All these things the Lord God gives to me
He watches over every day
Protecting us
Watching us
Loving us more than anything in the whole world
He created us to rule the earth
And to live our lives for Him.
But He saw how we are living these days
So He gave us His only son
To die for us on the cross,
And to take all sins away from the sinful world in which we live.
Jesus calls to you,
Hoping that you will see His true love and glory
Be washed clean in His blood
And live through Him
Before it's too late
Praise be the Lord
Who watches over all the world every day
Holding us in His arms,
Feeling like a gentle warm breeze,
Whispering in your ear,
Telling you, 'Its okay'
Now He watches and waits for us
To arrive on Judgment Day
He will open His arms to us
And welcome us into His kingdom.
So wait in anticipation,
To see the face of the Lord.

†~†~†~Just a little message that I felt the need to share. Not everyone who comes here to read is a Christian. Not even all of the writers are Christians. Maybe this will affect someone somehow.

Your sis in Christ,