A woman of thirty two awoke in her comfy bed, breathing hard. Inside her home in England. Wendy Pan placed a hand on her forehead, then threw her covers aside, running down the hall.

No, it couldn't be a dream, no....

She nearly barreled into her children's nursey, and stopped immediately. A boy in skelton leaves stood over Jennifer's bed, the woman heard her murmur, "Goodbye Daddy." Peter Pan kissed her head, as she fell into a dreamland.

A twinkling light hovered by the bedstand, the boy was inching his way to the open window when beautiful eyes met bright blue.

He said knowingly, "Once I leave, I cannot come back and no one can follow." Wendy was crying, but she knew it was for the best. Peter saw the tears and gestured to Tinkerbell, who floated above Wendy's head, sprinkling fairy dust on her.

She felt herself shrinking down to Peter's size and he extended a hand to her gentleman-like.

Wendy took it, curstying and dropping the act; pulling herself against his chest in want. Peter took her by the shoulders and gave her a final kiss, it was passionate and very heartfelt.

He was the stronger person, stepping away and she changed back to a woman, eyeing him admiringly. Peter bowed once before Tinkerbell waved to Wendy, taking off out of the window. He followed after her and Wendy stood watching from the balconey.

She mumbled to herself, as light snow fell around her white gowned ankles.

"I'll never forget you Peter Pan. My Elysium."



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