What If

***Ulrich POV***

I hold the blade to neck. One quick movement and it would all be over. The flashbacks, the screams... it's just too much.

Sure, I have three great friends, but it use to be... four.

She was my best friend, I wanted it to be more... but I never got the chance.

I ran as fast as I could. I saw her fall, fall in the pit Lyoko.


I can still hear her yell, a yell for help. But I wasn't fast enough.

What if I was faster, what if I jumped in and tried to save her. What if... what if... the world is just one big what if.

When we went back in time, Jeremy said he had this program that might bring her back. We tried it, no go.

The only way she's still alive is virtual. She's only a hologram, a lot of data stored in a chip. I can't be friendly to a computer. I need to hold her body, feel the heat that comes off of her, and I need to see her real eyes. Not those fake... whatever you want to call them.

When we told her parents she was dead, they didn't look sad. They actually looked happy. I heard her dad say "What a pity, I'm sorry you lost a friend." You lost a daughter asshole. I guess she was a bother to them, but to me, she was everything.

Od, he's kinda cool. Sure a little rough around the edges, but he was the one who could keep his head on straight in the most stressful times.

But when we knew we couldn't bring her back, he was down on the floor, crying his eyes out.

Jeremy tried to keep cool, but he broke down to.

Even Aelita cried. There was nothing she could do to help things.

So now I sit here, in my room, about to kill myself, I but a smile on my face.

She is dead, so she should be up in heaven, waiting for me. I can't wait to hold her and tell her the words I was always to embarrassed to say.

With a quick movement of the blade across my neck I scream... "I LOVE YOU YUMI!!!"... and it ends.


Okay, that was a bit... weird. I, umm... usually don't write things this... off. Oh well. I get weirder ever day and life goes on. R&R please. Flames are welcome, just to make them to mean, not that I get hurt or anything, I find it kinda amusing really. Well, later.