New Story! Wow!

The front door bell echoed in the rooms of the T-Tower. Starfire said she was going to get it and flew to the entrance. She put up her best smile and opened the door: all she saw was an enormous bunch of flowers, with two tiny legs under it.

"Oh, what's this? A walking vegetable? This planet is always full of surprise! Please, enter, mysterious creature!"

"Thanks, this is really heavy..."

"You talk too? Friends! Come here and look who had rang!"

The titans reached slowly their friend, and looked curiously at the flowers Starfire was staring at. They looked each others in the eyes and then began to laugh. Robin, between the laughs tried to explain the mystery to Starfire:

"Star, it's simply the delivery-man! It's not a walking vegetable!"

In that moment the man emerged between the flowers to confirm what Robin was saying. He looked the Titans and said:

"I must deliver this to one of you, please sign here."

"Who sent them? For who they are?" asked Robin, suspicious.

"I dunno... I'm just the delivery-man, and I'm in a hurry, so please would you sign?"

"Yes, sorry" said Robin and took the paper to sign up. He was about signing when he remembered he couldn't use his real name, so passed it to Beast Boy.

"Please, B.B., sign for me".

"Awh, man... here you are!"

"Thanks, goodbye."


When the man finally left, they surrounded the bunch of flowers and started wondering who was the sender.

"It is surely from one of my admirers! I hope it's a girl, a cute one!" said Beast Boy morphing into a bee, and sniffing the flowers.

"Well, we'll know now: here there's a message, let's see..."

On the top of the bunch there was a white envelope, closed. Robin took it ad turned it; the smile on his face become an expression full of surprise and confusion.

"Hey, guys, it looks like those are for Raven!"

Only in that moment they noticed she wasn't there with them.