Band Geeks
Chapter 8

Kagome started to toss and turn as if she was having a nightmare. Inuyasha was still outside staring at the stars. "Inuyasha, where are you? I need...." Said Kagome in her sleep. Inuyasha looked up at peered inside the cave. He stared at her weirdly. She kept on tossing and turning. Inuyasha walked back out to the shore. What is up with her? I hope she's okay thought Inuyasha. "INUYASHA!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU," shouted Kagome still sleeping. Inuyasha ran into the cave and started to wake her up. Kagome swatted him away. Inuyasha shake her. Kagome's eyes opened slowly. "Inuyasha," asked Kagome. "What," asked Inuyasha. Kagome shot up and hugged him. She started to cry. Not again thought Inuyasha.

"I was so scared. They killed her. They killed her! Why wasn't I there," said Kagome into Inuyasha's chest. "What killed who," asked Inuyasha. "They killed her and I wasn't there to save her!" said Kagome pulling back. She slowly got up and walked to a cave wall. She started to bang her head on it. Inuyasha ran over to her and stopped her. "Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself," said Inuyasha. "I was so stupid. I just had to leave her when she needed me the most," cried Kagome leaving Inuyasha and running out to the beach. Inuyasha followed. Kagome ran into the water and started thrashing and hitting the water like it was the enemy. She started crying and fell down in the water.

Inuyasha ran up to her. "I was so stupid," said Kagome slapping the water. Inuyasha stared at her. "What is wrong with you," asked Inuyasha. Kagome ignored him. He walked up to her and tried to pick her up but she got up and ran into deep water. Inuyasha was getting scared. Inuyasha ran up to Kagome and quickly picked her up. He brought her back to the cave. He put Kagome down and asked her "What's wrong," "Inuyasha, please kill me. I...." said Kagome passing out. Thank god. I really didn't want to have to tell her no thought Inuyasha.


(Its morning with them). Sango woke up and took a shower. Miroku woke up to the sound of water. Maybe if I sneak in I can get a sneak peek thought Miroku. Soon the water was shut off and Sango exited the bathroom with only a towel. "Good morning beautiful," said Miroku staring at her. Sango picked up her bat and hit him on the head with it. "PERVERT," shouted Sango racing into the bathroom with her clothes. Soon Miroku was back up and watching TV. Sango came out of the shower and put together her clarinet. She started to play a beautiful, graceful, and slow minuet Miroku was listening and thought that it was excellent. She finished. "That was excellent," said Miroku giving her a pat on the back. "Thank YOU," said/shouted Sango hitting him with her clarinet. Miroku had rubbed her butt.

"STUPID PERVERT! YOU MADE ME BREAK MY REED," shouted Sango walking the room. She soon came back with another reed. "I will kill you if you break this reed," said Sango placing it on her clarinet. Miroku now knew not to mess with her. "Hungry," he asked. "Yes," said Sango. "I'll go get make some lunch," said Miroku walking into the kitchen. "Thank you," said Sango playing her clarinet again. A few minutes later Sango walked into the kitchen to see what Miroku was making. "I'm making grilled cheese," said Miroku. "YUM! I'll make the soup," said Sango getting out a pot.

Soon lunch was fixed and they started to dig in. "You make some good cheese," said Sango. "Thank you," said Miroku. "Well I'm gonna go call Kag," said Sango getting up and dialing her number. "Hm, no ones home," said Sango. "Inuyasha, you naughty boy," said Miroku with a perverted smile. "PERVERT," shouted Sango hitting him with a pan. Miroku was out cold. "Opps," said Sango sitting on the couch and flipping on the TV.


(Its morning for her too). Rin woke up and picked up her book and started to read. She looked up from her book and stared at Sesshomaru's sleeping form. God, is he hot thought Rin going back to her book. A few hours passed and she finished her book. She put the set the book down on the foot of her bed and started to get up. "AHHHHHHHHH," screamed Rin tripping on her shoe. Sesshomaru's eyes shot open. "Rin, are you okay," asked Sesshomaru getting up. "Yeah, fine. I just tripped on my shoe," said Rin with a giggle. "You are so weird," said Sesshomaru getting up. Rin got up and followed. Sesshomaru sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. "What cha watching," asked Rin sitting down beside him. "The news," answered Sesshomaru. "BORING," said Rin taking the remote and flipping the channel to cartoons. "You still watch cartoons," asked Sesshomaru. "Hell yeah. Ayame, Sango, Kagome, and I all watch cartoons," said Rin. Sesshomaru chuckled.

"There, you look so cute when you smile like that," said Rin not realizing what she said. "Cute," asked Sesshomaru. "Opps," said Rin just now realizing what she said. "Well yeah. You are cute, but when you smile you look even cuter," said Rin blushing. "WAIT! That didn't come out right," said Rin blushing. Sesshomaru laughed. "Stop laughing!" said Rin pouting. "Stop pouting," said Sesshomaru. "DEAL," said Rin.

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