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A/N Hello everybody! I'm posting my first poem on FF.net simply because
I've got writers block and can't continue my other fics for now but don't
worry, I'll continue writing 'em as soon as I get an idea on what should
happen next. So, here is my first ever attempt at poetry on FF.net...
***I AM MINT***

I-Immature, this they call me
But AH to them I'll show
The GREATEST I was born to be
More than they'll EVER know

A-ALONE for 3 years I've searched the world
For a relic to call MY own
More through action than through word
I found out that I've GROWN

M-Mistakes in the past
I KNOW I have commit
But to FORCE me to grow up fast?

before I was driven out of HOME
yet traveling I HAVE grown to adore
a paradox since I HATED to roam

I-Intelligence is not quite all
Required of the one on the THRONE
BE proud and stand tall
I'm NOT just a heart of stone

N-NEVER will I ever give up
I SHALL reach my goal
To be one who RULES on top
One with the MOST important role

T-Try hard as they might
They can never fathom
How one who loves to fight
Is fit to rule this kingdom

Behold! I AM MINT
An enigma in the eyes of all
In my blood there is a tint
Of fight, to get up when I fall

A/N Well? How was it? Please leave a review to tell me if I do have a
chance to be a good poet. Till then, Ja ne. ^_~