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"Daddy. what's wrong?" Annie asked as she went over and sat on his lap.

"Just thinking sweetie." Bosco said softly.

"Bout what?" Annie asked.

"Nothing to worry about."

"You are a bad liar. I get that from you. What's wrong?"

"I didn't mean to but i heard you and faith talking about me." Bosco said with tears free falling from his eyes while he looked at the ground

"I'm sorry daddy." Annie said hoping he wasn't mad at her for telling the truth about what she thought.

"It's ok. What you said was true. I promise to make a change. You deserve better, the boys will need better and I don't want to lose faith." Bosco said kissing the top of her forehead.

After sitting on the couch for a while, Bosco decide it take a risk and see where it got him. He excused himself from Annie and then went into his room. He walked in there to see faith sitting in what looked to be the last of her crying. Bosco climbed up onto the bed with her and pulled her into his arms.

Bosco was just content laying her for a while with her till the sound of 5 kids trying to cook made them both scared to see the kitchen.

Faith said she would help them while Bosco showered to get ready for them to go out on a shopping spree. Faith didn't know it, but the kids were all needing and wanting some new things for school and Bosco was going to make sure they had what they needed but also wanted. He remembered growing up with little and didn't want that for any of his kids.

(In the kitchen)

Faith walked into the kitchen and stopped dead in her tracks. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. There was white powder everywhere. Bosco was going to freak; they got it on his just dry cleaned uniform.

"Mom", Emily stated with a tone that was unreadable to anyone. "I was going to clean up I promise. Eddie and Jason have never really been able to cook and I thought I would teach them with eggs and bacon."

Everyone smiled weakly waiting for the yelling to start.

"Where the hell did what I'm assuming to be powder come into play with eggs and bacon?" Faith stated more then questioned.

"We were going to make pancakes, but thought that then I thought it would be quicker for eggs and bacon." Emily said quietly starting to clean all ready.

"To bad there are no more eggs," Bosco said laughing at the sight in front of him. Well he was laughing on the inside; he wanted to see the kids reaction.

"What?" Emily stated, " I thought you guys said there were eggs in there."

"The cartons in there so I just assumed…." Charlie rambled off while he was looking more searching Bosco's reaction.

Bosco couldn't hold it in anymore, he was in a really good mood and just started laughing soo hard.

"You guys go get cleaned up. We will go out for breakfast while we are going to the stores." He smiled and then added in there, " I got this mess no worries."

"Thanks," they all said and then headed to the bathrooms.

About 20 minutes later the kitchen looked normal and they were all getting ready to leave. Bosco was thinking about getting another car. He loved his classic, but hated the idea of now having to get Faith to drive her car too.

OK we are going to take 2 cars, Faith I'm sorry you can drive Lilly if you want," He said with a smirk at her reaction to his cars name.

I'm not going to make you drive my thing I call a car."

Bosco thought about it and was glad in life that he was able to save up as much as he had. He was set they are getting 2 vehicles. There was no way that Faith was going to talk him out of it.

They drove to the diner that he new had a car lot next door… Bosco got them all situated and then told faith he would be back in a few. He went into the bathroom and snuck out the window. He felt like a child, but needed some way to get past them.

He knew he was going to be a while so he pulled out his phone and texted Annie.

Bosco: Ask faith what type of car she has always wanted

Annie: Umm y?

Bosco: Just do it and hurry please.

Annie: She said she would always love a Jeep Wrangler or a Honda civic.

Bosco: She asking what you are doing or what's taking me so long?

Annie: Yup… What should I tell her?

Bosco: To come out side and not be mad.

"Faith dad said that he wants us to come outside and not to be mad." Annie stated while a quizzical look.

Walking outside there it was Faiths Dream, Fully decked out black on black on black Jeep Wrangler. Faith didn't understand. Her car was gone this was in it's place. Before she could say anything Bosco walked up to her and placed a finger over her lips.

"Faith, No words let me explain. This is a gift to not only you but the kids too. If it makes you feel better your car was traded in for this. Here are your new keys. Ohhhs and guess what????" Bosco finished the last of his speech with excitement.

"What?" Was all that faith could say between the tears she was trying to choke back.

"We can all fit in this, they added a 3rd row just for you." Bosco said with a smile. The kids were now checking out the car.

"Faith I hope you know this shows you my love and my wanting to be in your life forever."

"I Do." Was all she could say while she slowly laid her hand on his check and pulled him close to her so she could kiss him softly on the lips.

They went back in about 10 minutes later. Finished eating breakfast and then started going shopping.

They dropped Bosco's car back off at the apartment and went by a moving place and picked up a trailer. Bosco had a mental list going. He needed beds for the kids. He needed to look for a bigger apartment or a house depending on if Faith will move in with him. He wanted to get the all the kids some new clothes.

"All right guys were you wanna stop first, The mall or the furniture place?" Bosco asked looking at faith and then back at his family. That sounded just right. His Family.

"Mall," Emily and Annie piped up at the same time.

"Either one Bosco." Faith said in the drivers seat.

The boys had been really quiet. They weren't sure about all of this, but who would be. Your dad was taken to jail. Your mom's now been taken to jail and you went from 2 kids in the house to 5.

"Mall sounds good, Eddie, Jason what you guys think?" Bosco asked looking back at them.

"Ok." They both said quietly.

Bosco decided to text Annie so she knew what he had in mind when they go there.

Bosco: When we get there I wanna talk to Eddie and Jason wanna fill faith in for me please.

Annie: Sure, what are we supposed to do?

Bosco: You can take my credit card, you know my pin number. Start with new shoes for Emily, Charlie and you. We shouldn't be too far behind you.

Annie: Healeys?

Bosco: What ever you guys want.

They arrived at the mall and faith had to park in the very back of the lot because of the trailer. They all started getting out and walking to the door. Annie told faith Charlie and Emily to follow her. She took her dads credit card and they were heading for the door. Faith realized what Bosco wanted to do.

After they were a few cars away Bosco climbed into the back seat to be closer to the boys.

"How are you guys feeling about all of this? What are you guys thinking about all of this?" Bosco asked them wanting to know what was really going threw their minds.

Eddie was the first one to speak.

"I don't know uncle Mo. It's all happening too fast. I'm happy Scared Sad. I don't know what I should think."

"You guys just let me know when you are over whelmed or things are too much for you. Let me know when you guys are ready to go back to school. I wanna let you guys know that no matter what I am here for you guys. Your gonna be with me for a while and I want you guys to know that this is going to be your house too. Don't be afraid to put your say in there."

Jason decided to add his say in there as well. He was never to much of one to not talk especially when talking to his uncle mo.

"We have stuff at the house and we don't need to miss anymore school. We have missed to much with mom and all. I have a key hiding for us to get some of out stuff."

"Nah you guys don't worry about that. I got it all covered. Your dad left me money for you guys. Besides can't have you guys going to a new school with new friends with out new clothes and shoes. Annie said something about getting Healeys.