Summary: What if Usagi wasn't able to cope with the break up, not just because she couldn't be around her soul mate, Mamoru, but also due to the little rabbit that came in and constantly tried to make her jealous and that was always nagging and putting her down. So what does our favourite Odangoed rabbit do?

Author's Notes: This idea came to me rather randomly, all right I was sick of reading fan fictions where Mamoru or the other scouts betrayed Usagi. This one has no bashing of that sort and I'm not sure exactly where I'm going with this or if I'm going to continue or not. That really depends on the responses I get to this. The couple is already picked out and is going to be Usagi/Mirai Trunks. Anyone who doesn't like that, too bad I'm the author so what I say goes. Oh and I like English spelling better so it'll be slightly different in the wording than most people are used to. Sorry. Anyway standard disclaimers apply because I do not have nearly enough money to own either show. Anyone with suggestions for me or wants to proofread please do e-mail or IM me as I am willing to hear anything. My new screen name for AIM is sheatemeup, all one word. Yeah I know weird name but I'm a Radiohead freak… I can't help it. Sorry for taking so long! Go ahead and read the story and I hope you enjoy!

Usagi's Choice~ Chapter One~ The Parting

A small whimpering sound came from the darkened corner of the tiny bunny filled room. The petit figure huddled there looked utterly distraught as it hugged its knees closer to its chest. A curtain of silvery blonde hair cascaded around the lithe body and seemed almost like a golden waterfall of silk.

A knock on the door made the person's head snap up and focus on the poster covered, pink door. The tear filled eyes were deepened beyond the normal colour of sapphire.

"Usa-chan, honey dinner's ready if you want to come down now…" Came the female voice through the door. Her Kaa-san.

A small half-hearted smile lit the normally cheerful teenager's pale, tear stained face. Her Kaa-san always knew when she was hurting and normally Usagi confided in her. She had even gone as far as to tell her Kaa-san that she was the famous Scout of the Moon and after the initial shock her Kaa-san had helped her each time she came home from a difficult battle.

The smile fell. This time was different though. Her mother would not understand all the pain she was going through. And even if she could what help could she really be? She couldn't make her Mamo-chan come back.

It felt as if Mamoru had lodged one of his steel tipped roses right into her heart, effectively shattering the young woman's dreams. And of course it didn't help that the little pink haired spore was always on her case about something or other.

"No Mama, I'm not really hungry right now. Maybe I'll come down later." Her voice was hoarse from the hours she had spent crying over what she had lost.

Ikuko frowned on the other side of her daughter's oak door, but didn't pry. "All right sweetheart. I'll save a dish for you."

Usagi heard her Kaa-san's footsteps as she walked down the stairs to join the rest of the family, and once she was gone Usagi stood slowly. "I'm sorry Mama… I hope that you, Papa, and Shingo can forgive me… I love you." The rabbit slowly reached for the small razor on her desk and brought it, trembling to her wrist. "I'm sorry I couldn't be what you wanted and needed Mamo-chan…" Without truly thinking her decision through she pressed the blade to her flawless skin and drew it back towards her elbow.

Blood poured from the ugly wound as she dropped the razor and slid to her knees. She had wanted to do the other arm as well, but now had no energy left to attempt it. She gave one last wry smile. She couldn't even kill herself properly.

She closed her eyes tiredly. "I'm sorry…"

Mamoru's head snapped up, panic filling his already tormented midnight eyes. His tanned hand came up to his heart that had strangely missed a beat. A sharp pain went through it and his left forearm and for a moment he sat still, dumbstruck, before it hit him. "Usako.."

Dreading the truth he quickly stumbled to his feet and grabbing his beloved, however ugly green blazer, he was out of the apartment in record time, sprinting to his love's house.

Once the quaint two story dwelling came into view he gave a small sigh. Nothing looked unusual, but he couldn't shake the feeling of disaster.

He pounded on the front door and ran past a shocked Shingo, taking the stairs three at a time and throwing his rabbit's door open.

Near the window lay the crumpled form of his precious hime, a large puddle of crimson beneath her deathly white skin.

He stepped forward, unbelieving, unwilling to believe his Tenshi was gone from his side.

Collapsing near her body he felt tears sliding unbidden down his cheeks, yet he ceased to care at this point. In fact, nothing mattered to him now that his Tenshi ceased to draw breath.

The Tsukino's, who had followed the half crazed Mamoru stared in absolute horror at their once bouncy bunny.

None of them could find anything to say, and even if they had their throats were too chocked with sobs. And Ikuko was the first to let out a strangled cry as she turned into her husband's chest.

Even Chibi-Usa was crying hysterically. For all the grief she gave Usagi she cared about her, more than any other that was in the past. The young girl reminded her of her own Kaa-san as she took care of her whenever she really needed it, and was always there to protect her, no matter how bratty she would get.

Mamoru reached out with his shaking hand to touch Usagi's skin, which even in death was warm to the touch. He gently began to shake her. "Usako this isn't funny! Open your eyes! Please Usako!" He continued pleading weakly and brokenly with her, his sorrow filled eyes overflowing with tears, tears that the rabbit had shed for him just earlier. "Usa… I'm so sorry… Please wake up!"

To Be Continued

Tell me what you all think of it! Otherwise I'll have no reason to finish it… well at least to post it. Dragon Ball and the purple haired wonder should come in next chapter. Promise!