Author: Jackie W.


Summary: A celebration is in order

They stopped to pick up Daniel on the way to the commissary, and through the first part of the exchange Sam sat back and watched in amusement as Jack tried to convince Daniel to take a break. Daniel, being Daniel, perversely decided he was too busy.

"Come on Daniel, we're celebrating," Jack commanded.

"Jack, I said I'm busy. You've got Sam to bug, you don't need me," Daniel protested.

"Carter, want to help me out here?" Jack requested.

"Sorry, Sir. You are on your own," Sam replied.

"Thank you Sam," Daniel began, then froze with his mouth open.

"That's a nice look, Daniel," Jack teased him. "I told you we were celebrating. Are you coming?"

But Daniel had already swept Sam up into a hug and was beginning to babble to her.

"This is so great! I can't believe you're talking. Did something happen to cause a breakthrough or did you just start?" his inquisitive mind was moving faster than his mouth could possible spit out the questions.

"Daniel!" Jack yelled causing his friend to pause. "You're going to scare her into silence again. She's back! Just enjoy it. Course she's still calling me Sir, which is annoying," Jack complained.

Sam just shrugged. It was another ingrained habit she was planning on breaking, but was once again waiting for just the right moment. Her mind instantly provided a few scenarios and she hid a smile. Jack eventually dragged the two of them down for the promised cake. Then they wandered by Hammond's office where Jack pointedly asked the General to order Carter to stop calling him 'Sir'.

Hammond sighed in resignation at O'Neill's antics. "Are you sure you want me to do that Jack? She's likely to come up with another title that while accurate might not be appropriate."

"Yeah Jack, something she's been dying to say to your face for seven years. You have no control over her now," Daniel pointed out.

"Carter's too proper for that, Daniel," Jack dismissed the idea.

"Don't be too sure….. Sir," Sam warned. "I don't have to bite my tongue anymore. 'Sir' might be safer."

They all enjoyed the look of stunned happiness on the General's face as he realized that she had just spoken. Sam was once again enveloped in a heartfelt hug. Before it could get too emotional Jack came to the rescue.

"So I'm thinking, barbecue, my place, Saturday. Do you think we could get a message to Teal'c, General?" he announced.

"Certainly, Jack," Hammond agreed.

"Great. Carter can call Cassie and get her to come home for the weekend," Jack grinned.

"I'm looking forward to it," Hammond said. "Oh, and Jack. You know you can stop calling Sam 'Carter' as well," the General pointed out with a twinkle in his eye.

Jack met the look with a mischievous one of his own. "Sure thing George."

By Saturday Sam had pretty much taken care of the business of letting people know she was no longer incommunicado. The laughter filled phone called to Cassie had been followed a couple of days later by a more somber one to her brother Mark. Several sessions with McKenzie had assured the man that Sam was coping just fine with this latest breakthrough, and a call to Pete had let him know that it was officially over between them, although she was sure he had known it already.

Friday night found the four previous members of SG1playing poker amid a lot of joking and story telling. Cassie had gone out with friends, and returned to smile and shake her head as she found the members of her adopted family spread out all over Jack's house. Teal'c was in the spare room, Daniel was sprawled out on the sleeper sofa in the den, and she assumed Jack was behind the closed door of his bedroom. Which begged the question of just where Sam was. Her Volvo was still parked outside, but she was nowhere to be seen. Unless of course… Cassie eyed the closed bedroom door with a raised eyebrow.

Sam was indeed curled up next to Jack, although they were both relatively clothed, Jack in sweatpants and a T-shirt, Sam in an old jersey and running shorts. As Daniel and Teal'c had both headed off to get some sleep she had hesitated on her way to crash in her old room. How did she put this so he understood? As usual Jack read her mind.

"Are you still having nightmares?" he asked in concern.

She nodded, and glanced at his bedroom hesitantly as if asking permission.

"You are always welcome to sleep with me, Sam. I've missed having you in my arms since you moved out," Jack admitted and was rewarded by a grateful smile.

"I've missed you too," she agreed.

Silently she wondered if even a house full of people was going to prevent her from jumping the man. But then she grinned. No she had very definite plans for the first time she made love to Jack. It could wait until everyone left on Sunday. Then he wouldn't know what had hit him.

The next day dawned bright and sunny. Although the weather was getting cooler it was still a perfect day for being outdoors. No one had made any comments on the sleeping arrangements of the night before, nor did they even raise an eyebrow when Sam curled up next to Jack on the couch to watch the movie the group had chosen after Hammond and his granddaughters had left. They couldn't help but smile when by the end she had fallen asleep with her head in his lap though.

"Daniel, would you wipe that smirk off your face and go turn down my bed for sleeping beauty?" Jack hissed, then he turned to Teal'c. "A little help T? I think my left leg is asleep," he sighed. He really hated these little reminders of how old he was.

Between the four of them they got Sam tucked in and then the others headed off to sleep themselves. They had decided to have a big group breakfast in the morning before Teal'c and Cassie had to leave so they were all spending the night again. Jack climbed into bed next to Sam and as she shifted to get comfortable up against him he wondered if he should go tell the others to get a hotel room. Instead he forced his breathing to match that of his sleeping companion until he finally relaxed and drifted off himself.

In the morning the atmosphere was slightly more subdued. Who knew when they would all get together like this again? Although if Jack had his way it would be soon and would involve the blond currently sipping coffee out of his favorite mug becoming his wife. She looked up and smiled at him just then and he had to remind himself to breathe.

Daniel offered to take Teal'c back to base, and Jack was taking Cassie to catch a train back to college, so Sam said her good-byes and then left herself. However she didn't go far, and when she saw Jack's truck pull out of his drive and head off she pulled back in, opened the garage and unloaded the things she needed. Then she went inside and made herself comfortable.

When Jack got back he was surprised but pleased to find the Volvo in the garage. He left his truck in the drive and went in through the front door and almost tripped over the gear sitting there. Fishing gear. Brand new fishing gear that he had never seen before. He turned towards the living room where he heard soft music. Sam was sitting curled up on the couch, shoes off, a map of Minnesota spread out on her lap. She looked up with a smile when he entered.

"Carter?" he queried.

"Sam," she corrected.

"Sam," Jack began again, "Whatcha doing?"

"Trying to find just where this mythical cabin is," she said, her attention seemingly going back to the map.

"Why?" he inquired.

"Because I'm planning on spending a lot of time there," she said holding her breath as he settled next to her.

"It's here," Jack told her, pointing to the spot on the map.

She could feel his breath on her neck as he looked over her shoulder and she dared to look up at him only to find herself mesmerized by his eyes.

"How much time were you thinking?" Jack asked her.

"As long as you'll have me, Jack" she replied pleased by the way his breath caught at her use of his name.

He removed the map from her fingers and reached a hand around to the back of her head to pull her close. Just as their lips were about to meet he paused.

"So 30 or 40 years then?" he confirmed.

She didn't have a chance to answer verbally, but he took her actions over the next several hours to mean she was ok with that plan.

The End