Because I can't just let people be happy.  God no; I just have to screw everything around.  I think I subconsciously take the fact that One Piece is a happy manga as a challenge to write angsty stuff.

It may love company, but it's a real doozy when there isn't any.
by Alena
May 2nd, 2004

Zoro always slept easy, no matter what his mind was doing.  For this, he was grateful.  If his mind had had its way, he never would have gotten any sleep.  It kept focusing on inane, unimportant issues.

Such as where Luffy was sleeping.  And who was sleeping with him.

It bothered him much more than he felt it should, because he'd never actually worried about things like bed partners, or relationships, or anything more than a good roll in the sac.

Luffy was… addictive.  But Sanji was taking Zoro's drug.

Perhaps feeling masochistic this dull morning, Zoro casually rolled his head to the side, half-lidded eyes taking in Sanji's possessive arm, Luffy's affectionate snuggle and mumbled word.

Probably the cook's name.

He turned back to the wall, ignored the painful buzz of thoughts, and let himself drift back to sleep.