/EDITED: 03-23-07/

Author's Note: I hope you like the story, it's Post 2003 movie, just a bit of the original story and perhaps a bit of Hook too. There will be stuff I make up also. The story starts off after a month or so after their grand adventure and the Lost Boys had decided to go back to Neverland. Warning: I have a habit of short chapters and a slight case of ADD, which means grammar mistakes, forgetfulness, etc... I'm making this story for fun, the Peter Pan idea and all it's characters belong to the people who created it. Enjoy my version of how Peter Pan could end!



"Forget them Wendy, forget them all, come away to Neverland. . ."

The stars separated, the universe and planets split apart. A tunnel of swirling light and sound roared as it spun faster...and faster...

-It stopped suddenly as a vast strip of green appeared through the mist, surrounded by blue waters.

"Come with me and we'll never, never have to worry about grown up things again. . ."

Below, through the brush, a shimmer of light danced through shadows. Howls echoed through the thicket, a boom sounded nearby and the cries of men leered.

"Never. . .forget. . .come. . .Wendy. . .awfully. . . . .them. . .with. . . . .Wendy. . .me . . .grown-up. . .time. . . .Neverland. . .Wendy. . things. . . away. . . again. . . . WENDY!"

An agonized scream cut through the air like a knife -