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I stepped out of my father's old car, slamming the door quickly and watched as it slowly shrunk in my view. I only then decided to start walking to camp after the blaring metal music drifted away completely. Sighing, I looked at the colorful pamphlet in my hand, showing a picture of smiling teenagers and their councilors. On a wooden sign on the front read "Camp Crystal Lake Correctional Home." Looking around at my surroundings, I knew I was late for the introductions from the councilors. Besides that, the sun was almost down, leaving the sky an orange-red mess. Looking at the shity hand drawn map on the back of my pamphlet, I walked slowly toward the office to get my cabin number, therapy schedule, ex...


Walking out of the office, I took a minute to re-gather my thoughts, realizing I was here until god knows when. I spend two FRIGGIN' hours sitting in a chair, listening to a blonde, preppy bitch in a shirt two sizes too small telling me that she 'cared' and she was here if I wanted to talk to her. Bullshit, like THAT was going to happen. Taking a quick glance at the pink heart-shaped sticky note she put in my hand, I read out that the cabin number I would be staying in was cabin 10.

Walking to cabin 10, I glanced at the shit hole around me. I saw an old wooden dock, a green polluted lake, cabin 7, 8, and 9, trees, trees, dirt, more trees, and finally, my cabin. Staring at the piece of trash for a bit, I started to take off my navy blue backpack full of the things I needed while at camp. Right when my pack hit the ground, I felt cold hands quickly and forcefully grab me by the waist and mouth. Dragging me behind the cabin, the culprit stopped, slowly put their mouth to my ear, and whispered in the creepiest voice imaginable......

"Why, hellooo Kaylinn. It's been a while, hasn't it? Chhwhe, chhwhe, chhwhe, chhwhe." Right away, they let their hands off of me and quickly twirl me around.

Face to face with them I saw familiar light blue eyes and a smiling pale face.

"Deanna!?" I said in shock.

"Pookie Bear!" Exclaimed Deanna in a glass-breaking squeal, hunching her back and quickly hugging my stomach tightly

"What have you been doing for all these years?" I asked.

Deanna chuckled, and started to walk behind the cabin.

After dragging my pack to behind the cabin, Deanna and I sat down and talked about the four years we spent apart. Starting from when I moved away to where we were today. By the time Deanna was just about done, it was dark.

"...So then I bashed her head into the table and she passed out. That was about the time the cops got there, it was so gory! So cool! They took her to the hospitals and she had a broken arm and nose and had to get stitches. That's the last time she messes with me, and that's how I got here."  She said, pounding her right hand over her heart and bowing her head, like she were in an emotional moment. I just sat there with a small smile on my face. Nice job, Deanna. Suddenly, the pathetic moment was broken by our cabin leader clearing her throat with an annoyed look on her face.

"Why are you two still out?! I said that curfew was at 9:00! What's wrong with you girls?! Do you have a hearing problem or something?!" I chose to tune out of her insults and focus on her features instead. Her red, short and curly hair looked like she should have been in The Three Stooges. Her face was perfectly clean of all zits and had a beautiful face. Though her face was fine, her mouth was full of spit and braces. She couldn't be any younger than 22, about 6 years older than us. My thoughts came to a halt when she grabbed me by the arm and forcefully brought Deanna and I into the bathroom. I had managed to grab my pack in time. "Now you two get ready for bed NOW and I won't have to tell the head councilor about this. Got it?" Before I could come up with an insult, she slammed the door behind her and briskly walked back to our cabin.

"Bitch!" Deanna screamed out the door then slammed it again. I looked in her direction and then turned to the sink turning on the cold water and started washing the sweat and makeup off of my face. "You never told me why you were here." She said calmly while writing some shit about our cabin leader on the wall. When she was done, Deanna walked over the sink beside me. I looked up and wiped some of the soap from out of my eyes just in time to see Deanna start to bounce on her heals to the rhythm of the scrubbing I was doing on my face. I finished and looked into the mirror in front of her so I could see her face.

"You wanna know?" I asked her.

"Yeah!" She said in a cheerful yet breathless voice.

"Well then..........I aint gonna tell you." I said, tugging slightly on my sleeves.

"Oh, come on!" She was starting to beg, so I quickly changed the subject.

"Guess what I brought!" I said to her as I started to put some toothpaste on the brush.

"Joey Jordison and Acey Slade for a foursome?!" She replied in a pleading tone, referring to Joey and Acey, the white faced guitarist from the band Murderdolls.

"Close enough" I said through the toothpaste, bending down with the toothbrush in my mouth, and pulling out a small set of Greece face paint and a couple of costumes from by backpack. Deanna then put on the same smile I had put on only moments ago. "Now get ready for bed or no fun for Deanna." I said, trying to mock the red-head from before.

"Yes, mommy, Pookie bear." She said in a babyish voice.


Later that night, the red head (Who we officially nicknamed Fire Bush) got into her single bunk cabin to get ready for bed. After she washed her face and changed into a pink thong and a long tinker bell shirt that read "I believe in fairies" she kissed a picture of a blonde haired, blue eyed guy in a football uniform. Then got into bed. Closing her eyes, she tried to imagine things other than being surrounded by icky bugs and crazy kids. Suddenly hearing a low rumble from around her, she snapped her eyes open. She sat up and looked around, only to find the noise coming from below her. She slowly peeked under her bed, and right in her face was a hideous figure with razor sharp teeth and glowing white eyes, resembling a werewolf. Screaming in fear, she jumped off of the bed and ran to the bathroom, when she was halfway there the werewolf pushed the bed up and across the room and chased after her on all fours. She quickly got to the bathroom in time, slamming the door shut on the werewolf's black fuzzy ear. The thing howled in pain while she crawled into the bathtub, after climbing into it she sighed in relief.

"I don't think my pet likes her ear shut in the door very much." Said a cold, calm voice from beside her. She slowly looked over and screamed in horror, for beside her, sat a tall skinny figure, clothed in a black leather jump suit, trench coat and pasty white face. She smiled, showing two small but sharp fangs stained from blood. Screaming even louder, she jumped out of the tub, to the sink, where she grabbed a gold cross chain.

"Now what would you do with that? This isn't the movies, this is real." laughed the vampiress in a sneering tone. "Awwwwooooooooooo!!!" Howled the werewolf from the other side of the door, finally getting its ear out. "Stay away from me!" Fire Bush started to cry. The Vampiress smirked and swiftly glided over to her. Just then the door broke down with a loud bang and there was the werewolf panting and jumped over to the vampires. Fire Bush, trying to figure things out ran out the door and out of the cabin. "Awwwwooooooooooo!" she heard from behind her and slowly faded away while she ran into the woods. Hearing running footsteps from behind her, she sped up, no matter how out of breath she was. Finally giving up, the werewolf and vampiress stopped for a breather.

"Damn, that bitch can run fast." Deanna said in an out of breath voice while unzipping her werewolf costume. "Hey, do you think it's natural?" Deanna asked.

"What?" I said confused.

"Her hair, do you think it's dyed or if she's a fire crotch?" I chuckled. I was bent over with my hands on my knees trying to support myself while Deanna was up against a tree. Little did I know at the time how much damage we really did to her.

Still running in the woods, Fire Bush finally stopped to listen so that she might hear where we were, which was back at the bathroom cleaning off the face paint and changing out of our costumes. Hearing nothing, she decided to walk back. After walking in circles for while, she knew she was lost. Suddenly, a twig snapped from one of the trees behind her. Turning around, she saw nothing. To prevent herself from getting a heart attack, she told herself it was just a cruel joke.

"OK! That's enough fun for tonight! Come out and maybe I won't report this little incident!" She said in a very shaky voice. When nothing happened, she started walking around again, only more fidgety. Jason watched secretly from behind the trees as the young women just got herself even more lost by the minute. He knew they were back. He knew what he had to do. Slowly coming out of his hiding spot, he brought up his machete and swung. Luckily for the Fire Bush, she had heard him and moved just in time. Screaming again, she tried to start running for her life. Jason quickly grabbed her by the throat and slammed her head into a near by tree, smashing it in. Dragging the body into a nearby bush, he quietly walked away, waiting for his next moment to strike.