocket Buster! Marvel before its artistic but loopy design, my large friend…MARVEL IT!!!"

The yellow bear sighed.

"You're no fun." The duck hopped off, walked away from him. "So it's no fighting tournament. Big deal? The Klingons didn't complain that they weren't in a space warzone when they had to venture to the Eco-Ventura System to liberate all the cotton-candy people from the evil ants."

The bear sighed, for he knew that didn't make any sense.

"What matters is to find out how far our brains can rip through our skulls upon PAINFUL impact! IT'LL BE SWEET!!!"

Commence eye roll.


While all the folks in the park stroll around, looking for fun they can afford, one large figure just sat still, right in the edge of a fountain pool. It seems this giant cat found no interest in the many giant ride around him, but his attention was on the quite pool…and a fishing rob he held.

But why would he fish in a fountain that had no fish? Well, there is one water creature lurking in these waters, and it happened to be a frog with a long tail just swimming around…a little too far from the cat.

The purple one sighed. The frog won't come near, but he's a patient person.

"YAAAAHHH!!!!" suddenly, the green landed on the cat's head. "HEYY!!! Why be boring?? WHHHHHY be booooriiiing??"

"AAAHHH!!!" the giant cat span around, trying to reach the crazy thing on his back.


Thankfully, the polar bear peeled the insane foul off of the cat. "Sorry about that."

Shaking the 'crazy cooties' off of him, the cat then glared at the duck.

"But his over-sized stuffiness was BEGGING to be bounced on, Bark!"

The bear, named Bark, groaned.

Right as the cat found hid fishing rod; the duck zipped to the edge of the fountain, just looking at his reflection in the water. "How come you keep hanging a stick over the…?" The loony bird started making crazy faces at his reflection. Between each of them, he looked as if he was confused. But the more he did this, the more he became angry.

"THE FAKER MOCKS MEH!!!!" and he whipped out an iron black sphere…a bomb! Tossing it, the fuse automatically lit.

BOOM!!! The bomb forced a great geyser right out of the water. Any of the people nearby just stood at it, going 'OOoooooo!'. The giant cat gawked in fear when he saw the tail frog fly in the air; fear that the blast might had hurt it or worse.

The frog dropped back into the water…swimming about after it did. The cat sighed in relief.

With a psychotic smile, the duck checked at the ripply water.

His reflection 'lived'.

"DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!" he cried, whipping out another bomb. But his large companion lifted him by the head. "Ahh COME OOOON!!! THE SMILEY MUST DIE!!!! IT SHALL DIE IN PRETTY BOOM-BOOM!!"

Well it wasn't pretty for the little frog in the water. In fact, being nearly blown up by the daffy duck angered it. You can see it in its glowing red eyes.

Big frowned at the duck, "…Wasn't nice!" And he turned away, looking for his fishing rod.

Instantly calming down, the duck swiped his arm. "Eh, you're no fun! Come on, Bark! TO THE ROCKER BUSTER!!!"

"Uh…" his voice trailed off when the earth shuddered.

The water in the fountain was raging; waves were splashing about. The center was bubbling like boiling water, and the frog was right in the center of it.

"Froggy!!!" the giant cat cried, attempting to jump in there if Bark didn't grab his arm.

As the waves raged over the edges, the water started to rise. A giant blob of water stood…forming a jagged mouth. Something else rose from its rear; a long watery tail with the tip shaped like an axe.

The duck dropped his jaw at the monstrous sight. "Ooooooo!! Forget Disney World! This place KICKS!!!"

If it were in most places, people would run and scream from a monster like this. But since this takes place in an amusement park, where special effects for the sake of profit is a usual thing, the folks of the park applauded. …Which just set off the beast, as it turned towards the crowd. It did not like the threatening humans and Mobians, and its tail lifted at the ready was going to show that.

BLAM!!! The tail shattered the floor before the crowd. Yes, the oblivious crowd got the message as they scream and ran for their very lives like a stampede in an African field.

Bark stood defensively, incase the creature focused back at them. "Bean…?"

The duck, named Bean, ate some popcorn. "-chomp, gobble- …WOO!! Bettah than prooooo wrestling!!"

Commence polar bear facepalm.

The fat cat stood at the sight of the monster; fear flooded his beady eyes. The cat felt flashbacks before his eyes thanks to the beast.


A dark and stormy night…


A yellow gem found in the jungle…


His froggy friend swallowing it….


A puddle of water consuming the frog…


The said puddle forming into a creature and smacking the cat…


…and that was all he remembered.

And when he woke up, his frog pet was gone. He feared that creature ate it, and he hunted it down to seek revenge. But when he found himself in the city, he found Froggy, alive and well, and sporting a tail, which he never had before...besides in his tadpole years, but that's not important. And now, back in reality, the water creature was back…or something different. The last one wasn't this big…or this blobby. Yeah…it's bigger this time. And there are tiny glowing eyes in its forehead.


…Froggy's glowing eyes.


From the cat's cry, the beast roared, heaving its tail high in the sky. Bark pulled the cat away before the tail collided with the ground.

Bean popped out of Bark's grip, landing on the ground in a exaggerated fighting pose. "Wooooo-WAA!!"

Bark groaned.

With snapping kung-fu chops, Bean spoke in a bad Japanese film dub voice, "So-foul monster! You dare-to-challenge the Webbed Foot? It shall be-your---last! Woooo…YAAAAHHH!!!" Springing into action, literally, Bean flew his foot at the large monster with all his mighty fury!!!


And…speared through the monster, landing flat on the other side of the fountain.


Standing up, with his beak a little banged, Bean glared with righteous comically fury. "Gasp, what-surprising twist I had – bestowed! But you shall soon – see that my kung-fu is – better than your kung ---fu! WAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Blasting off, like Superman, Bean flew his fist for the monster.


And again, shooting through the beast, landing face first near Bark and the cat.


Bark facepalmed himself. Bean just doesn't get that you can't hurt water like that.

Dusting himself off, Bean stood up. "This foe is a crafty one, I tell you!" he said in a deep voice found in a kung-fu movie. Dashing a little to the side, Bean spoke as if he was speaking to himself. "He has offended our clumsy advances! How I hate that!" And he went back to his original spot. "Clearly the element of surprise is needed in this date."

The monster roared, trying to give the Mobians the hint to leave or they shall be destroyed. And what did they do in the response of its warnings?

The green one pushes a giant cake toward the monster.

The monster…was confused.

"SURPRISE!!!" Bean cried, popping out the top of the cake in a bikini and a grass skirt…and carrying over his head a pile of bombs. Stuffing the bombs right inside of the monster, Bean waved off and bolted out of there.

Think of those action movies where the hero runs in slow motion, jumping away from the explosion in the background. Well, that's what's happening with Bean.

The smoked cleared, and only the faint echoes of the blast covered the area. And it rained, since the monster exploded. And there stood the cat on his knees, in trembling sorrow that his frog seemed to have been destroyed in that blast.

Oh, and Bean had his head stuff in the ground.

Freeing himself, Bean marveled at the silence in the battlefield. "And so…the day is saved! Thanks toooo…!" With a actiony pose, a star swirly background was seen, with stars exploding away from the duck. "THE DYNAMITE DUCK!!!!"

Yes…the fat cat wanted to STRANGLE him. Yet he failed to notice the frog falling right back in the pool from the air.


And what a raging grudge it carried for the nutty duck as it leered at him with its teeth drooling deadly. Sure it was watery, but that could fool anyone if you were able to see the monster up close like Bean.

"Uh…" with deer eyes at the giant monster, Bean held up a… "…cookie?"

And a powerful blast of water slammed Bean right into a candy kart; exploding upon impact. Digging out of the debris, Bean, completely totaled with broken teeth, held out a large lollipop. "I'm only three in a half years old…"

And he passed out.

Its revenge was complete, but the beast still was drowning with anger. The monster shuddered the earth with its shrieking cry, lifting its tail to unleash its fury upon the ground. The cat was lost for answers; answers on how to save his friend from the insides of the monster. He was frightened at what was happening, especially the way Froggy's eyes were glowing…and his new tail as well.

Before he knew it, Bark reeled him away before the monster's giant tail clashed with the concrete ground.

All stood two large guys with only but a few words, against a water beast that stood over ten feet tall. They all saw how the frog mimicked every move the monster made, which can only mean…that the frog was the brain. And the answer fell on the cat, leading his eyes to the fishing rod in his hand.

He eyed at Bark with unsure features. The polar bear nodded, knowing what they had to do. The cat knew as well, but was frightened. But to save Froggy, he'll have to be brave.

With no second to spare, Bark grabbed a snack cart and hurled it at the monster. Sure, the only thing it did was sink through the monster, but it attracted its attention towards the bear.

Meanwhile, the large cat quickly waddled around the fountain, positioning himself behind the monster. Reeling back, the feline let the lure of the rod fly towards the head of the monster. The lure was just a distance floating by the frog, but the frog saw the lure, piloting the monster right at the cat.

"Uh oh…"

Bark quickly tried to find something for to throw, but nothing nearby…except the shattered floor; the rocks. Bark kept throwing any rock he touched, throwing barrages at the monster. The creature's insides was littered with rocks, and that made it wondered who caused that. Again, its attention was on Bark as it tried to water gun the bear.

That left the cat to continuing fishing the frog. Once more, the cat launched the lure inside the monster's head. The frog looked at the lure, memorized by it. But just when it was about to inch near it, the frog came to its senses and swung the monster's tail, catapulting the cat when it collided through the ground.

Bark was soaked to his fur when he got hit by the water streams, but after gathering his bearings (Pun not intended), he spotted the monster attacking his feline companion again. His mind raced for an alternative solution. Obviously, fishing for the frog is not going to work, but Bark struggled to find a plan from scratch.

The large cat couldn't take much more. Even if fishing would not work, he shall not leave his pet in an abnormal creature. So, it was time for a more direct approach. The cat charged at the fountain and leaped.

"Boing!" he went, landing on his gut, and bounced like a ball, diving right inside the monster. It was a fight against a living force of nature as the cat swam and reached for the frog that was the brain. But it seems being inside the monster caused it pain as it roared in agony; its tails swinging randomly, shattering anything it slammed.

Bark noticed the cat grabbing the frog, but the pressure of the beast made it difficult for him to escape. His mind raced in panic, for it was a matter of time before the cat drowned.

But an idea hit him like a car crashing inside a living room. Bean, even though he was still unconscious, his bombs were the answer. Quickly, Bark hurried to his fallen friend and picked a handful of bombs. Running back, Bark hurled them in the water, not wasting any time.

The entire pool blasted, a tower reached to the sky, tossing out the large cat and the frog. A great fall would've injured him, but the cat conveniently fell on one of those kiddie bounce play-pins.

The waters crashed back in the fountain, no trace of the monster coming back.

Sighing, for he was glad that was over, Bark motioned back to the duck. Picking him up by the head, Bark slapped his face.

"ACK!!! I told ya, mom! I don't wanna go to…uh…oh hey Bark?" Bean's eyes bounced around, scanning the area. "Awww! The monster's gone?"

Nodding, Bark looked back at the large cat, who was chasing the frog through the gate. "Froggyyyy!" he cried with a voice of a slow person.

Bean shrugged. "Now that's done…" a snapping sound, his pointing finger made, dramatically. "TO THE RIDES, ROBIN!!!"

Bark managed to grab his head before he dashed off. He lifted Bean to his eye level. "The park is closed now."

"Huh??? But it's not midnight!!!"

"The monster scared people."

"WHA??" as he feared, Bark was right. So much damage was done around the fountain area, and no people around, except the fire department that was scattering around the battlefield.


Groaning, Bark dragged him away by his head. "Let's GO, Bean."

Crying, Bean tried to claw the air to stop his friend from dragging him. "NO!!! WE MUST HUNT DOWN THE GREEN HAMSTER FOR FOILING MY DAY!!!"

"We can wait until the park opens again."

"BUT I WANT JUSTICE!!! I WANT REVENGE!!!" He broke into tears as they left through the gate. "I WANT MY MOOOOMMYYYY!!!"



Canary Auto Shop- 8:34 AM…

Sonic was always a morning person. As an adventure-loving freak, he always gets himself up as early as he can, just so he'll have lot of time to enjoy the new day.

When he woke up, he was satisfied to find himself completely recovered from the knock-out gas. But he noticed the sewer smell on him. He was amazed that Rotor didn't complain. Without a word, Sonic took advantage of taking a shower while everyone was still asleep.

After coming out of the shower a few minutes later, bare-feet with his toes touching the carpet, the hedgehog rubbed his face with a towel, and then checked the gang around him. He noticed Tails still sleeping on the other couch, and Rotor snoozing on the floor with a controller on his gut. He knew Tails wasn't much of a morning person as Sonic is, and it seems he can say the same for Rotor here. So it looks like he'll have to wake these lazybones up his traditional way.


But first, breakfast.

He dashed over to the kitchen, tossing out some sandwich stuff out the fridge and on the table, since there was no breakfast food. With a little sonic speed, Sonic set up a few sandwiches, including one with no crust on the bread, which is for Tails, and one with a large fish, which is for Rotor. Although he had to guess what the walrus liked. But him being a walrus, it seemed obvious.

Now he just had to wait for his bread to be toasted, since he likes bread toasts, and that's the part he hates in sandwich-making…Waiting.

He decided to pace around the room, and wake the guys up. But then, he noticed someone coming out of the door that led to the auto-garage. It was that coyote who was Coconuts' annoying hostage, and he was heading to the opposite end of the living room, right to the lab where Sally is.

Sonic knew Sally was in there because he peaked inside and noticed that she was asleep on a computer desk, while all those computers were still on. He wondered if that girl ever got any sleep because he noticed small bags under her eyes during their 'conversations'.

He really shouldn't, he thought, but dang it, he never had enough patience to wait for toasted bread. So he snuck towards the door and peaked in the room. And there was that coyote, leaning closer to Sally's sleeping self, and Sonic could hear him whispering seductively.

"Mah wondi-full Preencezz Sally, it iz time to rising for a shining." Antoine ended his sweet nothings with a kiss on the cheek.

Sally rustled a bit in her sleep, looking very disturbed after that kiss. "…taser…hurting taser…no more torture…"

Once again, Sonic felt bad for the girl. Even though Sally doesn't thrill him well, Sonic isn't one to hold a grudge that bad….


…well, maybe except for that…person long ago, but that's a different story.


Sonic walked inside the office room. "Yo French-Fry! We got some major trouble in the kitchen!"

Antoine nearly bounced off his boots at Sonic's sudden appearance. Quickly gathering his nerves, Antoine scowled at Sonic. "You fu'el! Knock ze door, you'll wake ze up ze prin---Sally!"

Sonic arched a brow, wondering why Antoine stopped himself at the word; Princess. Eh, probably nothing. Anywho… "Uh, but this is horrible, horrible news! Someone stocked margarine in back at your fridge!"

For a brief moment, Antoine twitched, "WHAT?! Zat iz cruel piece of ev-zil! Moi must destroy it!!" With a screaming battle cry… "MARGERIIIIIIINNNEEE!!" Antoine blasted out of the room.

Sonic laughed his gums off while holding his stomach. "Hahahaha! Whoa, Bunnie sure wasn't kidding!"

After calming himself, Sonic approached Sally, who was still sleeping, but shuffling a bit. The hedgehog could hear her soft muttering words.

"Uuhh…t-thank you…"

He smirked at the cute but humorous display. It seems Antoine's 'smooth lover boy charm' translated Sally's dream into a horrible nightmare, and getting rid of him translated her dream to some pretty-boy chump in knight armor saving her, like all girls dream about…or so he heard. Despite how annoying and bossy this girl can be, she's quite peaceful looking when she's asleep, like she's incredibly sweet and shy when awake. Too bad that's not true in real life. But it'll be such a crime to wake her up now.


Unfortunately, Sonic doesn't like sleepyheads.


In a quick sonic second, the hedgehog zipped out of the room and came back with a frying pan and a large metal spoon. "RISE N SHINE, ACORN-BREATH!!" he shouted, making loud noises by banging the spoon on the pan.

"AAAAHHHH!!!" jolting off the desk, Sally felt like her ears were on fire by that horrid sound.

After he stopped the noise, Sonic chuckled.

After she rubbed her poor ears, Sally's face gradually faced Sonic with an intense, furious frown. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT???"

Unfazed by her fury, Sonic grinned, "Its called morning, Fluffy-Bum. So c'mon, the new day don't wait for everyone."

Clenching her fingers, Sally was about to give him a piece of her minds, but Sonic zipped out of the room before she had the chance.

"God…" he groaned, rubbing her brows. "I hoped he be a bad dream that'll go away when I wake up. So much for-"

Again, that horrid sound Sonic made was heard, only outside the room. She can hear Tails and Rotor's tortured screams.

"-that." She muttered bitterly as she headed out the room. Just as she thought, she found Sonic smiling at his fiendish handiwork as both Tails and Rotor looked exhausted after being awakened like that. "Sonic, I really didn't think it was necessaryto do THAT!"

"Eh, it ain't my fault you guys are lazy-bones." Sonic turned to Rotor and Tails. "Yo, dudes, I made ya some sandwiches."

"Alright! Thanks, Sonic!" Tails already dived into his, in a manner of speaking.

Rotor was just surprised at the hospitality from someone he just met. "Oh gee, tha---whoa! And my favorite, too! Thanks Sonic!"

"Meh," he shrugged as he put some lettuce and stuff onto his chili sandwich.

Sally slowly walked towards the gang, surprised that Sonic made breakfast, even for Rotor…but… "Um, it's…nice you made breakfast, but…uh…oh, never mind. Just enjoy-"

"Eh, don't go weepy on me, Acorn-Breath. Yours is right here." He pointed over to a sandwich just sitting there.

Sally's exhausted eyes just sprouted back to life. After all that arguing and fighting they shared, she never expected…THIS from him. "Oh…well…um…t-thank you, Sonic!"

"Meh," and he took a bite out of his.

When she took a bite, she felt something crunchy. She peaked into the sandwich and found, besides lettuce and tomatoes, "Peanuts?! What right mind you thought of putting peanuts in my sandwich?!"

"Well I couldn't find any acorns or walnuts lying around, so peanuts were the next best thing. I would've used peanut butter, but I figured you like em un-creamed or something."

"Of all the idiotic things, what made you think that I like elephant, airplane food with the---"

Quickly, Sally took a big bite.

The boys, minus Antoine who came back, laughed at Sally's failed attempt of resistance.

"Oh shuff uph." she muttered with food in her mouth.

Bunnie came in, noticing most of the gang with sandwiches. "Who made the sandwiches, y'all?"

"Yours truly. Your sandwich has been waiiit-OW! Tails!" Sonic snapped, massaging his arm.

"You know I hate that."

Bunnie grabbed hers. "Thanks, shugah-hog…Ooo! Carrot sandwich! How yah guessed?"

He shrugged, "Meh,"

"Must you always do that?" Sally asked, narrowing her eyes.

A smirked crossed his muzzle. "Meh,"

…Making her growl.

"Want yours, French Fry?"

The coyote frowned, crossing his arms. "Ze name iz Antoine D Collette, and moi never eats gar-beeg made from ze vile disgusting and uncultured fye-els such az your-zelve."

"Garbage? Compared to what yuh eat?" Bunnie muttered.

Sonic waved the sandwich like a flag. "It's peanut-butter and jelliiiiiie."

"You zare mock me with zuh-ch az zat? No and NO again!" with dignity, or so he thinks, Antoine walked away.

Like a rocket, Antoine came back and gobbled the entire sandwich. "Mmmm…uh…No ath no agtih." he said with a full mouth.

As the other laughed, Sonic grinned. "Heh, like anyone can resist?"

After swallowing his bite, Rotor asked, "So Sally, you found out anything about the emeralds?"

The young girl sighed, looking exhausted again, "Vague. I did find out about some scientific reports about some scientists in City Escape. They found an emerald and used it for experiments on Flickies."

"Oh those birds," Sonic muttered. He remembered that adventure two weeks ago, when Eggman tried to, not only gather the emeralds that lied on Flicky Island, but also use the mysterious energies of the mystic birds to create some kind of…living metal...or plastic it seems, because Eggman called the stuff: Project Plax. Luckily, Sonic buried the gunk before Eggman got to really use it. "What about them?"

"Well, Robotnik's robots invaded the lab and took the birds."

"And the emerald I bet!" Face palming himself, Sonic shook his head. "Nice…"

Sally shook her finger. "Nope, because this happened two days before the water monster event started, and if Robotnik took that emerald, wouldn't he use it on Chaos already before we met it?"

Tails nodded, "Yeah! We didn't see him with an emerald before. So what could that mean, Aunt Sally?"

She folded her arms, "Well, reports showed that the researchers placed the emerald on one of the Flickys inside of some lock. Robotnik stole the key, but seeing as that he doesn't have that emerald, I assume that Flicky got away."

"Mah stars, we don't have to find that lil bird, do we shugah? In this here big city, that's like a needle in ah haystack."

Sighing, Sally folded her arms. "We may have to, but yes, it will be difficult. But as for the others, I still haven't made any progress on their locations."

Sonic shrugged as he walked away from the gang. "Eh, they'll turn up eventually."

Setting a fist against her hip, Sally gave him a 'Are you fooling yourself?' look. "What makes you so sure an emerald is gonna pop up for you, like in the news?"

"Cuz I'm the luckiest hedgehog on the planet; that's what."

Rolling her eyes, Sally walked away, heading towards the couch, where Rotor turned on the TV.

"…and two nights ago, as reported by local witness, what was once a bare lagoon outside the Mystic Ruins now holds a mysterious island that just appeared nearly two nights ago. Local researchers are unable to survey the island due to restrictions by G.U.N. officials. And now onto sports."

Seeing the news on TV, Sonic flashed a big grin. "Now that makes things easier!"

Rotor arched a brow. "How so?"

"Cuz where there's a floating piece of rock, there're emeralds!" he then grinned at Sally. "Told ya I'm the luckiest!"

"Good for you," she muttered, bitterly.

Tails shook his head, "But Sonic, you know how Knuckles hates people on his island, right?"

The hedgehog snorted. "Like I shiver under Knux's banana-nose. Come on, Tails, we got an emerald to hunt down!"

Without concern for anything un-nailed, Sonic dashed out the door, creating a gust of wind in the room.

Sally's teeth tightened the more she sustained her anger. "T-Tails…go…keep an eye on him!"

Gulping at her frowning look, Tails flew away.

"We going too?" asked Rotor.

Breathing hard, Sally rubbed her head. "After…we clean up. I don't want Tekno complaining about a mess again."

The gang took a second look at the messy room; Napkins and paper all around the floors.



Angel Island- 10:45 AM

Once the floating piece of Earth that proudly soared over the heavens is now just another average small land floating on the sea. As Knuckles the Echidna gazed at the island from a tall cliff, standing high from the roaring ocean, his mind wonders as his heart was filled with apprehension for his beloved island.

I can't believe it…how could I let this happen again? The last time Angel Island was forced into the ocean was when the Death Egg crashed. The impact neutralized the Master Emerald somehow. And now a new threat destroyed the emerald in front of my very eyes, and I was too weak to stop it.

As the wind forced his hard dreads to flow and the waves crashing on the foot of the cliff, Knuckles opened his eyes at the mighty island. Without and bearings under the rock, the island would sink…Yet it hasn't. As mighty as its guardian, Angel Island never lets go of its life, and it will continue to fight for as long as it could just to breathe the air of Mother Mobius. The island never gave up, and now its guardian was getting thoughts about giving up. Never can Knuckles give up on his home.

"I can't give up, not ever. I have six of the emerald pieces, so that's a good start. It's time to find the rest."

With that, Knuckles spread his arms and tilted his body off the edge of the cliff, making a dive to the ocean, where the sharp rocks await for him. But Knuckles did not give in on the hazardous rocks' wishes as he soared up high from the sea.

Because of heavy winds around this area, Knuckles was carried up higher and higher from the strong ocean, advancing to the island, miles away. He decided that he should check things at the island to see if it was okay. Plus he knew the next three shards are there. Sure he could've snatched those shards in the first place, but Knuckles figured that they would be safe there, plus the ones outside the island would be at great risk from the wrong hands, like Sidewinder, Eggman, or even Sonic.

Okay, so Eggman wasn't interested in the Master Emerald, it seems, but he was responsible for that Chaos creature, not Sidewinder. But what about Sonic, he thought. Was Eggman was telling the truth that Sonic is after the Master Emerald pieces…? Hold on, Eggman never tells the truth, and Knuckles knows that Sonic isn't a bad guy…kind of. Actually he never brought himself to trust that hedgehog. Sure he saved his Master Emerald from Eggman's Death Egg, and sure he came back for him after Mecha Sonic and this…person took the emerald, but still there's something about him he can't trust.

"Why is Sonic after the Master Emerald? Does he need it to fight Chaos?" Knuckles narrowed his face. "Well, whatever the reason is, he's not gonna use it without my permission!"

Knuckles continued his flight down to Angel Island, vowing himself not to let Sonic take the Master Emerald.



Winder Corp- 8:34 AM

This was one of the tallest buildings in Station Sqaure, Winder Corp; a superior business that builds the city of many things, like the robot cops for example. Not many know that the president of this company is the mysterious kingpin of the town that runs most of the crime that goes around the city.

And that kingpin was sitting on his soft chair behind his clean desk, right before a giant window that displays a great view of the cityscape. Yes…one of those villains.

Entering through the giant doors, as if the room was a king's throne room, the white robed woman, Lightmare approached the corporation president. "I believe we have a problem. Dr. Robotnik has gathered three of the emeralds for that monster. He's going to use the emeralds to power up that creature to its ultimate form."

The man behind the chair…well, since the back of the chair faced Lightmare, all you can see is his purple-sleeved arm with a long cigarette in hand. "Really?"

"We did not know the doctor had that creature on his side. This could run a crisis for us, lord if he reaches full level. I don't think Robotnik will hold concern for our company and his deal with us, if he attempts to destroy the city, thus our business."

His arm kept swirling the cigar around. "Well sad for him that I knew full well he was going to foolishly help that creature."

Under her dark hood, Lightmare blinked. "Why did you not tell me this?"

"There was no need to, and you not need to worry of that egg-noramus. You are to be concerned of the guardian and the Master Emerald."

With a fist before her heart, Lightmare bowed. "Yes, of course. Shall I keep sight of him and wait until he gathers all the pieces, Lord Sidewinder?"

Sidewinder motioned the chair to another direction, but still had its back at his associate. "Yes…but still make it convincing; let him be on his guard. Just for fun, that's all."

"As you wish." With that, Lightmare headed back to the doors.

His hand disappeared behind the chair; smoke lifted from it. "Ivo, Ivo…for someone with 300 IQ, you don't take the time to read all of the instructions under the box, do you? Too bad you won't control Chaos. No sir-ee you won't."

The man chuckled wickedly, watching the cityscape.



End of part 6….