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21 Days

Chapter 1 – The day before the winner announcement

Contests. Who doesn't like to win them? I know I would! They're great for publicity and getting famous. But in every dozen, there's a spoiled egg. You got the ones who refuse contests and detests them despite the prize.

That's the way Inuyasha is. Refuses contests beyond hate. Even when the reward is getting to spend three weeks with the hottest, richest, most famous girl in all Tokyo (see A/N)

The day before the winner is announced

College was hectic. Rushing from bed to classes... not fun. Especially when you're not a morning person.

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!...CRUNCH

An extremely tired hanyou, rolled lazily out of bed. "Stupid school..." He grumbled.

Inuyasha Yamasaki, sophomore in college, was a typical half demon student. He received okay grades, had adequate friendships, and a fair amount of luck... yeah, I would say pretty normal, right? WRONG! Today was going to be the last normal day Mr. Yamasaki would have. SO let's hope he enjoys it, ne?

After lazily getting ready (with 5 minutes until classes started, and 7 hours untill school was ended for spring break), Inuyasha dragged himself to class VERY reluctantly.

Once there and half asleep for his first class, the hanyou remembered a very mandatory vote whether or not to have a coed public school. Right now, it was a male private school.

"Hey, you." Someone shouted.

Catching the attention of a younger teen, the boy asked, "Who me?"

"No, that chick next to you! Of course you! Go put yes for that one contest, voting thingy." Inuyasha said angrily. 'Hanging out with some chicks now and then might not be so bad after all...' Inuyasha thought to himself.

"You mean that one for-"

"I just said yes! Sheesh!" Sighing and relaxing in his chair came easily enough now that THAT was off his mind.

"Hey." Someone said from Inuyasha's left.

"AHHHHH!" Inuyasha jumped up in his chair so fast that he fell off. "Damn it Miroku! Don't do that!"

"Do what? Anyway, did you send in your contest paper thing for the-"

"YES! I DID!" Inuyasha shouted loudly.

Miroku's eyes got rather big. "I thought you hated girls?"

"Yea, well, I need some spice in my life." Seeing the perverse grin on his friend's face, he quickly responded back. "I didn't mean like that..."

"I didn't think you'd actually do it Inuyasha! I congratulate you on another step towards your adulthood! Only a few hundred more to go!" The younger of the two males said taking his seat behind his friend.

...And, if you haven't noticed, these two are on completely opposite ends of the world. While we have Inuyasha thinking that Miroku is talking about the "vote", we have Miroku thinking Inuyasha is talking about "the vote." Notice how "votes" vary. Yep different entries. Different pages of the book, different – I'll shut up...

"Inuyasha! Did you put your vote-" Someone asked.

"DAMN IT! YES! EVERYONE GET THIS! I DID PUT IN AN ENTRY! SEE, LOOK! OVER THERE!" The hanyou yelled pointing in the direction of the small corner of the room where several ballot boxes were placed. Including one brought in by a student for the Higurashi contest.

Now, this is simple. You enter your name for a chance to win 21 days with the idol and superstar Kagome Higurashi. And, it's a once in a lifetime thing. Never again will this ever happen.

The only thing is, every guy wants her, every girl wants to be her.

...Except for Inuyasha. He had one too many break-ups already. In fact, his latest one was so bad, they each moved to opposite ends of town and transferred schools JUST to avoid each other (despite their parents arguments). No way was he ever going to fall in love again! No way!

"All done Mr. Yamasaki!" The boy who had put Inuyasha's supposed vote in, said as he walked by.

"Great, you're the best..." Sighing off to sleep again, Inuyasha had no idea what was coming his way...

Around noon, the ballot boxes all over the school, were taken to the main office to then be counted or sent away.

Luckily for the guys, the Higurashi contest winner wouldn't be announced until midnight that night. (Yep, things can get tallied pretty fast when you have a Higurashi paying for the contest!)

Inuyasha sat down at a picnic table outside for a quick lunch before his next class. A loud voice suddenly could be heard over pretty much the entire campus. "Party at Yamasaki's for spring break!"

The hanyou sighed again as the guys all whooped. Inuyasha was basically the most popular guy in school.

"So, are you gonna win those three weeks with Kagome, Yamasaki?" A few guys joked as they walked passed him.

"Yea, and I'm gonna marry the girl, too!" He teased back.

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The day went slowly, but eventually people were showing up at the house. A little liquor here and there (whistles innocently, how'd that get there!) ((I don't know, maybe your fingers just magically typed it there?)) and the TV showing an interview with the girl who'd be giving up her life and popularity for three whole weeks.

About ten minutes to midnight, the guys were crowding around the small television set to watch the girl in a bikini commercial from just a year ago. Sure being 18 now is good, but still... 5 seconds and counting...




"Welcome to tonight's special ceremony dedicated to Kagome Higurashi herself! Let's welcome her shall we?" The announcer spoke. A loud applause could be heard from the audience.

From off stage, the girl of every man's dreams walked on stage looking very elegant. Stepping up to the microphone, all the guys at the Yamasaki residence scooted closer. "Oh, brother..." Inuyasha sighed.

"Hello everyone!" Kagome said cheerfully speaking into the mike. "How are you all today?" A loud applause from the audience was enough for anyone to tell that everything was fine. "I suppose you want to know who the lucky man is, right?" All the guys at Inuyasha's house cheered along with the crowd at the ceremony. "Then let's get to it! Bring out the envelope please!"

A very formal looking man walked out and handed an envelope which was kept in a small ivory box, to the girl. "Oh, look at this!" she said smiling. Taking the lid off then held the envelope in her hand. The girl created so much tension, you could have started a fire. "Okay, the name of the lucky guy in the whole world is..." She opened the unsealed envelope and pulled out a card that everyone knew, held the name of the winner on it.

The next 5 seconds went by so slow in real life. Most of the guys across the globe were holding their breaths and crossing their fingers. Inuyasha sat unconcerned in the darker corner of the room drinking his Mountain Dew all the way! quietly.

"Inuyasha Yamasaki! Of our very own, Tokyo, Japan!" Kagome shouted cheerfully.

Spewing pop for feet, the hanyou was overwhelmed. One, he didn't know the girl, two, he didn't even LIKE her, three, he'd never signed up, and four...it was there...

The guys all turned and looked at the half demon in shock, jealousy, amusement, but most of all, puzzled. They all knew Inuyasha hated girls, so when did he enter – AND WIN!

"THAT LITTLE PUNK! I'LL KILL HIM!" Inuyasha yelled, standing up.

Miroku walked over to his friend and sat him down. "What – the – heck – did – you – do?" he said sounding very confused.

Unable to speak, all Inuyasha could do was groan and sigh.

It was gonna be a long, LONG, LONG, 3 weeks...

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