February 5th, 2004

It was whopping sixty degrees in the California sun as Faith looked at her wristwatch. From the time displayed on her digital watch Sundown was a mere thirty minutes away and it would be time to continue fulfilling the destiny that the power's that be had selected her for; killing vampires, demons and other nasty things that go bump in the night. Faith felt a chill roll down her spin and not sure what it was kept her hands loose and ready to fight whatever might be setting off her "slayer sense". The five foot five inch slayer slowly turned her head and watched as a police cruiser slowly drove past her and turned the corner. Faith sighed and loosened up after it was gone. A year ago if that same police cruiser had seen her the officers in question would most likely have stopped, jumped out and drawing their weapons at the sultry looking brunette in the hopes of trying to bring in one of America's Most Wanted. Faith's nerves finally managed to settle down as the knowledge that she was no longer a wanted fugitive comforted her.

Faith, upon learning that Angel had reverted to being Angelus, had broken out of prison and aided the only person to truly believe in her in restoring that very same soul. Afterwards Faith then traveled to Sunnydale to help Buffy Summers and her army of potential slayers in battling The First. When the dust of Sunnydale cleared Faith, with Robin Wood in tow went on a well-deserved vacation. During said vacation she received a phone call from Angel, who had finally managed to track her down, and informed her using the vast resources at Wolfram and Hart that were now at his disposal, had managed to expunge her criminal record.

Faith still vividly remembered dropping the phone and falling to the ground upon hearing this news. When she recovered Angel told her that she was now free to openly help those that needed it without the worry that a passing police officer with orders to "shoot first ask question later" didn't do such a thing. Faith, wanting to redeem herself, tried to have Angel undo his kind gesture but the two hundred and fifty plus year old vampire would hear none of it and sent her on her way. Faith just said thanks and did as her friend requested.

Angel knew that Faith was a good person who had overcome a lot of adversities to get to this point in her life and getting her off the hook was the least he could do to show his appreciation for all her help in restoring her soul. Besides, she was wasting her abilities in prison; she needed to be out in the world atoning for her crimes, not locked up thinking about them. Shortly after defeating the first and the destruction of Sunnydale Robin Wood, Faith's current love interest, was offered a key position by Rupert Giles in the new Watcher's Council that he and Buffy were organizing. With his school destroyed and his personal mission fulfilled Robin felt he simply could not pass this opportunity up. Faith on the other hand was in no hurry to jot off to Europe to work with a bunch of stuffy prim and proper Brits who may or may not have at one time tired to kill her. Faith begrudgingly told Wood that she had decided to stay in the U.S.

Completely understanding where the girl was coming from the two decided just to remain good friends, an alien concept for Faith to be sure, and parted on good terms. To this day the duo stayed in touch regularly. Faith was still reminiscing when her cell phone went off bringing her back to reality.

"Faith here, what's the sitch?" The dark haired girl asked not looking at her phone's Caller ID.

"Faith, its Angel." The broody vampire said in a depressed tone even for him.

"Hey soul boy, how's it going at Hell Incorporated?" Faith asked teasing the vamp.

She knew that Buffy and the crew didn't particularly trust Angel and his team right now but was not willing to turn her back on him... not after everything Angel had done for her.

"I thought you ought to know, even though you weren't that close... Cordelia passed away last night."

"Angel... I'm so sorry." Faith said offering him her condolences. She knew very well that Angel had cared very deeply for her prior to being possessed by a higher power.

"Thanks. The funeral will be held in a couple of days, just as soon as Xander and Dawn fly in." Angel stated.

"I'll be there big guy. Like you said, Queen C... I mean Cordy and I weren't the closest but girl was one of the good ones and deserves a proper funeral." Faith stated.

"Thanks Faith, I'll send a car for you before the funeral." Angel said then ended the phone call.

Another soldier down in the war against evil. Faith thought to herself. Anya and numerous new slayers fell during the Battle of Sunnydale that was held inside the Hellmouth, now Cordelia was joining them. "Not sure how much more of this I can take." Faith mumbled to herself. The average life span of a slayer till recent times was mid twenties. Even if Buffy surpassed that number the girl had already died twice saving the world, and as everyone says third times the charm. Faith herself barely recovered from the comma Buffy put her in, and she was seventeen at the time.

The twenty-two year old slayer decided that she would take a short cut through the park in the hopes of rooting out any evil (supernatural or not) and working out some of the frustration she was feeling upon the revelation of Cordy's death. The sun was now bellow the horizon and the first group of vampires made their presence known to the brunette slayer immediately.

"Step on up boys... Class of Pain 101 is now in session." Faith declared as she dash forward and dispatched the first growling vampire by ramming her wooden stake through the vamp's un-beating heart. Faith then prepared to do the same with his partners.

Vampire number two, a rather short and dumpy looking vampire attempted to knock Faith down with a foot sweep that the alert slayer back flipped out of the way of and landed just out of range of his partner who had jump kicked her. Vampire number three was almost six feet tall and had a rather athletic build to him. Faith tossed the vampire a stake utterly confusing him and surprisingly his partner. This was exactly what Faith had hoped to accomplish (just not expecting the second vamp to be as stupid). Faith, second stake in hand, hurled the wooden weapon at the bewildered vamp and watched she he turned to dust before her and the other vampire's eyes. Dumpy, realizing that he was up against a vampire slayer all by himself opted to run away as fast as his short legs could carry him. He was about ten feet away when he heard Faith call out to him.

Faith watched as the incredibly dense vampire turned to look at her without stopping. The vampire had failed to notice the rather large tree with the pointy broken branches and impaled himself on one of them.

"God I love the stupid ones." Faith uttered to herself as she picked up her stakes and proceed to root out any more vampires lurking about.

She had a lot issues to work out and the night was very young.