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The little girl crept into the room slowly. She wrinkled her nose at the sight on the bed. Her father told her that he wanted to be on the road by 8:00 that morning and he would leave her behind if she wasn't out of bed. She was already out of her pajamas and in her fadded overalls and and white t-shirt, a plaid shirt tied around her waist. She had tried to get her hair up into a pony tail but the hair tie did not agree with her. She had eaten breakfast and brushed her teeth and her father was still not up.
Her father continued to snore loudly. It looked as if he had kicked off his shoes (which were on the floor) and fell into bed. His blankets were underneath him and his head didn't reach the pillows. One of his socks barely clung to his foot and his shirt had crept up his back during the night. His short, grey hair was all of the place, causing the young girl to giggle.
She walked over to the bed and climbed up slowly. His snoring crescendoed for a second as she accidently bumped his arm and then went down to a slight wheezing as she sat next to his head. She poked his nose lightly and leaned into his ear. "Dad?"
The older man let out a groan as he rolled away from his daughter. She let out a tired sigh and moved next to his ear again. "Daddy?"
It was a small response but a response nonetheless. She started to shake his arm. "Daddy?"
Her father smiled to himself, his face out of view of his daughter. He woke up when she bumped his arm. He knew that he had over slept, but sleep just sounded too good. He had been up most of the night packing and had only gotten to bed five hours ago; another hour of sleep wouldn't kill him.
"Dad!" The voice was louder and more persistent. The tugging of his shirt was a sure sign of the child's impatience.
Sleeping for another hour won't kill me but if I don't get up now she'll definitely be the death of me, he thought to himself with a chuckle.
"What's so funny?" his daughter demanded.
He rolled over and grabbed his daughter in a bear hug. She let out a screech in surprise but began laughing as her father covered her in kisses. "Is somebody in a hurry today?" His brown eyes shined with a childish mischief that never left him.
The little girl climbed up onto his chest gave him an eager nod. "You promised that we would go fishing today!"
"I know and we will, Katy. Just give Daddy another hour of sleep."
A similar pair of brown eyes narrowed back at him at the news of their delayed departure, her nose wrinkling again. "You promised."
The pout on her face would have made any man feel sorry. Her sweet, innocent nature made it hard to disappoint her. She's just like her mother, he thought with a tired sigh.
He looked at Katy and smiled. She had been in his life for the last five years, almost six, and she was still a gift to him. She was one of the last things that his wife had left for him. She had his eyes but had her beautiful hair of gold. He couldn't help but smile every time that she came into the room. She was the only thing that kept him together after the death of his wife.
The sudden sound of her voice snapped him out of his thoughts. "Yeah Katy," he answered as he cleared his throat.
"Get up."
With that statement, she got up quickly and ran out of the room laughing. He just smiled. "She is going to be the death of me," he said to himself. Her father sat up in bed slowly and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. The sun filtered in from the window and shined on his night stand, giving off a heavenly glow. He let out a sigh and grabbed the single picture on his night stand. "Good morning, beautiful," he said with a smile.
He traced his finger lightly over the glass. Her smile was still as enchanting as it had always been. Her blue eyes shined and her face glowed. That had been the day when she had told him of Katy. He could remember being shocked, then happy, to extremely panicked. The rules didn't matter to her at that moment though. She just wanted to have a happy, normal life with the man that she loved. So much for normal, he thought bitterly.
He sat the picture back down and got up, pausing to pull his sock back onto his foot. A sheepish grin appeared on his face. He could hear his wife's laughter in his head. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said to nobody in paticular.
"Dad!" Katy was screaming for him from the kitchen. "I'm going to leave without you!"
He laughed to himself as he walked down the hallway. "And just how are you planning to get to Minnesota, Squirt?"
The child ponder to herself, scratching her head. An enlightened look crossed her face. "I'll have Uncle Charlie take me," she beamed.
Her father rolled her eyes. "Give me a half hour and I'll be ready."

Daniel sat alone in his office. He couldn't believe it--Sam was actually alive! All of these years mourning for her loss only to have her home again. It was a miracle! She was in pretty bad shape but she was alive and that was all that mattered. She was alive.
The happiness of her homecoming, however, was also shadowed in sadness. She had been gone for the last five, almost six years. Whatever life she had lived in those missing years was a mystery to everybody but her. They had found her unconcious and she had yet to awaken. She lay asleep in the infimary, her father keeping vigil over her.
What trouble Daniel the most was that Jack was not there. He had more right than anybody to be the one keeping vigil over her. Someone should probably tell him about her, he thought to himself. But why should it be me? He always seems to blow up at me when something goes wrong. This is a job for Hammond or even Jacob.
Daniel leaned back in his chair. The thought of telling Jack had been plagueing his mind for the last couple of hours. Everybody had been so busy with taking care of Sam that they had forgotten about her other living half. The thought of contact him didn't even occur to Daniel until he listened to his messages on his phone, hearing one from Katy asking if he was going to go fishing.
The phone seemed to grow to become the biggest object on his desk. Daniel continued to stare at the inanimate object until it was the only thought in his mind. Without hesitation, he reached for the phone and dialed, waiting for someone to pick up on the other end.

Katy started to cheer and holler, jumping up and down in the kitchen. "We're going fishing! We're going fishing!" she chanted over and over again.
Jack laughed at her antics but stopped when the phone started to ring. "Would you quiet down, Squirt?" he asked as he reached for the phone.
"I got it!" she screamed as she lunged for the phone. Her father tried to grab the phone before his hyper five year old but she beat him to it. "Hello!"
"Hi Katy. It's Daniel."
The smile on her face got even bigger. "Hi Uncle Danny! Are you coming fishing with us?"
There was a pause on the other end. "Um...no, honey. I'm not. Is your dad there?"
"Yeah." She looked at her extremely confused father and giggled.
"Can I talk to him?"
"Sure," and she handed the phone to her dad.
Jack grabbed the phone from her and put his hand over the reciever. "Go and finish packing up the car, Squirt. I'll be right out there." Katy pouted and then turned and walked out to the car.
He smiled and put the phone up to his ear. "Hey Danny. How's it going?"
"Pretty good. So you're going fishing?"
"Yeah, I've been promising Katy for the last three weeks that I'd take her back to the camp. I kept pushing it back but now I fear if I don't I won't live to talk about it," Jack finished with a little laugh.
"Yeah, you have to love them at the age. Um...Jack?"
The ex-colonel could sense that his friend had something important to tell him. "What is it, Danny? Or rather, should I ask where do I have to go now?"
"No, no, no, no, no! It's not like that at all, Jack. We know how you feel about the gate after..." He paused. "Um...we just know how you feel about going through the gate now that you have Katy. It's just that um...somebody came through and..."
"And?" Jack was getting a little annoyed at his friend's secretive antics. "Who came through? Thor?"
"Okay then. One of the Tok'ra? Jacob, perhaps?"
"Um...yeah. And someone else."
Jack let out an agitated sigh. "Look Danny, I'm about to leave for a well earned vacation and I can't play these guessing games right now. Who the hell is so important that I have to play a game of twenty questions before I can leave?"
Silence filled the other end of the line. "Maybe you should come down here and see for yourself."
The older man rubbed his eyes. "Danny," he growled.
"Just trust me, Jack."
A click at the other end of the line signaled to Jack that his friend had hung up on him. He slammed the phone back down on the charger and started to curse under his breath.
"Are we still going fishing?"
He whirled around to see Katy standing in the doorway. Her face was etched in sadness and her big, brown eyes stared back at him. "Uh, Uncle Danny needs some help down at the base. Can fishing wait?"
A little sigh escaped her lips. "You promised."
Jack closed his eyes wearily. "I know, Squirt. But somebody important is here to visit me and I have to go see them." Wish I knew who, though, he thought angerily to himself.
"You always have something else to do." Tears started to come to the little girl's eyes.
Jack smacked himself mentally. "Don't cry, Katy. It shouldn't take me all day. We can leave later."
Her angry and saddened eyes stared back at him, little sniffles escaping her. "Can I ride up there with Uncle Charlie?"
He stopped and thought about it. Kawalsky was going to meet him up there later that day. "I'll go give him a call."
Jack picked up the phone and dialed in his friend's number. "Please pick up," he whispered to himself.
"This is he. Jack?"
"Yeah, um...I have a huge favor to ask you."

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