Robin stretched, looked at the clock, and smiled to see that it was quitting time. She hadn't particularly wanted to work on her eighteenth birthday, but she had a sense of duty, and after all, Amon would be in the office all day. She never had told him the day upon which she celebrated her birth.
"Robin?" Dojima asked. "That's a gorgeous diamond. Where did you get it? When did you get it?"
Robin looked up as if she had been startled by the question. "Oh, this? I thought Amon was going to explain." She said, lying teasingly as she glanced across the room at her (still secret) lover. Amon snorted and looked up at the clock. He gently moved the cat, which had become a mascot of sorts and now stayed at the office from his lap, and met Robin as she came across the room to meet him. The two of them scandalized everyone in the room as Amon slipped his arm around Robin's waist and kissed her. He turned the Dojima and said quite calmly,
"My wife and I will be taking a couple of weeks off so that we can enjoy a honeymoon."
And with that simple, shocking statement, he led her out the door, his arm firmly still around her waist.

She began to sigh with resignation as she felt the burning sensation take her mind. Absently, she wondered whether she would dream tonight of the first Factory fire, the bio bomb exploding (Amon had it removed! she reminded her subconscious), shooting Solomon, or the victims of the second Factory fire she had caused.
She rolled over in her sleep and smiled as her nose filled with Amon's scent. The pressure filed away as instead she felt warm lips on her own, and a hotter body pressing tightly to hers. His mouth trailed down her neck, across her shoulder blade, lower yet, as his hands passed freely over her body...

Robin awoke smiling, and her eyes were drawn to the sunrise that was visible through a crack in the curtain. It blazed brightly, a fire of new hope lighting up the sky. Her head was pillowed on Amon's shoulder, and she moved slightly to look at him. His eyes met her own, and he gently kissed her forehead.
"Still dreaming of fire, Little Bird?" He asked. She rolled to face him completely, holding him near. Gently, he massaged her shoulder blades and back. She sighed happily,
"Yes, Amon. Our fire."