Band Geeks!!!!!
Chapter 1

Kagome's all girl high school afternoon announcements


"GOOD AFTERNOON FEUDAL HIGH!!!!!I would like to congratulate the Feudal High Marching Band for their perfect score at state. Perfect ones all around. Well here's a twist the marching band will be attending NATIONALS!!!!! CONGRADULATIONS!!!! This is a first. We have never been to nationals. Well it will be held at Jewel University. Yes I said Jewel University. The best marching band school in the area. You will be leaving tomorrow morning at 6am. We already called your parents and they all okayed these people to go. They are as follows Kikyou Souls on flute, Kagura Fans on saxophone, Kagome Higurashi on flute, Kanna Reflections on drums, Sango Rang on clarinet, Rin Loyals on trumpet, Ayame Claws on trombone, Yuka Plaster on tuba..............(They continue with the names). Well congratulations to those people. Don't forget, tomorrow morning at 6am. A bus will be there to take you. Again congratulations and have an EXCELLENT time," said the announcer. After hearing that the whole band went crazy.

"I can't believe it! We're going to nationals," said Rin very excited. "I know. I can't believe it. Our band never made it before," said Sango just as excited. "I wonder what other schools are going," pondered Ayame. "I hope there will be HOT guys," said Kagome. "Cool it Kagome. You already have a boyfriend," said Sango. "No I don't. I broke up with him. He was cheating on me. I hate Hojo now. I leave to go back to school and he cheats on me. Boy am I glad that I don't go to a coed school," said Kagome. "At least you had a boyfriend," said Rin. "Yeah, HAD," said Kikyou the snob. "Yeah I HAD a boyfriend. That's more than you'll EVER have," said Kagome overly confident. "As a matter of fact I have a boyfriend. You can meet him tomorrow. He is going to nationals as well,'' said Kikyou. "Who cares about your worthless boyfriend," said Ayame standing up for her friend. "We care. And he is not worthless," said Kikyou's squad.(The squad consists of Kagura, and Kanna)."Come on. Lets get out of here. We have to go pack," said Rin pushing all her friends out the door. "Awe!!! Is the little baby scared," taunted Kagura. "NO. I just don't want to get into trouble," said Rin leaving. Kagome, Rin, Sango, and Ayame left the band room and went to their lockers to get their stuff.


"Good afternoon Tama High. I would like to say congrats to all the people who follow Inuyasha Swords, Miroku Wind, Naraku Baboon, Kouga Wolf, Sesshomaru Swords.............(went on with the list). You are going to nationals. Tomorrow the bus is leaving for Jewel University. It leaves at 6am. Don't be late. You will be gone for 2 months. You will be dormed with either your fellow band members or band members from opposing schools. Don't fail us. Good afternoon," said the boring announcer.

"Whoa! Dude! Did you hear that," asked Kouga all excited. "We're going to nationals! That rocks," said Miroku just as excited. "Not really. I heard it is absolutely boring if you don't get dormed with a funny or good looking person," said Inuyasha calmly. "We get dormed with girls," asked Miroku pervertedly. "Yeah. I heard that someone got hooked up at nationals," said Sesshomaru very calmly. "I wouldn't say so. They wouldn't dorm you guys up with any ladies. I myself hope I get dormed with my girlfriend, but slight chance," said Naraku. "You have a girlfriend. That is so funny," said Kouga 'laughing'. Naraku just walked away. "I heard that an all girls school is being admitted," said Sesshomaru getting up. "I don't think any good looking girls would be in the band. I mean who would want to be a band geek," said Inuyasha getting up as well. "Come on. There has to be some good looking girls there," said Miroku. "Yeah and all of them would be band geeks," said Inuyasha walking away form his friends. Sesshomaru followed his younger brother. "Man they have serious issues," said Miroku walking towards his locker.

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