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To Love a Kaiba

For Pride of Love

"What do you mean the relationship is over?" Mokuba asked his brother. No way was Seto going to tell him that he couldn't date Katsuya. True, they had already called it off, but that didn't give Seto the right to forbid Mokuba from seeing him anymore.

"The relationship is over. You can't see him anymore. I forbid it." Seto stated. Mokuba would come out heartbroken and Seto would be forced to kill Katsuya for it. The last thing Seto wanted on his record was murder.

"Like hell you do!" Mokuba yelled. Normally Seto and Mokuba didn't fight, but something in Mokuba was begging to just hit something and if it was his brother, so be it. "You can't forbid me from dating Katsuya. WE already decided not to see each other anymore because we both knew you wouldn't approve. So let it be known Seto! I'm going to spend months heartbroken and it's all your fault!" With those final comforting words, Mokuba ran outside and slammed the door as hard as he could behind him.

Seto was upset to say the least. He wasn't all that upset at Mokuba. Sure Mokuba shouldn't have spoken to him like that but he could get over that. He wasn't all that mad at Katsuya either. The two of them had decided to give up their relationship for him. Seto had a new feeling rising within him. Something he hadn't felt in years...


Mokuba gave up a relationship with someone just to make him happy. And Katsuya had cared enough about Mokuba to respect that decision. Damn, Seto needed to think everything over. Seto silently walked up to his room and locked the door behind him.


Mokuba slammed the door behind himself after yelling at Seto. He plopped down on the front porch and rested his head in his hands. How could Seto be so...so...so him? Why couldn't Seto just wish him well? Was it so hard to imagine Mokuba being happy in Katsuya's arms?

Mokuba leaned back on his hands, through the rose Katsuya had given him on the grass, and stared up at the sky. It was going to rain soon. He really should go in, but Mokuba just wasn't in the mood to be anywhere near his brother. Why did Seto hate Katsuya?


Mokuba watched the clouds roll by as he remembered how everything started.

Yugi had invited Mokuba to hang out with him and his friends at the park. After much begging, Seto finally allowed Mokuba to go, as long as he didn't get into any trouble. Katsuya was the only one with a car, so he was the one to come pick Mokuba up at the mansion. Mokuba wasn't sure, but he could swear he felt Seto glare at the car as it pulled out of the driveway.

The drive had been very silent. Mokuba sat and stared out the window the entire way while Katsuya concentrated on the road. Mokuba knew Katsuya was normally very loud and talkative and wasn't too sure as to why Katsuya wasn't now. Mokuba was silent for his own reasons. He had a little crush on the man beside him. Mokuba just didn't know what to say to him and was afraid of making a fool of himself. But it was just too quiet for him. Unlike his brother, who loved silence, Mokuba couldn't stand the quiet. It was just too eerie for him. Finally, he decided to break it.

"Jounouchi, is everything ok?" Mokuba asked hesitantly.

Katsuya glanced over at the boy sitting next to him and a light blush covered his cheeks. "Kinda, but its really complicated."

Mokuba nodded in response. "Is there anything I can do?" Mokuba asked softly.

Katsuya sighed to himself. He didn't answer Mokuba until they made it to their stop at the park. Katsuya parked the car and turned it off but didn't get out right of way. Mokuba moved to get out himself but an arm reached out and grabbed his elbow, stopping him in his tracks. Mokuba turned back to Katsuya just in time for him to be kissed lightly on the lips.

Mokuba was still frozen even after Katsuya had pulled away. The mantra "What the hell!" kept running through his head. His mind just couldn't comprehend what Katsuya had just done. His crush had just kissed him. And that was how everything had gotten started. Mokuba ended up running after Katsuya who had gotten out of the car. Right there in the park they had admitted to liking one another.

But that was a long time ago...sort of.

"I could have sworn I gave this to you just a few minutes ago." Mokuba looked up to see his blonded angel looking down on him. Oh how he wished Katsuya would just kiss him and make everything better. However, they were just in front of his "house" and he knew is Seto saw them kiss, he would come out of the house with a fire arm in his hand. Mokuba also knew for a fact that Seto was and excellent shot. "Is everything ok?" Katsuya asked, braking Mokuba out of his thoughts.

Mokuba got up from his seat and walked up to his boyfriends and hugged him tightly. "He has forbidden me from seeing you." Mokuba sniffed and help Katsuya even tighter.

"Well, at least he hasn't come after me yet. That has to say something." Katsuya did his best to lighten the mood but it didn't really help much. All he could do was hold his small boyfriend close and reassure him that everything was going to be ok. Everything was going to be ok, and Katsuya would make sure of it. "Hey Mokuba" Katsuya pulled away slightly so the he could look at Mokuba in the eye. "Would it help if I talked to him or would that be a danger to my health?"

"You can talk to him but I dunno want good it will do. When Seto has his mind set, it is set in stone." Mokuba sniffed again, hold back the tears that were just dying to flow.

"Its worth a shot isn't it?" Mokuba nodded in response before Katsuya leaned down and kiss him on the nose. "I'll be right back. Where is he right now?"

"He's either in his room or his office." Mokuba noticed the blank look on his boyfriends face and couldn't help but give a small smile. "Come on. I'll show you." Mokuba took Katsuya's hands in his own and led him inside.



Seto lowered the gun he was holding and looked at his handy work. It had been a perfect shot, right between the eyes. It was extremely satisfying for Seto to shot something once in a while but this was just beautiful. Not every day did he get to shoot something like that?

Seto picked back up his gun and fired the last five shots at he picture of his stepfather he had in front of him. It was Gozaburo's own damn fault for teaching him how to shoot in the first place. To add to it, Seto had absolutely wonderful aim. He hadn't missed a target in years.

For Seto, there was no better was to release stress than to shoot something he hated. He had just found a picture of Gozaburo a few days ago and hadn't gotten a chance to shoot it until today. Well, even after destroying every part of the picture, Seto still wasn't relaxed. He just couldn't help but think about Mokuba and his love interest.

What was he supposed to do? Should he let them be together? Mokuba had been overly happy all summer. Could his relationship with Jounouchi have been a part of it? But why did it have to be Jounouchi? Why him? The mutt, dog, beautiful golden puppy.

No matter what, Seto had to put his own feelings aside. No matter how he felt for Jounouchi, Mokuba's happiness what all that mattered. Perhaps, Jounouchi's happiness mattered as well somewhere down the line. Seto knew what he had to do. He had to let the ones he cared about be happy, his own happiness be damned.


Seto looked up from the gun still in his hands to see Katsuya standing in the doorway looking very nervous but still doing his best to hide it. "Mutt." Seto nodded to him in acknowledgement.

Katsuya stepped inside the room and his eyes darted right to the gun Seto was holding, then he noticed the picture not too far away. He gulped but still continued forward. "I wanted to talk to you about Mokuba." Katsuya kept glancing from Seto and the gun he was holding.

Seto noticed how anxious Katsuya was and smirked. "Nervous Mutt? I can't imagine why." Seto taunted. "I mean, you only kiss my brother, date him behind my back, and the disrupt me while I'm taking target practice. There's no reason to be so skittish"

"Kaiba, I just wanted to talk. Not get my brains blown out. Besides, its empty." Katsuya shot back. He had heard Seto fire 6 shots from outside the door. Mokuba wouldn't let him enter until he was sure Seto was empty. Apparently Seto shouldn't be trusted with a gun in his hand.

"What is there to talk about exactly?" Seto asked setting his gun down and walked up to Katsuya. "I'm sure Mokuba told you what I said about your relationship."

"Yeah he told me. But that's why I'm here. I can't believe I'm about to do this but," Part of Katsuya's mind was shouting at him not to finish what he was going to say, but the other half wanted to be with Mokuba so badly, it was willing to risk his pride to do so. "I am asking your permission to date Mokuba." Katsuya mentally cursed himself and prayed to every god he could think of to make Seto let Mokuba and himself have a relationship.

Seto thought for a few seconds. It did take quite a bit for the blonde to come and talk to him about this. Plus, he had asked for his permission to date Mokuba. But, where would the fun just letting them be happy be. "Mutt, I will have to think about this. Just because I am considering letting Mokuba date you doesn't mean you are off the hook. You are right now number one on my "shit list".

Katsuya whispered a "thank-you" before walking back out the door he had entered. After closing the door behind him, Katsuya made sure to show Seto the whole bird before looking into the eyes off his depending boyfriend. He sighed thinking of all the shit Seto had put him through and here he was. Katsuya's love life rested in the hands of a guy who probably hadn't ever really dated. IT was just perfect.

Katsuya leaned down and kissed Mokuba lightly on the lips. "He's going to think about it, and I came out alive. I think I deserve something for surviving. He was holding a damn gun when I walked in."

"Aren't you glad I made you wait before going in?" Mokuba asked all knowingly. "Besides, he is going to think about it. That means something finally broke through to him." The two boys started walking down the hall to the entrance. Both of them knew it would be best if Katsuya left right away. The last thing they wanted was for Katsuya to annoy Seto into a "no" answer.

"Hey Mokuba," Katsuya asked once they got to the door. "Your brother said I was just now number one on his "shit list". What number was I before?" Katsuya asked with a grin. He leaned and kissed Mokuba again on the lips. Mokuba wrapped his arms around his neck and help him close as he kissed him back. "Mokuba, we can't get into this again." Katsuya mumbled into the kiss.

Mokuba released his boyfriend's neck and nodded. "I'll call you tomorrow"

"I'll be waiting all day." Katsuya turned around and left Mokuba in the hall to look forward to the next time they would see each other.


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