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Chapter One: Welcome to the Higurashi Shrine

It was a beautiful day, and the sixteen-year-old Kagome was sweeping the shrine. Kagome went back inside her house to get a drink from the kitchen to see her mother doing the dishes.

"Kagome, did you finish all of your chores," asked Mrs. Higurashi turning around. "Oh I see you are wearing your priestess outfit."

"Yes mom, I finished all my chores," Kagome said while getting some lemonade.

Mrs. Higurashi started numbering off Kagome's chores, "Did you sweep the shrine, clean your room, and feed that cat?"

"Yes, yes, and yes. Oh wait did you say feed Buyo?"

"Aha! I knew you didn't do everything. That cat was licking crumbs under the very right chair again. Who keeps creating all that mess?"

"Mom I am not the one who sits there, it is Souta! You always blame me for everything! Where is Buyo anyway?"

"I am just giving you a hard time, loosen up dear. I don't know where that cat of yours is, you go look for that cat of yours, and I almost forgot, you need to pack for school too."

Kagome left the house in search of her cat. "Buyo, Buyo," she called. She checked all the rooms when she finally came to the shrine with a well inside it. 'Oh no that cat went in there again! Last time I went in there Gramps yelled at me saying that ancient monsters lived in there or something. As if I would believe that stupid fairy tale, oh well, I will only be in there for a couple seconds.' Kagome entered the shrine and found Buyo curled up in a ball sleeping. She picked him up and carried him into the house. "Mom Buyo is sleeping I will feed him later."

"Ok dear," Mrs. Higurashi replied.


"Kagome would you get that," asked Mrs. Higurashi.

"Yes mother." Kagome walked up to the door opening it to reveal a golden eyed, silver haired hanyou. "What the hell are you doing here!"

"What a nice welcome I have here. You're not a fan are you, never thought that would be humanly possible," commented Inuyasha. Inuyasha shoved the baggage into Kagome's hands.

"I am obviously not a fan of yours. You can carry your own damn luggage!"

"Didn't your mother tell you, I am going to be living here?"


"Ah yes Kagome it must have slipped my mind, Inuyasha is going to be living here. You see about a week ago he had called asking if he could stay here. He said he was getting tired of living in a big mansion and wanted to live here instead. But don't worry Kagome he is paying us, I figured that I couldn't pass up such an opportunity. You should give Inuyasha a tour of our home," said Mrs. Higurashi all in one breath.

"Exactly how long do you plan on staying here," asked Kagome pointing at Inuyasha.

"That depends, it could be weeks, months or even years."

"YEARS!?! No way, can't you go live somewhere else?"

"Kagome don't be so rude, we really need the money. Please just try to get along him, do it for me," said Mrs. Higurashi.

"Right, now show me this place you call home," Inuyasha said while shoving the bags back into Kagome's arms.

Kagome grumbled taking the bags. "Why can't Gramps show him the place?"

"He doesn't take well to strangers Kagome, you know that," Mrs. Higurashi stated.

"Well he is going to have to meet him sooner or later anyway," Kagome argued.

"I prefer not to have to deal with that til later. I am going to go get ready now for Souta's soccer game."

"Fine follow me, this is the room you are staying in," Kagome said opening the door to the guestroom that was shut due to the window being open. "Is it big enough for the great Inuyasha?"

"You call this dinky thing a room. How old are you anyway?"

"No one invited you to stay here you know. You can leave anytime, if you stay though this is how it is going to work, you leave me alone and I leave you alone." Kagome had just opened the door when two hands on either side of her closed the door.

"Don't give me that crap, either you like it or not I am living here so I suggest you try to get along with me. Otherwise your life will pretty much be a hellhole. Just why do you hate me so much anyway?"

"I hate stuck up snobs like you, they think they are better than everyone else and get worshipped for just smiling. I hate seeing your face everywhere, I hate seeing the fake emotions plastered into that smile, but most of all-" The door came open and out came Kagome falling on her back, Inuyasha had tripped over his foot causing him to fall straight on top of Kagome.

"Kagome, I thought you hated the guy," said Mrs. Higurashi staring down at the two.

"Mom it is not what it looks like at all," said Kagome. "I can't believe you would think I would want to do something like that!"

"I have my reasons, first of all he is cute, I mean who could resist not to do anything. Second he is still on top of you." Inuyasha jumped off immediately. "I mean it has only been twenty minutes and your already going at him. Well anyway I am off, Grandpa is going with me to Souta's game. Bye."

"Great now mom thinks I like you," Kagome sighed.

"At least your mom has some taste in guys."

"You want elderly women to think you're cute?"

"No!" Inuyasha was twitching and Kagome noticed the most adorable cute little doggie ears.

"Are these real," asked Kagome getting up touching his ears.

Inuyasha pulled back instantly," Yes they are real and very sensitive."


"Business is booming today huh?" Kagome ran to the door to see her friends Yuka, Eri and Yumi.

"Hey wench what the hell happened to my tour," asked Inuyasha.

"INUYASHA," yelled Eri, Yumi and Yuka.

'Great now with my friends here they will never shut up about meeting Inuyasha. But wait, if they are preoccupied with Inuyasha I can get away!'

"I get dibs on his underwear," called Yuka.

"Yuka what would you do with his underwear? Never mind don't answer that. I know I would sell it on e-bay or something, I could get a lot of money, but I would never want anything that touched his body," exclaimed Kagome.

Eri, Yuka and Yumi started advancing on Inuyasha and he ran off. "Wait Inuyasha don't leave," yelled Eri.

"Well let's go to my room then," said Kagome. 'Looks like I didn't have to have a get away after all.' "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kagome had turned the corner only to have Inuyasha jump out at her and scare the crap out of her.

"You get scared pretty easily," Inuyasha laughed.

"It is not funny! I have never been more scared in my life! I thought that you were a big cockroach," stated Kagome.

Inuyasha laughed harder, "What the heck have you been high on?"

"She isn't high, she has always had this nightmare that a cockroach would chase her, well sometimes anyway," said Yumi.

"Yumi he didn't need to know that!"

"Who's afraid of the big cockroach," Inuyasha teased.

"So Yuka didn't you say you wanted his underwear," asked Kagome.

Inuyasha high tailed it out of there and ran out of the house with Yuka, Eri and Yumi in pursuit.

"Finally I thought I would never get some times alone." THUD! "What was that?" Kagome went outside to see a boomerang in her bush.

"Sorry did I do any damage to your home," asked a raven-haired girl.

"No, I didn't know that these were still being used," said Kagome picking up the boomerang.

"It's heavy, by the way my name is Sango," said Sango taking her boomerang. "Are you new around here, I don't think I have met you before."

"I am not new, I have lived here for a year, but tomorrow I have to go to the Musashi high school." (An- couldn't you tell the name was made up)

"You going to be a junior?"


"Me too, so I will see you tomorrow morning bright and early."

"Don't remind me, well see you tomorrow Sango." Kagome walked inside to see Inuyasha sitting at the kitchen table. "Finally lost them eh? Wait just how in seven hells did you get in here?"

"Can you say back door? I am starving make me something to eat wench," commanded Inuyasha.

"Since I am making an effort to live with you, you better call me my real name."

"And if I don't?"

Kagome took a necklace out of her pocket. "I will put this on you if you don't."

"Oh no the necklace is coming to attack me! The big bad wench is going to put a necklace on me oh dear."

"Fine then have it your way." Kagome walked up to him and put the necklace on. "Inuyasha," she whispered in his ear. "Sit."

Inuyasha fell straight into the ground. "What the hell have you done to me! Take this thing off dammit!" Inuyasha tried to remove the necklace but couldn't. "You know I still haven't received my tour."

"Find everything around here yourself."

"Does this place have locks?"

"Just the bathroom."

"Well I could just happen to stumble upon you when you are getting dressed. Maybe even when you are undressing too, or doing something I should not be watching. But yeah I guess I could find my way around here."

"NO! Ok my room is to the right of yours, Souta's is to the left. Gramps and mom are in the hall to the right of us now. To the left is mine, yours and Souta's room.. Just how did you lose my friends anyway?"

"Well I was running away when I ran into my good buddy Miroku. You see I never thought that Miroku's lechery skills could come in hand, boy was I wrong. He ended up chasing them and they were running away, it was quite funny actually. Can you make me dinner now wench?"

"SIT! Now try again!"

"Can you make me dinner now Kagome?"

"That's better, sorry all we have is ramen." Kagome got out the ramen and started cooking it.

"Is it done yet?" Inuyasha was drooling over the smell; ramen is all the food you need in life. It even has different flavors no need for anything else, at least to him anyway.

"3.2.1 and there you have it folks the ramen is ready."

Inuyasha picked up the pot and slurped down all the ramen. "This is good stuff! Here you can have the rest."

"You pig, there isn't any in here."

"That's the point, night." Inuyasha left for his room.

'Well there will be one bright thing tomorrow there will be school. I can't believe I actually thought that. Well better than being here with Inuyasha.'

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