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"ANNIE!!! You want to tell me what in the hell is this?" Bosco yelled more then asked.

"Looks like a detention slip to me." Annie said with a straight face.

"Smart ass." Bosco said under his breath while reading it.

"Like you always say. It's better to be a smart ass then a dumb ass or no ass at all." Annie said with a smirk on her face.

"How about i kick your ass?" Bosco asked smirking back.

"Like to see you try." annie said.

"Seriously. this is the third one this week. Tell me what's up." Bosco said getting a serious look on his face.

" Everyone keeps making fun of me." Annie said with tears in her eyes.

" What is this about. Annie your pretty, Smart, funny nice to be around. What could they have to make fun of you?" Bosco asked while sitting on the coffee table in front of her.

"They say things about you and mom all the time." Annie said sobbing.

"Baby girl. whats wrong. we have been through this. people dont matter. what they say hurts but dont worry about them." Bosco said taking her into his arms.

"Why cant i just meet her. just once. so i can know who i am. what about her is like me?" Annie said still sobbing.

"You know that cant happen. We have talked about this." Bosco said taking her into his lap while she cried.

A few minutes later she was a sleep and he got her too her room with out waking her. he then changed into some nypd shorts and shirt and went to watch tv. while thinking about annies mom.


Bosco had just graduated the academy it was his first day on the streets when he meet annie.


"Maurice Boscorelli reporting for duty sir."Bosco said to the sargent at the dest.

"Go get changed and hurry because your late." Sargent sullivan said.

"Yes sir." with that bosco hurried to the locker room found his locker and changed as quickly as he could.

as he got to roll call there was only one seat left next to a female cop he know well from the academy.

"Everyone I would like to welcome the two new editions to the 5-5. Officer Boscorelli and Officer Yokas." lieu said and everyone clapped.

"Its mitchell sir." faith corrected him. while bosco looked at her with a questioning look.

" sorry. they just came to us from the academy. I'm putting you two in 55 david until i can find you partners. thats it. everyone keep the black on the black." Lieu said leaving.

"I'll get the radios you get the car." Faith said walking away not ready to answer the questions about to come her way.

"Sure." Bosco said walking out to the rmp.


In the car.

"Faith what happened?" Bosco asked.

"He left me. just up and left. I cant find him anywhere." Faith said sadly. " He couldnt handel me being a cop."

"I'm sorry. What about the kids?" Bosco asked quietly.

"They are staying with my neighbor while im at work." Faith said quietly.

"If there is anything you need let me know. I mean it." Bosco said softly.

"I know." Faith said remebering all the know about eachother from the academy.

"What do they have us doing today?" Bosco asked changing the subject.

"Hooker patrol." Faith said laughing.

" Figures. What they think we can handle the action on the real streets?" Bosco said more then asked.

"This is going to be a long night." FAith said as they pulled up to the corner on the street they were supposed to sit on.

They sat there for a while just making sure none of the girls got hurt. There werent in to mood to make any arrest. yet.

About 2 hours into thier shift bosco notised something strange in the alley.

"Faith what is that in the ally over there?" Bosco asked.

"I dont see anything." Faith said looking over towards where he was talking about.

"Lets take a walk." Bosco said getting out of the car before she could say anything.

"Oh my God. Faith who in the hell leaves a baby her of all places?" Bosco asked taking the baby from the car seat.

"Hey mazey. You know anything about this?" Bosco asked one of the girls he knew.

"No she was her when i got her. we have all been taking turns caring for her today." Mazey said.

"Dont lie to me. I will take you in." Bosco said angerly.

"I dont know who she belongs to." Mazey said ."Can i please go?"

"Yeah if you find out anything let me know." Bosco said.

"Sure." and she walked away.

"Centeral this is 55 david. we are enroute to angel of mercy." Faith said into her mike.

"Copy 55 david." Dispatcher said back.

Bosco and Faith took the baby back to the car. he handed her the keys and got into the back with the baby.

They drove to mercy in silance. once thier the baby was checked out and said to be very healthy and about 6 months old. social services was then called.

"What will happen to her now?" Bosco asked.

"We will place her in care until we can find a family member to take her. other wise we will try to place her with a permanent family." The lady from social service said.

"Can i keep her till then?" Bosco asked. Faith giving him a questioning look.

"Do you have any experianc?" the lady aksed.

"Yeah. im on your foster parent home list. because of my sister." Bosco said.

She checked into it and found out that he was.

"Ok you can take her but i need you to come by my office tommarrow and fill out some papers for me." the lady said.

"Sure here is my cell number and address." Bosco said handing her one of his cards.

" O.k. Here is my card it has my cell in case you need anything. I'll see you about 9." She asked.

"Sounds good to me." Bosco said.

They left the hospital and went back to work so bosco could get a car seat and then change.

**** end flash back ****


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