Chapter 12

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Draco really wasn't as asleep as Harry thought. In fact he was wide awake listening to his mate's conversation. What about his muggle relatives? Did they hurt his beautiful mate? He needed answers and if Harry wouldn't tell him then he would just have to go the one Hermione to get them.

Pretending to stir, Draco opened his eyes. Harry was leaning over him, smiling down at him. "Hey beautiful, are you feeling better?"

"Yeah but I still can't believe it? I had thought he was a friend and to find out he was the one hurting me kind of painful. Now Ron's run off and I really don't think I can lose another friend."

Draco cupped Harry's face and gave him a gentle kiss. "You will not be losing another friend, I will make sure of that. In fact when we get out of here, I will go to Ron apologize for being a git, and if that doesn't work I'll hang him upside down till he sees the error of his ways"

Harry giggled at the thought and leaned down to give his blond mate another kiss. "Thank you for the thought but that might not be the best idea."

"Yeah but it would be fun, now rest and will talk about things later."

Harry stiffened slightly, "What things?"

Draco rubbed Harry's arms, "Oh little thing like your favorite food, hobbies, fears, family, stuff like that."

"Oh…um ok. So later then?"

"Yes later, now sleep."


Ron was confused, he wanted to yell, hit, and pry his best friend from the blond. He had luckily grown up a tad over the years. He knew he needed to calm down before he did something to regret, again. So he ran, and was still running, down stairs, around corners, past suits of armor, he ran as fast as he could. So it wasn't surprising he ended up running to someone.

Blaise Zibini was heading for the great hall when he caught the sent of his mate. Being part vampire, Blaise had been searching for his other half for some time, but unlike vela he couldn't find his mate at any time, no he could only find them if they were in danger of in distress. This was the reason many vampires became blood thirsty killers, they couldn't find their other half. Today, however seemed to be his day, and Blaise quickly headed in the direction of his beloved.

Turning the corner Blaise collided with a red blur. Grabbing hold, he made sure that he took the blunt of the fall. At last, he had his mate in his arms and had no intention of letting go anytime soon. Red hair, as beautiful as the substance that gave him life, was all he could see. Using his right hand, he tilted his head so he could see his future mates face. "Well hello my beautiful Weasley, not that I mind but if you wanted me so much, all you had to do was ask."

A blush rose to Ron's face and he hurriedly tried to get off of the brunette Slytherin. He however, was unsuccessful, since arms tightened around him. "Oh no my lovely mate, I just found you and I will not allow you to go any time soon."

"But I… Wait, mate! I can't, you're a slytherin." Ron stuttered as he struggled to get up.

"If you don't want me to take you right here I suggest you stop that lovely friction you're causing by your squirming."

This stilled Ron instantly. "Can I…we get up?"

"If you insist my beloved, but don't think of running, otherwise I will just have to catch you and take you on the spot." Ron nodded and Blaise reluctantly let go of him

"Now this isn't about house rivalries, I'm part vampire, you're my mate, and there is nothing in this world that will stop me from having you. So you can accept it, I will make you moan from desire as I worship you body, or you don't and I will not be so nice, not to mention the pointless deaths it would cause if others were to get to close to you." Blaise now had Ron backed up into the wall. "So what do you say?"

"If I uh accept can we take this slow? I know from Hermione that it's not too good of an idea to decline a magical being, she was on some kick recently and would shut up about it. Going on and on about veela's and then she went to vampires, and then werewolves but I turned her mid way through the vampires, so I really only half-way know what going on. So first can we go over the important bits first then we can start from there." Ron was speaking a mile a minute but luckily Blaise understood it.

"Hmm… Oh I definitely want to go over the important bits," Blaise cupped Ron's "bit" to emphasize his point, cause a cute squeak from Ron, "But I will take it somewhat slow, as long as you know you are mine."

Ron nodded and allowed himself to be led to an empty class room to talk.

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