Taken from Starfire's diary:

Gotham City, 7- 4 – 20XX

Dear Diary, We're here, in Bruce Wayne's mansion, waiting for something that probably will never come. We left Jump City four days ago, but I still can't believe that we did it. We left. No more teen titans, just four scared teenager without a place to live. We have already faced the menace of the total annihilation of our friendship, but the perpetrator were always villains, gifted by powers similar to ours; now we have to face the rage of the common people, the hardest menace we've ever faced. Time will heal our hurts, but rage last forever, I'm sure of it. I've already tested this sentence in my home planet, and here things aren't much different. Maybe it'd be better for us to find another city and see if they need some help... I hate staying all day long without nothing to do. The others think that it's still not safe to go outside... The people around here don't know that we're are, because, otherwise, we'd have to go away another time.... My friends are changed a lot in the last period: Cyborg is always playing videogames, but it's clearly that without Beast Boy they're boring. He usually plays them for half an hour before becoming depressed and irritated. He still blame himself for Beast Boy's death. Like Robin. He changed the most: he was the "leader", he was we trusted most, and he felt like he betrayed us, because he had been unable to protect us. I don't blame nor him nor Cyborg. This thing just happened, and we can't do nothing. We can only help the survivors and the memory of the deaths: Paul and Beast Boy. And Terra. We all believed that she was our friends, and she backstabbed us. But she was an innocent victim like us, in the end. Raven is the only survivor of this story, even if something of her died with Paul and B.B. She hasn't changed much, she's only more reserved than usual. I think that since we moved here, we hardly exchanged three words, and two of them were "hello". I want to help her, but she'd built around her a wall which is too high for me. I hope that one day she'll open a little window in it, so I can fly in there and help her to destroy it.


"Yes, Robin? Enter, the door is open". Starfire closed her diary and watched the boy wonder entering in her new room in Bruce's mansion.

"Hey, Star, I've got something to show you, the others are already downstairs..."

"Ok, let's see..." said she, following his paces out the room, and downstairs, in the secret refuge of Batman. In the middle of the room there was a huge television screen. The face of Slade was lightening all the area. The others were standing in front of it, looking emotionlessly.

"It's a recorded message. Let's play it" said Robin, and a dark shadow passed on his face.

"Hello titans... I have a little surprise for you..."

from the darkness behind Slade, Terra emerged. She had a broken leg and a long scar on the right side of her face.

"She's not dead, as you can see... But I'm sorry that you little Beast Boy is... But I'm not here to waste time chatting. Now that you're history, here in Jump City, I was about to conquer it, if you don't mind... I'm going to smash all the people that hated you and made you go away. That's all. They're gonna pay, you'll just have to sit down and enjoy the show. Bye Titans!"

The screen went black. The message was finished. The communicator on the belt of Robin started to ring. Raven looked at it emotionlessly and said: "it's the major that asks for our help". They already knew it. Now they had to choose: stay or go.

"What about now, Titans?" said Robin, in a doubtful voice.


This chapter sucks.